Master and Slave Reunion

"I have a gift for you, Master," I told him over the telephone. "One I know will bring you great pleasure."

"Then by all means, bring it to me," he replied and hung up the phone.

I smiled at the boy who knelt, naked, at my feet and resisted my every desire to take him right there and then.

I couldn't believe my luck when I ran into him at the coffee shop earlier that day. This was the one for whom Master and I had been searching for so many years. He had been the object of countless unfulfilled desires we both shared, ever since our school years together. I knew immediately what I had to do.

We had coffee together and caught up on old times. I didn't mention Master and he didn't ask about him. I certainly didn't volunteer the information that behind closed doors I was the willing and mostly obedient slave to the man he once considered his best friend. But I flirted, gently seducing him with soft touches and subtle glances until I suggested we go to my house for something more interesting than coffee. He eagerly agreed.

He followed me back to my townhouse and up the stairs to my bedroom. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately. I shouldn't have allowed it, but it felt too good to stop. His right hand took my breast and caressed it firmly while his left took my hand and guided it into his jeans to his cock. I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking it. His gasp of pleasure, however, was enough to remind me I had gone too far.

I pushed him away and began removing his clothes, first his T-shirt the his shoes and socks, then his jeans and his briefs. He attempted to reciprocate, tugging gently at the buttons of my blouse, but I swatted his hands away. When he was completely naked, I told him to close his eyes.

"What are you doing?" he asked as I opened the wooden chest beside my bed and removed a pair of leather wrist cuffs.

"You'll see." I approached him from behind and gently caressed his smooth, bare back. Then, quickly, before he could protest, I secured his wrist behind his back with the cuffs.

"This is kind of kinky," he said.

"This is only the beginning," I promised. "On your knees."

I pushed his shoulders down, giving him little choice but to comply. Then I fitted his ankles with matching cuffs and linked them together, rendering him mostly helpless. The collar was next, fastened securely around his neck. I stole another quick kiss to reassure him, then picked up the phone.

"Who was that?" he demanded when I hung up. "What are you doing with me?"

I ignored the question, assessing his appearance.

"He'll want you gagged," I said, returning to the chest for a ball gag.

"He? Who's he?"

I didn't answer and all further questions were to remain unasked as I silenced him.

I then prepared myself, slowly undressing before him until I, too, was completely naked. I fastened my own cuffs around my ankles and wrists, but my collar, I carried.

When I was ready, I unlinked his ankles and attached a short leash to the front ring of his collar.

"Come along," I ordered, tugging at the leash until he stood and followed. I led him downstairs and out the back door into the private garage where Master's limousine had just arrived.

I watched him quietly for most of the drive. He had grown up well. He was just as gorgeous has he had always been, and his body was now perfectly sculpted and just lightly tanned.

I studied his eyes. He was frightened, yet also excited and aroused. Of course, I didn't need to look at his eyes to know that. A mere glance at his huge erect cock confirmed his state.

My heart pounded with anticipation as the limo entered the gates of Master's estate. I led the boy out of the car and up the steps to the front entrance. The door was unlocked and Master was waiting in the foyer as we entered.

The pleasure on his face was easily apparent as he saw who I had brought. The surprise on the boy's face was also clear as he recognized his old friend.

"You have done very well," Master said to me as I handed him the leash. I then knelt before him and presented my collar to him. He fastened it around my neck and indicated that I should follow.

He led us to the bedroom. I waited quietly while he guided the boy to his knees. He unlinked the boy's wrists, pushing him forward onto his hands and knees, and secured the leash to a ring set in the floor.

He then turned to me. "Where did you find him?" he asked as I began undressing him.

"In line at the coffee house," I shrugged.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "It figures it would be you he finds."

Once undressed, he locked my wrists together and attached the cuffs to a hook suspended from the ceiling.

"You'll watch," he commanded.

"Yes, Sir."

He spread my legs wide and fastened my ankles to rings in the floor, then smacked my ass with his hand. I gasped at the sudden pain.

"That's for finding him first," he said while he gagged me, preventing the smartass retort he knew was coming.

Satisfied that I was now secured and silenced, he turned his attention to the boy. He knelt on the floor in front of him and removed the gag.

"Alex?" the boy asked.

"Talk later," Master said, shoving his cock into the boy's open mouth.

He accepted it far more eagerly than I would have expected. I watched from where I stood, my own arousal growing as the boy worked his mouth, expertly sucking and caressing with his tongue. I struggled against my bonds as shivers of excitement filled me.

Master suddenly pulled out. The boy reached forward with his head, trying to continue, but Master merely stroked his hair lovingly and stood up. He walked around behind the boy and knelt again. He studied the boy's ass, then slapped it. I winced at the sound of flesh striking flesh, but the boy didn't make a sound. Master's approval was clear. He reached his arm around the boy and took his dick in his hand. He began stroking it as he positioned his own cock at the boy's asshole.

I could see the boy's face perfectly from my position. I cringed sympathetically when the look on his face changed to shock and pain as Master entered his ass with one fast, forceful thrust. He cried out.

Master didn't move for a few moments, then as the boy relaxed, he began to move, slowly at first, then faster and harder until the sounds coming from the boy were no longer moans of pain but of pleasure.

A small whimper escaped my throat as I watched. I hovered on the brink of orgasm, but could do nothing to give myself that release.

Master, however, needed no help. His thrusts became faster and more intense until, finally, he climaxed.

The boy fell forward onto his elbows as Master pulled away. He didn't speak, but the look on his face said he needed more.

Master unchained him and helped him to his feet. He kissed his lips, then led him to the bed and lay him down. He secured the boy's wrists to the bedposts and sat down beside him.

"Now, we talk, but only I ask the questions. Understand?"

"Yes," the boy said.

"While you were alone with her, what did you do together?"

"Not much. We kissed."

"Did she touch your dick?"

I tried to signal him with my eyes not to say anything, but he couldn't see me. I sighed inwardly, knowing what would come next.

"Yes," the boy said. The little rat.

Master stood, picking up his belt from the floor where it lay and walked toward me.

"That wasn't allowed, was it?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"You deserve to be punished."

I nodded.

"Wait," the boy said, "Don't take it out on her. I did it."

Master ignored him. He removed the gag from my mouth and gagged the boy with it instead.

"Very noble of you, but she knows the rule," he said. "Tell him the rule," he ordered.

"I don't get to touch you until he's had you." I said with as much of a shrug as I could manage in my position.

The boy's eyebrows raised with curious amusement.

The belt struck my ass suddenly. I cried out with the first few blows, but more from the shock than pain. I quickly realized that he was holding back and this punishment would have been far more severe had he not been pleased with the gift I had brought.

When he finished, he released me and ordered me to the bed.

"Your mouth, his cock. And don't stop until he comes."

"Yes, Sir," I said, eager to obey.

I took the boy's dick into my mouth, taking pleasure in his quivering body as I did. His hips began thrusting toward me, driving the shaft deeper and deeper down my throat. I ran my tongue up and down and around, caressing, tasting and loving every inch of it. I only paused for a moment when Master entered my ass. I was filled with enormous cocks from either end, ramming into me over and over. The screams of my own climax were muffled by the boy's cum filling my mouth, pouring down my throat.

I collapsed face first onto the boy's chest while above me, Master continued driving away at my ass. He cried out as he came and collapsed on the bed, embracing both of us.

After several minutes, he released the boy's arms and removed the gag. I watched as they kissed softly, then the boy kissed me, tasting my mouth briefly before he pulled away.

The boy sat up.

"You may talk freely now," Master told him. "Ask any questions you want."

The boy shook his head. "There are no longer any questions."

He slid off the edge of the bed and knelt beside Master.

"You are my Master. I am yours to command."

written by maggie


CATEGORIES domination

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