More Than I Bargained For

Luke stuck his nose up so close to her pussy. He wedged it in there a little bit, letting the tip of his nose wiggle against her pussy lips and gently rub her clit. She giggled a little bit, adorably. Luke took a little sniff of her pussy, letting the sexy fishy aroma float around his nostrils.

"That tickles." she said.


"When you breathe in like that."

She reached down and wedged her index and middle finger deep into the pussy, rolling her fingers around and moaning. She removed her hands and wiped Luke's nose with her pussy juice. He jammed his tongue into her pussy, burying his face between her - pardon the upcoming cliche description - heavenly thighs. They really were. He could lay with her wet pussy in his face comfortably all night. The best pillow a guy could ask for.

Okay, let's explain the situation. She's Cindy, the milfish neighbor housewife of mine. I'm Luke, 22, recent college graduate. Cindy was married to Kevin, and they both met at the same school Luke graduated from, Class Of...sometime in the early 90's I guess. Kevin had never really outgrown his frat boy days. He was remarkably immature for a 40-something year old with a wife and two kids living in the suburbs. There was even the rumor that Cindy was fucking her tennis instructor for a while. I know, talk about clich'8e.

I had a good setup that summer, not having to leave for work until around 9am. It was a good routine for me, because I had the house to myself for a half hour or so before I had to leave. My morning routine varied rarely. Wake up. Shower. Good long wank-session, with lots of flowery aroma conditioner for lube. Dry off. Email check. Read the paper while I ogled Cindy from the living room window.

I left the house precisely at 9am each day. I wear a watch, but I didn't have to glance at it to know what time to step out the door. Instead, I relied on the day-camp school bus that pulled up to Cindy's house to pick up her two kids, at 8:50am sharp each morning. Cindy would come out and wish the kids a good day, bending over to kiss them goodbye. This brief glimpse of her occasionally panty-less ass was often the highlight of my day. I could tell the days that Cindy had gotten up and put herself together for the day, and the other mornings where she clearly just rolled out of bed to give the kids some cereal and OJ, walk them to the curb and head back to bed. Hard to say which kind of look suited her best. The just-woke-up Cindy had tight pajama shorts and tang-tops with no bra most mornings. The wide-awake and put-together Cindy wore these fucking amazing tennis skirts, white shirts with athletic bras pushing her only-recently-lactating tits up out of the v-neck.

Sometimes I imagined she peaked behind her shoulder and saw me watching, bending extra low to give a glimpse of her pussy beyond the valley of her taint, smirking devishly as she kissed Erik and Brandon goodbye.

Long story short, it was a mere couple of weeks before I realized that those bend-overs and cute outfits were, stunningly, exactly what I had hoped they were. It was a sunny Thursday morning. The morning shower wack-off. The Times. Looking out the window. Pink thong today. Holy fucking shit, my cock is about to burst out of my fucking khakis. She kisses Erik and Brandon and struts her sexy little self back inside the house. I walked over to knock on the door, in a half-delirious combination of horniness and insanity. I knocked on the door.

"Hi Luke." she said, peeling the door open, not coming outside, just poking her head from behind the door. Was she hiding that she was naked?

"Uh, hey Cindy. Um."

"What's up?"

I could hear my head saying, "Just get inside the house."

"I, um, I think I left a book in the house, under the couch in the living room maybe, from when I was babysitting last month."

"Uh, okay." she said, having every right to sound puzzled at my ridiculous question.

"Come on in," she said, leading me to the couch.

She sat down on the couch. I kneeled in front of her, sneaking a quick glance up her skirt as I knelt lower.

"Should be right under here." I said, pretending to reach around. I paused for a good five seconds, each second of which felt like a half hour or so. I stood up and sat on the couch next to her.

"Can't find it." I said.

"Hmm, are you sure that's the last place you saw it."

I looked Cindy in the eyes, nervous to make eye contact for a period sustaining more than 2 seconds. She looked back, almost doe-eyed. She was so adorable, for a late 30s little thing like her. She still had that sexy bookworm babe quality to her. I could see her at the library in college, wearing the same brown glasses maybe, studying in a tight pair of jeans and a sexy tee that was a size or two small. AKA it fit just right.

I kissed her. She pulled back and giggled. She giggled! No recoiling in horror. She offered the laugh of that college girl I had jerked off fantasizing of, like a nice boy had done just what she hoped he would do. She kissed me back. I rubbed her thighs as I leaned into the kiss, feeling my cock bulge to full-on raging stiffy,

"Do you want to feel my pussy?"

"Fuck yes," I said softly, with an uncharacteristic amount of confidence. She pulled her skirt up and I fingerfucked her while we both leaned back on the couch, she on top of me, riding three fingers of mine like a cock. She gyrated her hips with pinpoint accuracy. I held her soft ass steadily on top of me, the ripples of her soft cheeks felt like waves as I caressed her ass up and down. I was about to cum in my pants, and a burst of precum left its mark on my tan khakis. Cindy wasted no time, reaching for my zipper and sliding it down, exposing my cock right in her hands. She took some of her pussy juice and rubbed it up and down, providing mother nature's lube.

Cindy slid off of me and knelt on the floor beside the couch, taking my cock into her mouth and moving up and down it, slowly letting her tongue soak every pore of my cock with saliva. She removed her lips and a sticky strand of precum connecter her lips to the tip of my cock for a brief moment. She put her mouth back on my cock and this time I couldn'd5t contain it. I came so hard I thought my sperm would shoot up into her brain. But Cindy didn't flinch! She sucked it all in and gargled it in her mouth, squishing it between her tongue and teeth with her mouth still on my cock. She removed her mouth and leant into my face.

I recoiled for a brief second as her face with a mouthful of my cum came towards my face. I leant in and our lips made contact, swishing my cum between our mouths, letting it drip out the sides of our lips, down our cheeks. A couple of drops on her tits, still poking out of that v-neck.

"Oh my fucking god.'

"That was good, right?" she said.

"Insane," I panted.

"Come back every morning. Let's make this a new thing," she offered. Well, that was um...easy? Life was sweet. For the next three weeks I waved her kids goodbye with her, then we ran inside to pleasure each other for a half hour or so, before we wiped off and she drove me to the train.

Until that one morning. Flash back to the beginning of our story. It's Cindy and my 4th week anniversary. A month gone by, and I was careless, resting my face in her pussy to waft the aroma, taking my full time with my personal milf pussy right next door. When Kevin, her husband came in the door behind me. I heard footsteps from behind and barely had time to lift my head up to see what all the commotion was when Kevin grabbed my shoulder, pulling me away from Cindy's pussy.

"Kevin!" Cindy shrieked, as he flung me hard into the wall of HIS bedroom. I knelt down on the ground, leaning against the wall rubbing my head. Cindy sat up in bed, naked, with the sunlight draping her insanely sexy naked body in golden sunlight. I barely had time to register that in the span of just the last 10 seconds, Kevin had completely disrobed, and his erect circumcised six-inch cock was now about to poke me in the eye. I looked up at him anxiously, than back at Cindy. She rolled her eyes, displaying a flash of nervousness and then a knowing sigh.

"Suck it." Kevin said.

"What?" I said, hoping he wasn't about to ram his cock through my teeth, into my throat and out the back of my neck.

"My wife sucks your cock now, you suck mine, bitch-baby, let's go."

I opened my mouth. I guess it's only fair to admit that I've always been a little bi. Sucking Kevin's cock was a price I would have gladly paid to fuck Cindy in the first place, and having to suck it now instead of getting the fucking shit kicked out of me was more than a price, it was a godsend. I opened wide and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, rubbing my lips over it back and forth, feeling the rise and fall of the different veins, the doughy head of his cock. Kevin moaned when I gave his cock an extra good suckling, or when I licked it with my tongue. He probably didn't expect me to be so enthusiastic. I had watched lots of gay porn before this, but this was my first real cock suck. Still, it felt as natural as Cindy's pussy lips had felt a few minutes ago.

I even swished his balls around in my mouth for a while, and I realized it had been a few minutes since I even looked back at Cindy. I glanced up again; relieved to see she was not only enthusiastic, but also starting to rub herself at the sight of me sucking her husband off.

I licked Kevin's cock up and down a few more times, tickling his balls and gently squeezing them as I kissed, licked and caressed various parts of his cock.

"I'm going to cum." He panted.

He wasn't kidding. I had the tip of his cock right in front of my lips, about to take his member into my throat one more time when he burst, and suddenly, I burst too. Shooting a ream of semen out of my cock, not checking to see where it landed, as gobs of Kevin's own cum splashed over my cheeks and into my mouth. I licked part of my face clean of his salty sweet goo. I looked down to see Cindy had been licking at my own cock for a few minutes simultaneously. I hadn't noticed, having been perfectly engaged with Kevin's cock for some time. I collapse on the floor with Cindy and Kevin on the carpet and the three of us spooned and rubbed each other for a few minutes, letting our collective orgasms soak in. Kevin started to poke his index finger up my butt crack, wiggling it around and giving my cock a new tingly sensation.

"Tomorrow morning," he said, squeezing my ass with one cheek and fingering my butthole with the other.

"Go easy on him." Cindy said.

"I'll go as easy on him as he did on you."

Cindy and I looked at each other, knowing the many times my cock had enjoyed her pussy.

"I'm just glad you weren't mad." I said to Kevin.

written by david


CATEGORIES friendship

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