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Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

There are many distractions when you live in the dorms such as loud music, partying, roomates and so on but the biggest problem I have is having to listen to my neighbor fuck his girlfriend. I am happy that Jon gets to bang his hot eighteen year old babe but I just don't want to listen to it while I try to study macro economics. Jesus, all I hear is a steady banging sound against my wall.
3.6 college

My Wife, My Friend and Me

One night we were in the living room in front of the fireplace in our robes and K. got down and started sucking my cock. My friend B. had been in his room but came into the living room to see us for a min. I started to push her away but she said, no let him see us! He was startled and embarrassed to have interrupted what we were doing and started to leave when I asked him to stay and join us.
3.5 friendship

Brian And Me Join Forces For Bisexual College Experience

I never acted on those impulses that grew all the time. I don't know why they existed but inside me was a desire to be with a guy sexually. I hated it and tried to get rid if it but there was no escaping the truth in the end. Eventually I just accepted it yet didn't take any effort to pursue it. Until college. I moved out and went away to college at 18 and moved into the freshmen dorms.
2.6 college

Paying the Speeding Ticket the Bisexual Way

So it didn't surprise me when I got home to find a police car parked in my driveway. When I entered the house the officer and my wife were sitting in the family room. The officer stood up and produced a pair of hand cuffs. Once my hands were cuffed he proceeded to tell me of my offenses. My wife begged him to reconsider arresting me. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before? I replied "no".
3.5 domination

Boyfriend Gets It In The End - Sex With Girlfriend And Friend

We were all kind of drunk, and I could tell Amber was up to something. She usually gets pretty mischievous when she's had a few. "That sure was a fun party. But I don't think the fun has to end just yet," Amber giggled as she twirled around in my room. Drew and I chuckled as we watched my petite girlfriend dance. Her demeanor slowly changed as she moved to the music.
3.1 college

Introduced To BiSexual Action

My coworker was 23, his girlfriend was 22, and I was 31. I outright told him one day I would like to know if he ever decided he wanted rid of her cause I wanted rights of first refusal. He smiled and told me the sun would go out before he let her go. I certainly under- stood why. Marla was about 5'10" and 130#'s. She had this really dark black thick hair down to her mid back. She was a 36c.
3.1 friendship

Shawn's Bi Adventure

I am a 26-year-old software engineer with a company in central Florida. I wanted to tell you about the most erotic experience I ever witnessed in my life. I live in a modest house with my younger sister. She is attending the university and our strict parents thought it would be a good idea if she lived with me for at least her freshman year.
3.6 college

Little Big Brother

I have a sister who is 19 and a brother Steve, 18 years old. My girlfriend Sandra and I was in Australia for two years and when I was back to Europe they were waiting me on the airport. First I saw my sister, and one tall man was with her. I thought he is her new boyfriend but when i came closer I noticed that he is actually my younger brother. "You grew up bro", I said while I looked at him.
4 domination

Our Night With Richard

My Wife and I put an ad in the paper to get another man to join us in bed. A single man answered our ad after only a couple of weeks. His name was Richard, and after conversing on the phone, I met with him at his apartment, and after a few drinks we took our clothes off and he let me suck his nice, hard cock. I ended up lying on his couch with my head on the end, while he stood over me and fucked my mouth with his beautiful cock.
2.9 friendship

Four Sum

I was driving around with two of my best friends, Chris and Josh. Josh and Chris are great, both people that would do anything for a friend. I was about to find out how true that is. Josh is about 6'1", about 160 pounds. I'm 5'4", about 125 pounds; shoulder length dark blond, hazel eyes that most guys love. Chris is 6'2" about 155 pounds, light brown hair, hazel eyes and really skinny.
3.3 friendship

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