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Watching My 8.5 Inch Roomie Fucking Allison

Allison had come over to chill and lounge around. We ordered some pizza and I had became tired so I fell asleep on the couch. I wake up to the sight of my room mate fucking Allison right in front of my face. I always wanted to see what his cock look liked, now I could.
4.2 college

Cousin Jennifer Visits For First Lesbian Experience And Group Sex

She was going to be attending the same school in the fall and wanted to see it. She stayed in a spare room at my sorority house. I catch her playing with her cunt and help her out. Then we meet up with some boys to have even more fun. Need to give her a good tour of campus after all!
2.8 college

Bisexual Experience With Neighbor During College

So, I was forced to find a cheaper place to live. I moved into one of two one-bedroom apartments on the second floor of a beautiful old victorian house near campus. My neighbors on the second floor were a young graduate student, named Sam and his fiancee, Theresa. Sam was a short, slim, athletic, ex-navy guy, who seemed to be always carrying his bicycle either up or down our narrow stairs.
4.7 college

First Time Bi Sex College

I had been dating Pam for some months and we enjoyed many nights fucking each other, On this particular night we decided to go to her dorm room. When we entered her dorm room, both of us noticed her roommate, Karen, sleeping. Making matters worse was that she was topless and her blanket was not covering her body completely, exposing one breast.
3.7 college

Joseph Gets Aroused By Armando's Huge Cock

Joseph sat up from the bed and looked over towards his wife, she was still sound a sleep. Joseph started wondering why he was feeling the way he felt. Joseph could not even imagine that a straight man like him could think about having feelings for another man. Joseph was well-educated teacher with a wife and two kids.
3.5 college

Roommate Reunion For Bisexual College Experience

Last Summer Doug came to visit me for a few days and we had a very memorable experience. My parents house has a great pool so I told Doug to bring his suit and we'd spend some time in the pool. Naturally, since we're both swimmers, we wear pretty skimpy speedo suits which is fine since we have very tight bodies.
3.2 college

Wife His Wife and College Buddy

My wife is into girls and I like guys. It's a pretty good marriage that way. We're both in our 20's. I'm 5'10", 155#, brown hair, green eyes, a stache, and I work out so I'm in pretty good shape. My wife's biggest assets are her big tits, but she's a pretty good looker too. One night, we were out drinking with a friend of mine from college. Blonde, blue eyes, good muscles and a big dick.
3.8 friendship

First Bi Experience Getting Fucked

Being neither shy or easily offended, I would often take out my cock and stroke it even if other guys could see me. I often noticed guys going through a curtain, but did not know what was happening there. Eventually I decided to go back and found stairs leading up to the balcony.
3 encounters

First Time Sucking Cock During Hot Night in Peru With Girlfriend

I had an American girlfriend,Susan, who worked for a US Airline. We were invited to a wedding in a small village,just outside the city. We drove there in Susie's beaten up old Buick and found the village without any problems. The party was great, the people were very friendly, and we had a great time, although we had a bit to drink and had been smoking pot.
3.2 domination

Calling in Sick And Get Cock Up The Ass

Far too long, in fact, for Peter to remember the last time he'd had sex. His job had become his life, leaving very little time for anything else. Even at the weekends, his role as Call Centre Manager had a nasty habit of taking over, as whatever operational, or customer, catastrophe required his 'immediate' attention.
4.1 friendship

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