Meeting Dave Again and His Wife

Ever since I first met Dave in college I was attracted to him. We dated once or twice but for some reason or another, we never got real close and we never made it together.

It was purely by coincidence that, after five years, we met again. After some small talk, he suggested that I come over some day and meet his wife.

HIS WIFE? We agreed that I would come over for dinner.

After I rang the bell, I was hoping that Dave would answer the door. I did not want to meet his wife right off the bat. My mind just raced with the thought of what she would look like. I wasn't a slouch by any means but I don't think that I could have handled having dinner with my ex-boyfriend and his beauty queen wife. With my luck, she would answer the door in her tiara.

I realized that I would be spared my imaginary horrors when Dave answered the door. I entered the very tastefully decorated home and discretely began to "scan" for the you-know-who. She wasn't to be seen. But then I heard Dave say, "I'd like you to meet my wife." I turned around to see her enter the room from the hallway. She was certainly a beautiful woman. Maybe even beauty queen caliber. She had long, softly curled, light brown hair that lay gently around her sholders. Her light blue knit top and white slacks very tastefully hugged a slim and curvacious figure.

But for some reason, I instantly felt comfortable. Any fears I had of being "out classed" just vanished. I think it was her face that told me that I was being very silly for allowing myself to be intimidated before I had even met her. Her expression was warm, soft and very friendly.

She instantly put one arm around Dave's waist, extended her other hand towards me and said, "Hi. I'm Linda. Dave's told me so much about you and I'm so gald to finally meet you."

Her personality was instantly disarming. She certainly didn't act as though she felt threatened by me and I was pleasently surprised by her gracious nature. The evening went very smoothly and, with the help of a wonderful dinner wine, we were all relaxed and comfortable with each other.

After desert, we returned to the living room to enjoy the warm fireplace, some after-dinner drinks, and good conversation. Dave and Linda snuggled on the couch and I fell into the easy chair across from them.

"So Toni", Linda began. "Dave told me that you two dated a few times."

"Uh huh", I responded.

"Well I can certainly see why he talked about you so much. You are very beautiful."

"Thank you. So are you", I said honestly. "Ya know? I was a little nervous about meeting you and I guess I secretly wished that you looked like a troll or something. But after meeting you, and getting to know you a bit, I don't feel so bad that you look so great."

We all laughed and openenly talked about our initial fears. Dave even confessed that he had visions of a horrendous cat fight between Linda and I.

"You two are certainly in love. I wish you much happiness", I said as I raised my cordial glass in toast.

Linda smiled and gave Dave a hug.

"We certainly are", Dave said. He tighned his arm that wrapped around her sholders and under her arm. As he did it, I just happened to see that his hand had fallen naturally over her left breast. When he relaxed his squeeze, he didn't make much of an attempt to remove it.

Our conversation continued along pretty harmless lines but I soon found myself concentrating more on what Dave and Linda were doing instead of what they were saying. Dave's left hand was very softly and gently caressing Linda's breast and her hand had begun to slowly move up and down his thigh from the knee almost up to his crotch. It was all so very subtle. I'm not even sure that they knew what they were doing.

The conversation just kept moving as if none of this was going on. But for me, it was very distracting. It was pretty hard for me to listened intently when I could see Linda's nipple get erect and create that obvious bump in her top. I guess I was staring because all of a sudden, I heard Linda say, "Toni...Toni...Is something wrong?"

As I mumbled "Uh...uh... No", Linda looked down at the bump in her clothes that I had fixed on.

She said, "Oh gee...I'm sorry if this made you uncomfortable." Dave's hand stopped moving over her breast.

A bit flustered, I reacted as if I had been caught reading Playgirl by my parents or something and said, "Oh no. That's all right. Don't mind me.

Go right ahead." I felt like an idiot. I couldn't believe I said that.

Dave raised his eye brows in surprise and I realized that that my remark was not going to go unnoticed.

I buried my head in my hands in embarassement and said, "Oh shit!" I knew if I said anything else, it would only make matters worse.

Dave just started laughing histerically.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"When did you get so prudish?" he asked though his laughing.

"I am not prudish," I insisted.

Linda firmly nudged him in the ribs and sharply said, "Dave!" It almost caused him to spill the drink that he had brought to his lips.

"So what's the problem then?", he said.

"There is no problem. If you two want to be alone, I understand. It's getting late anyway."

This time, Linda hit him in the arm and did spill his drink onto the coffee table.

"Don't be so rude. Toni is our guest", she scolded.

Dave came back with, "Who said anything about having her leave. Maybe she would like to watch." He began to giggle.

The drinks were definitly getting to all of us. Normally, Dave would never have suggested such a thing; even in jest. And I would normally have been totally embarassed. Partly due to the alcohol, and because I guess I wanted to show him that I wasn't a prude, I said, "Sure. I'll watch."

He stopped laughing and they just looked at each other in surprise. Then they simultaneously looked at me.

I said, "Just let me get another drink first." I got up and saw them look at each other again.

They watched me get back into the easy chair. I said, "Go ahead. I'll be real quiet. Pretend that I'm not here", as I took a large sip of my vodka and tonic.

I started to run my fingers around the glass and didn't look at them. It was all just a game to me. A big bluff. I certainly had never really done anything like that before. I just figured that they would just start to laugh and the whole issue would be over.

I waited, but there would be no laughter.

The pause seemed to silently indicate an attitude of "Oh hell. Why not."

I looked up and again saw Dave's hand cupping Linda's breast and her hand moving up and down his thigh. They were both looking into each other's eyes.

It didn't take long for the tiny bump to return to Linda's tight fitting top and a bulge was beginning to form in the crotch of Dave's pants.

Without a word, Linda got up and stood in front of Dave between his legs. With her back to me, she lifted her top over her head and let to fall to the floor. She wore no bra and I was very curious about what (and how much) Dave was looking at.

She knelt down and I could tell that she was unbuckling his pants. Soon, both Dave's pants and his underware were down around his ankles. Even from behind Linda, I could tell that she was using both hands to caress his penis. I could see her elbows bending as her forearms went up and down.

My vision was still blocked and my curiosity was unbearable. I had to see what was going on. I got up with my drink and walked over to the couch and stood next to them.

I was indeed surprised. I took a very long drink and knew that I was staring.

I don't know if I have ever seen a penis like Dave's before. It was perfect! It was easily eight inches in length and thick enough that one woman's hand just could wrap around it. It was very straight and totally without hair. The pubic hair that was around the base was obviously trimmed regularly.

Linda was stroking his cock with both hands and my eyes moved from Dave's penis to her breasts. They were very attractive. They were a bit smaller that my own but all of 36(D) and very round and firm. Each stroking motion made her breasts jiggle and I found that very alluring.

I watched very intently as her movements cause the skin of Dave's cock to bunch up at the top of her grasp. Her stroking continued and I saw a clear liquid drop form at the tip of Dave's cock. She continued until the drop grew and began to move. Linda's lips parted and she moved her head closer. The drop seemed to leap to her as her tongue touched Dave.

Withdrawing, Linda licked her lips with the clear glycerin-like wetness that she so expertly pumped.

They just seemed to be ignoring me. Linda stopped her carressing and stood up. She very easily slipped out of her slacks and was left just wearing a pair of extremely sexy, high cut pink lace panties.

Without a word she came over to me and began to undo the buttons of my blouse. I was stunned but my only reaction was to down the rest of my drink. I didn't know what to do. So I did nothing. I just "let it ride".

Linda continue until my blouse was open and then slid it off me. She dropped to her knees and began to undo my pants.

While Linda worked on removing my clothes, I was staring at Dave. He had stood up and removed his clothes. His vision was fixed on what his wife was doing to me and therefore didn't realize I was rivited on what he was doing. As he watched Linda, his right hand was gently stroking his cock.

It was a very exhilerating sight. My breathing became short as I watched his hand move back and forth along his shaft. I was marveling at the sight of the skin of his penis as it bunched up against his hand as it moved.

After removing my pants, Linda immediately dispatched my panties and again stood. She hugged me so that her hands could reach behind and undo my bra. Without us seperating, she slid it down and away from between our bodies. The sensation of our naked breasts against eachother was very exciting to say the least.

As if controlled by some automatic pilot, I returned her embrace. Then I lower myself down to my knees. My face was even with Linda's crotch. I paused for a moment. I guess I knew that this was the moment of no return. If I wished things to stop, now would be the time. If we went any further, It would be unfair to not carry through with whatever the evening would offer.

"Oh, what the hell", I though to myself and took a good look at what was facing me.

I hands rose up and settled on Linda's smooth hips. I gently grasped the edges of her panties and slowly began to pull them down. I held my breath as I uncoverd her crotch. As in Dave's case, Linda's whispy light brown pubic hair was very closely trimmed. Only a faint trace of hair covered the tell tale line of her womanhood. I began to notice the gently sweet smell of her sexual excitement. I was not disturbed by it. Quite the contrary. I was mysteriously curious. I had never been exposed to a woman's sexual arousal other than my own.

Linda bent down and cupped my breasts with her hands and drew me up to my feet. Again she hugged me. She took my hand and led me over to Dave.

Abandoning me, she continued into the arms of her husband and they embrased. His hands gently carressed her buttocks and hers found their way along his hips.

Their bodies parted slightly and they faced me. I watched as Linda's hand moved down along Dave's stomach and down over his cock. She continued until her hands firmly cupped his balls and she began caressing them. It was if she were proud of her husband's body and took pleasure in showing it to me.

As if to mimick Linda, Dave's hand slid down between her legs. She parted them slightly to make his quest easier. I watched her eyes close as I was sure Dave inserted a finger or two into her obviously aroused vagina. As I am sure they have done may times before, has fingers rose up to his lips and he began to suck her sacred wetness.

In total silence, Dave guided Linda until she sat down on the couch. He stood between her legs as she lifted them up until her ankles rested on his sholders. I moved over to them and could see Dave's cock poised just a few inches from her opening.

Linda's fingers gently seperated the lips of her pussy and, as if to savor the special moment, we all stood motionless.

With one smooth gentle motion, Dave cock dissapeared into Linda's boby.

She dropped her head back and her chest collapsed as she let out a gasp.

My own naked body reacted with a deep sigh and my vagina instantly produced a rush of wetness as if it were my pussy that just enveloped Dave's cock. (I wish it had.)

After another motionless pause, he slowly began his rythmic in and out thrusts.

I was captivated by what had transpired. In one way I felt jealous because I was not directly envolved in what was going on. But in another way, I felt the fact that I was now being ignored was a blessing. Dave and Linda's lack of attention to me allowed me to feel that I was free to do whatever I wanted. I could certainly do nothing to detract from their pleasure.

I couldn't stand and watch any longer. I wanted a part of this. I knelt down next to them and watched his cock move in and out of Linda. I reached up and opened the lips of Linda's pussy. My face was just inches away. My eyes were rivited on Dave's cock as it moved in and out of her cunt. I stared at the sticky wetness that collected at the edges of Linda's cunt each time Dave's penis slid inside. I lowered my head and placed my tongue on Dave's cock and licked it as he continued to pump her.

Faster and faster he went. I rested my nose on his penis and moved my tongue to Linda's cunt. I wanted to "feel" them make love. I stuck the tip of my tongue right where his cock entered her and let his thrusting bring it into her.

I licked up until my tounge touched Linda's clitoris. I felt her body shudder. I gently licked and sucked on this most sensitive part of a woman and enjoyed the sensations it was causing in my own body.

I knew their orgasms were near.

"I'm coming....I'm coming", she whispered.

I stopped licking at Linda and rose up to watch. I could see Linda's pussy uncontrollably clench down in orgasmic ecstasy. Dave's thrusting continued. With each glorious spasm, I watched her cunt eject more and more of a warm clear fluid. I reached under and grasped Dave's balls and held them as he moved. As Linda expelled more and more cum, I could feel my hands become wet and slick.

Suddenly I felt Dave's balls swell and I knew it was his turn. I watched his penis stiffen each time his cum shot through it. The clear thin sheen of Linda's cum on his cock began to get thicker and more white in color.

I could tell that Dave's cum had mixed with Linda's. She could hold no more fluids. In and out he continued as his orgasm subsided.

When I was sure that their orgasms were over, I intervened. I moved my hand to the base of Dave's cock and gently pushed him away from Linda. I watched as his long shaft emerged from her cunt.

I just stared at it for a moment. The entire length was covered with the thick milky film of mixed cum. Enough had stayed with him that it began to slowly form drops that made their way toward the slightly lower tip.

When it looked as if there was enough that some would fall, I placed just the tip of his cock between my lips. Quickly, the sweet musky aroma of their cum shot up my nostrils. It was exhilerating. My checks collapsed as I began to suck his gorgeous cock into my mouth.

As I slowly drew him in, the cum began to collect around my lips. I moved my tongue up and dowm the underside of his penis and, when it was about half way in, I felt Dave intentionally make his cock contract. That promptly deposited a rather large drop of his cum right on my tongue. I loved it!

When I had sucked as much of him in as I could, I slowly slipped him out again. My lips were still surrounded with cum that was beginning to slide down my face.

I released him and turned my eyes to Linda. She looked at me a said in an almost pleading voice, "Ohhhhh! I want to taste him! Please, please."

I brought my face above hers, almost to the point where our lips touched. Her tongue shot out to eagerly meet the large drop of cum that was stretching down from my lips. Without sucking it in, she began to lick all around my mouth to collect as much of their mixed juices as she could.

Linda stopped and looked into my eyes and whispered, "I want to thank you." She got up, laid me down on the couch, and switched her body around until her face was between my legs.

Of course, that meant that my face was between hers as well. Oh what a sight. As she began to suck at my pussy, I just stared for a moment.

The outside of her pussy was very wet and had an intense, but very pleasurable, scent. I could easily distinguish the different aromas. The lips of her pussy were still parted from the stretching that they took but I used my fingers to open her further. As I did, I began to see the milky white mixture of their cum slowly make its way out. I knew there was a lot still deep inside her.

Slowly the slipperly stuff oozed from between her cunt lips and began to gather at her clitoris that was poised directly over my lips. The clinging glob got larger and larger until it could remain with her no longer. I watched the sticky mess stretch down until it touched my closed lips. We were connected by the special strand.

It just kept comming. More and more oozed out and fell on my mouth. I could feel the warm syrup start to coat my lips. I moved my head from side to side so that more of my face became covered.

I lifted my face up and pressed it into her pussy. It made the most erotic squishing sound I had ever heard. I thrust my tounge as deep into her cunt as it would go. I felt Linda do as Dave had done. I felt her clench her internal muscles to release more of the deep treasure to me.

When I withdrew, I could see countless threads of cum stretching from her crotch to my face. For the first time since Linda positioned herself over me, I opened my mouth and began to lick up as much of the cum as I could.

I even stuck my fingers into her to retrieve as much cum as I could and then I would lick and suck at my fingers. I wanted it all over me. I spread it all over my lips and face and all over her pussy.

As I continued to play with the drippy liquid, it began to get thicker. Whenever I would lift my face from Linda's crotch, we would remain connected by white threads of cum. My lips would resist opening due to the slick white seal that had formed. Every time I would spread Linda's cunt lips, I could see that her opening was spaned by thin strands of the sticky juice.

Although I was certainly enjoying what I was doing to Linda, I was desperate for some attention to my own needs. I would not be dissapointed.

Linda was hard at work licking my pussy and thrusting her tounge into me when all of a sudden, she stopped. Before I could react, she was off of me and I could feel myself being turned around. I opened my eyes and saw Linda next to me and Dave between my legs. He looked deep into my eyes and said nothing. We both sensed that he was waiting for permission.

Without the question being asked, I said, "Oh yes. Oh yes. I want it in me. Fuck me."

I felt my body yield to the welcome invasion. I was instantly filled up with the glorious cock. My cunt gushed with approval. The sensations caused by his thrusting were nothing short of sensational.

Faster and faster he went. Deeper and deeper he plunged.

Linda ran her tongue along his shaft until her lips closed around my clitoris. She lifted it up with her persed lips and began sucking me.

I was in exctasy.

I was also about to come.

And came I did. The shudder started at my hips causing them to jerk dowm into the couch. Then my groin thrust upward. My friends continued undaunted. Internally I contracted just at the moment Dave had almost pulled out of me. My spasm pushed him out, followed by an obvious gush of my cum. It instantly covered Linda's face.

Dave immediately returned his member to deep inside me accompanied by an erotically wet noise. Linda stopped her licking as her husband continued his motions with even more determination. Together we moved as one at a feverish pace as I continued to come.

At the creshendo of my excitement, I felt Dave tense. Immediately I was filled with the warm wet sensation of his cum inside my body. We kept moving until we both collapsed with a final gasp.

I rose up on my elbows and Linda and I looked down at Dave's cock still inside me. Linda lightly pushed Dave back and we all stared at the sight of Dave's penis slowly withdraw from my cunt. It was covered with a slick shiney mixture of mutual cum that thrilled us all.

Once out of me, we watched his dripping and firm (but no longert so erect) cock fall against his balls.

We all sighed simultaneously. I looked up at him and said, "So. Do you still think I am a prude?"

written by jackstart



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