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Bisexual Homecoming

While overseas I had sex with another man for the first time. It was with him and his girlfriend. It had opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities. My girlfriend Susan and I have always had an open relationship, we found it necessary with me in the navy and being at sea often. I had written Susan to relate to her my experience, which she found hot. I met Susan at the end of the pier.

Winter Snow

The little twirp was Jimmy Johnson, a trim, black, athletic college snot who lived next door and was home for Christmas break. Don rolled the car into the driveway, it was shoveled thank God. It was snowing like hell. He unlocked the door, walked in, and heard soft groans. It sounded like sex. Sex? Who was home? Just his wife he thought.
3.3 encounters

Great Bisexual Trip

I live with my girlfriend (who has no idea) but I can't get enough of taletopia and watching gay porn on the net. I have had a couple of experiences years back with a couple of guys that I met on AOL, see my other story "Salsa Dancing". Like I said it's been a couple of years since I have had sex of any kind with another man. But I have fantasized about it.
3.7 friendship

Fuck Of The Century

It took me a few weeks after losing Heather, but finally I went out bar hopping. I am in a straight and gay/lesbian club, dressed for seduction, and feeling almost foolishly brazen, sitting at the bar, sensuously smoking a cigarette, lightly sipping a scotch, it takes only a few minutes for a woman to approach me. I'm Uvonda.
3.2 encounters

Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Wanna join us?" Don asked me over the phone. "It's friday night, why not? I'm down Don. " I replied. I had been working so hard the past week studying for tests and my part time job was turning into a full time position I needed some release. "Don, what time are you gonna head out?" "I'm gonna pick Jade up at 11 and then I'll stop by your apartment. O. K. ?" "Alright Don. See ya then.
3.8 college

Maid's Bisexual Sex Slave Tale In Dubai

This is the story of how I became a sex slave in Dubai. Like a lot of Arab oil countries they import a lot of labor from other countries. In my case I am an Indian that has been hired as a maid for an Arab family. Several years ago I left behind a husband and two children. Maids can not bring their families to Dubai. My income adds to the support of a large extended family back home in Kerala.
4.1 domination

Patio Fun

I met up with her and her new boyfriend at a local bar. I told her she was beautiful and we hugged. She introduced me to her new boyfriend, Bo. He smiled and winked at me. They invited me to a party at their house next Saturday. Paige told me to come early so we could catch up. On Saturday me and Paige first put on our bikinis and swam and sunbathed through the afternoon.
3.6 friendship

Bi Story: From Gay To Question Mark

Just ask Stephanie, his roommate and fag hag. She hated that word and he made sure it was never spoken in her presence. With her close-cropped strawberry blonde hair, curvaceous figure, and pleasant face, she wasn't a hag. But she was the prototypical woman who seemed to spend a bit too much time with gay men.
4 friendship

Enjoy Being Fucked Hard

Oups! My name is Nikita and I stay in Mumbai, business capital of India. My college was in Mahim and I had to go from Thane all the way by local train. I am 18 and 5'4", fair, slim and the striking feature is my figure. I have nice big 34" boobs that never sag with big aureoles and taut nipples. My waist is just 20", very slim and if your hand is big you can catch it in your palm.
3.4 college

My Wife's Secret Life

In my job I travel a lot. Sometimes I am informed of my journey in the morning and leave the same day. The same applies when I finish the project, I could be on a plane back home within a few hours of the job completion and never know for sure when I will be opening my own house door. This is the story what my wife did when I was gone.
3.7 friendship

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