Mannys Summer School

It had been an uneventful summer. As I found myself in the last, humid days of August, anticipating my return to college, I felt rested, but bored. I had spent the summer as a bartender in a quiet little restaurant in fair-sized Southern city, saving as much as I could for the coming school year. It had been all too easy to save money, too, as my job had killed any chance at a social life. There were a couple of women who frequented the bar who'd stayed late to take me home, but little other activity.

On this particular Friday night, things had been unusually slow. It had been raining all day, and it kept up through the night, keeping all but the most dedicated drinkers home. Among my dedicated customers were two folks that had been regulars all summer long. They weren't married, but they were always together, an attractive couple about 40 or so. We had spent many an evening talking away the hours to close, and I had the feeling that she found me attractive. At least I hoped she did.

Her name was Al, short for Alexandra I thought, and she was as sexy a woman as I'd been around. She had long, auburn hair that fell in waves around her often bare shoulders. Her body was long, and lithe, and taught, often clothed in tight, short-skirted little knit dresses that complemented her athletic form. Only the tiny creases at the corners of her eyes and beneath her chin began to betray her age.

Her friend's name was Peter. He was German, I thought by his accent and coloring. He had beautiful light blonde hair and golden skin that tanned several shades darker than Al's. He was tall and athletic as well, obviously a frequent visitor to a gym somewhere.

They had managed a few bars around town in earlier years, and seemed to have taken an interest in me. We talked often and long about the many strange and wonderful people we had met. Now co-owners of two establishments, they were slowing down a bit, allowing the younger employees to work the late hours. It didn't seem to get them home any sooner, though, as they often closed the bar with me at two.

This was one of those nights. They'd come in after mid-night, and were the first customers I'd had in over an hour. If it had been my place, I'd have closed, but I had to keep the bar open till two, come hell or high water. And it looked like I might have to deal with the high water. They came in drenched to the skin. I got towels for them from the back, and they dried off a bit as we talked. Cold and wet, I fixed them my favorite cold weather drink, tea with rum, something I'd come to love when I lived in Europe the summer before. It seemed to please Peter.

I tried as hard as I could not to stare as we talked, but Al's damp cotton blouse clung so invitingly to her braless breasts that I kept catching my gaze shifting toward them. Peter's Hawaiian shirt also stuck close, and I could see why Al stayed with him, I thought. He had a broad, powerful chest with well-cut pecs. As we talked, I noticed less and less, thankfully. We talked, as we always did, about the business, and they told me about a bar they'd managed years ago that had a show they wanted me to see.

It was a gay bar, which put me off right away. Only 20 and very much into women, I wasn't interested in anything new or different. But they told me that this bar was hosting an incredible drag show this week, one from New York, and I ought to go and see it. "Why don't you go with us tonight? We're headed over there to visit after you close here. We can get you in without having to pay a cover, too. Come as our guest."

The idea of seeing men dressed as women didn't sound like much fun to me, but I really liked these folks, so I agreed to go along for a bit. "Oh, what the hell. Okay, when I finish here. But I won't promise to stay long."

We talked away the remaining hour or so, and they switched from warm stuff to stronger drinks. I began to work on a beer that I poured for myself behind the bar to steady my nerves. I wasn't at all sure about all this.

Two o'clock rolled around and I locked the place up. I followed them in my own car to a spot downtown I hadn't been to before where we parked and walked another block to the bar. My friends were greeted at the door with hugs and kisses. "Where have you been, lately, I haven't seen you in weeks?" Peter was asked. Then, "And where did you find this delightful little item?" said the speaker, nodding to me.

"He's a friend from across town, and he's ours, so put your eyes back in your head, Jimmy," responded Al. I relaxed only a little as she put her arm around me and led me to the stage, where the three of us took a table. We had arrived in the middle of a set, and I stared, amazed at the figure gyrating on the runway above us. She, he was gorgeous! Had I not known this was a drag show, I'd have sworn it was a woman, and a beautiful one at that. She was tall, and lissome, dancing and lip- synching to some disco thing or other. Her breasts were full, and covered as they were by only the tiniest of triangles, seemed entirely real. "Boy, I'd ask her, him, out in a minute, if I didn't know." Strutting across the stage, only the smallest bulge in her golden panties gave away her original gender.

Sipping at my first real drink, I could not help but get aroused as one beautiful figure after another performed to the hoots and hollers of the men behind me. Only the affected inflections of the voices reminded me that I was not in some strip bar with a bunch of horny, lonely, straight men. "Like it?" asked Peter, all a-smile at my obvious amazement. "Yeah, I can't believe it. These guys look better than anyone I've ever dated!" I answered. "Pretty amazing, isn't it?" said Al. "Yup!" was all I could say in return.

It was too loud to carry on any serious conversation, so we just sat and drank and watched for about an hour, until the set ended. The hour was nearing four a.m., so I thanked my hosts as I stood to leave, "It's been great fun, but it's past my bed time! Thanks for bringing me. I'd never have come here on my own!"

"You're very welcome," said Peter. "We're about to go, too. Want to come home with us? We'd like that a lot." He gave me something that I took to be a meaningful smile, which started my heart pounding. I glanced at Al, who gently raised her eyebrows as if to say, "Well?" I had fantasized often enough about Al's gorgeous body, but Peter had never been a part of the dream. Maybe she liked two men at a time? It was clear that they were offering me my first opportunity at a threesome, but I was nervous. Still, it seemed a better option than going home to be alone with my right hand and my jerk-off mags. I nodded and said, "Okay, I guess so..."

I followed them to a very nice apartment on the Northeast side of town. As they led me up the only flight of stairs, Peter's hand drifted from Al's waist to her butt, giving it a good squeeze. "Oh, my, " I thought. "This is going to be wild."

"Want a drink?" offered Peter as we entered. "Nah," I replied. Nothing was going to relax this knot in my stomach now. "Okay," said Al, "let's get to bed, then. I'm ready. I need to pee, though. I'll be out in a minute." She passed through the bedroom to a bathroom and closed the door. Peter began to strip, and suggested that I do the same.

I looked aside as he quickly undressed, but I couldn't help notice his dick as he shed his pants. It hung easily between his muscular thighs, surrounded by a thick bush of blonde curls. Suddenly, a horrible thought crossed my mind. What if Al weren't short for Alexandra? What if she too were a man?" I was glad that Peter didn't seem to notice my reticence. I had barely unbuttoned my shirt when the bathroom door opened.

I was immensely releaved to see a very beautiful woman's body, entirely naked, standing in the door. Beautiful, firm breasts with dark quarter-sized aureoles stood out proudly. Long slender legs met at a dark triangle that held no hint of a hidden penis. I started to undress more rapidly. "Here, let me help you," said Al as she crossed the room. I tossed aside my shirt and kicked off my shoes as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my shorts to the floor.

The brief scare had taken all the life out of my prick, which hung, short and soft and very exposed. I felt very naked. "Hmmm," said Al as I kicked aside my pants and removed my socks. "Stand back up, and let me get a better look at you." I did as she requested, and she took my penis into her soft hand. She kissed it gently, then kissed my groin alongside the base of my dick, massaging me all along. I felt the excitement begin to grow, felt myself begin to respond. Looking up at Peter, he smiled contentedly back. Now I was in her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue made little circles around the glans as she sucked. As I neared my normal seven inches, and became about half-hard, Al let me go, and went to the bed.

"Now, you do me," she suggested as she spread her beautiful legs. As I placed my first kiss on her pubic mound, Peter straddled her head, and she began to kiss and to suck him. Lying flat between her legs, I ran my tongue up the slit between her pussy's lips till I found the small button of her clitoris. I began to suck gently at it, feeling it harden and grow between my lips. "Mmmmmmmmmm," she moaned, her mouth full of Peter. Looking up I could see between her firm tits and between Peter's legs as she sucked him. I lapped firmly at her love- button in rhythm to Peter's hips as they ground his prick into the "O" of her lips. I had my own dick in one hand, too, stroking it to the same beat, getting it good and hard.

Then Peter straightened up, drawing himself from her mouth. "Let's switch ends," he suggested. I crawled up to straddler Al's chest, my heavy hard-on resting on her chin until she opened her lips and sucked me in. I bent over her head and began rocking my hips at her, fucking her pretty face, trying not to push too deep.

My eyes opened as I felt Al's body shift. Glancing back, I saw Peter enter her, lying on his side, her legs spread wide and draped across him, he pushed his cock into her pussy sideways, working it in inch by inch, until all of his big hard dick was buried in her twat. Then he started to fuck, ramming himself hard into her, bouncing her whole body with each thrust. She grabbed my dick and pulled it deeper into her mouth now, pushing me against the back of her throat. "hhnngg, hhnngg, hhnnggg," she grunted as she responded to his prick. I was young, and getting hot. I wondered if she'd mind if I came in her mouth...

She drew me out, as she sensed my excitement. "No, not yet, Manny. Don't be in hurry. Let's make it last." I was a little embarrassed that she had stopped me. Even more so when Peter stopped too. "Why don't you give it a little rest, Manny, and let her sit on your face for a bit?" he suggested.

I rolled to my back, and Al sat across my chest, facing my prick, which bounced with each beat of my heart, it was so hard. She lowered her behind toward me, and I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, thrusting my tongue as far as it would go into her hot, wet cunt. She bent further over and slid back to rub her clitoris against my lips and tongue. She rocked her hips against my face, fucking my tongue. "That's good, Manny, right there...Just..a...little....mooorrre," she groaned as she came, her pussy constricting spasmodically, ejecting her juices onto my cheeks and chin.

She kept up her grinding motion as her orgasm subsided. I felt her hands holding my cock up now, felt her lips on the head, felt warmth and wetness engulf my still hot member. I continued to lap at her clit as she took me deep into her mouth, sucking hard. I felt my momentum beginning to build again as my hips began involuntarily to pitch upwards in response to the stimulation.

She too was about to come again. "Mmmm, mmmm, mmm," she moaned. Then, "Oh, yes, Manny, get me off again, Oh, yes, here I come..." as she climaxed again and I got another faceful of her fluids. Even as she spoke, though, I was nearing my own orgasm. Somehow, the sucking on my cock hadn't stopped, even as she spoke, even as she sat upright in her ecstasy.

"Oh, shit!" I thought, as I realized whose mouth held my raging cock. It was too late though. I had crossed the point of no return. I came in torrents as Peter sucked my jerking prick dry. As I descended from the heights of my orgasm, I realized that it hadn't felt any different than any other. As Al moved her buttocks aside, I saw Peter milking me for the last drops of my cum, licking up each as it emerged from the end of my cock. His hand was warm and strong on my shaft, his tongue as tender as any other. He smiled gently up at me as I stared down at him. "Surprise!" he mutttered happily.

"You know," said Al, "you've come, and I've come, but Peter's still hard and horny as a toad. Let's get him off together." I shook my head a little, "No, I don't think so..."

"Don't worry, I'll help you. Come here and just lie beside us," she said as Peter lay on his back with Al to one side, her head on his flat belly. I felt ashamed, but cornered. They'd been really good to me. I couldn't remember an orgasm so intense. Still, they'd been dishonest. I lay beside Peter on the other side, my hands at my sides, afraid to touch him, or her...

Peter lay quite still as Al lifted her head and put her lips around his cock, which was deep red with his excitement. As she bobbed gently on the swollen head, she took my hand in hers and pulled it toward Peter's crotch. I resisted, but she pulled a little harder, more insistently, still smiling at me with her deep green eyes. "Oh, hell, it won't hurt to touch him, I suppose, if she's going to suck him off..." I let her guide my hand to his soft scrotum. She lay my fingers across his hairy balls and guided them in gentle circles.

My fingers tingled as I touched him, so that I wanted to withdraw my hand. She held me gently in place, though, as she continued to suck at his dick. Finally, I began to take up the motion for myself, gently playing with one large testicle then the other, so that Al moved her hand from mine to the base of Peter's cock to stroke it.

Holding his shiny wet tool aloft above his belly, Al stopped long enough to say, "That's not so bad, is it? Doesn't hurt at all..." And she went back to her easy sucking.

Her hand came back to mine after a moment, pulling it up to rest on the base of Peter's prick, where hers had been. Again I resisted, but a little less. After all, I'd had his balls in my hand... She placed my hand on his dick, and I gently wrapped my fingers around it and began to stroke it up and down.

I was amazed at my reaction to this. His cock felt hot and hard in my hand. I wanted to squeeze it, to jerk it harder, as if it were my own. Shame again came over me as I realized why I'd been so afraid. I liked having his dick in my hand, liked feeling its heat and its strength.

Even my shame could not stop me from responding, though. I felt myself becoming aroused again, felt my own cock coming to life as I stroked Peter's with new purpose. Al sensed the change in me. "Wouldn't you like to kiss it now?" she asked. I looked long into her eyes and saw only understanding and acceptance. Nodding unsurely, I slid down the bed until I could reach Peter's rigid tool with my mouth. He'd been absolutely silent through it all, allowing Al to guide me through this process of discovery.

I lifted his prick up and moved my mouth toward it, open so wide that he didn't even touch my lips as he entered. Slowly, I allowed my mouth to close around his dick. I smelled the musk of his pubic hair as I explored the engorged head of his prick with my tongue. I found that I knew right where to go, just the most sensitive places, drawing on the knowledge of my own anatomy. I drew my head up and went back down, taking in more of his hot hard meat. Up again, and down, I turned my head a bit to get my tongue to the sensitive underside of his shaft.

"Manny, that's very nice," said Peter, "especially for a beginner. Now, I won't come in your mouth, unless you want me to," he offered. I was committed. I started to suck harder with each movement of my head. Peter's hands were in my hair, not pushing, just guiding, as his hips responded to the attentions of my hand and my mouth. Al was behind me now, one hand rubbing my back, the other reaching around to rub my growing prick.

"Manny, I'm gonna come soon," warned Peter. I tasted the first salty secretions as they oozed out of his rigid tool, and sucked only harder and faster, working the base of his cock rapidly with my hand. Then I felt them, the familiar sensations that come before my own orgasms when I'm jerking off, felt the swelling, the preliminary spasms... "Oh, yes, Manny, here I come," cried Peter in confirmation of what I already knew. I felt the semen coursing through his urethra as his orgasm began, then my mouth was filled with thick, salty fluid. I gagged momentarily, then swallowed, and swallowed again. Sucking and stroking, I drew every bit of his cum out, as he had with me, then let my head collapse to rest on his heaving abdomen.

I was wonderfully satisfied, and terribly confused. Sensing my feelings, I think, Al began, "Manny, it's okay that you liked it. It doesn't make you good, or bad, or anything else. It just means that you can enjoy sex with both men and women, nothing more. We sensed that about you, and that's why we invited you here to be with us. Peter and I have helped a number of people, men and women, to get to know undiscovered sides of their sexuality.

"It doesn't mean you're gay. If you must have a label, I suppose this makes you bisexual. And now," her hand resumed its motions on my very erect cock, "I want you to get me off, if you will. I find you very sexy, very much a man, and I want to feel your hardness inside me..."

Peter was rolling away as she spoke in what seemed now to be a smoothly choreographed transition. Al assumed his place in the middle of the bed and spread her beautiful thighs wide apart. "Come here and fuck me, Manny. Fuck me hard," she said as she spread her labia with two fingers and displayed the soft, wet pinkness of her cunt.

Still more stunned than anything else, I rolled on top of her obediently and allowed her to guide my cock's head to her waiting tunnel. I pushed it in and felt the smooth hot flesh that lined her pussy stimulate each inch of my rigid organ. "Ooohh, yes, Manny, what a lovely dick you have, so hot and hard. Oh, yes, fill me up with it..." she moaned into my ear.

I pulled back and slid myself home again, recalling something of my former self image with each stroke. Ah, yes, I do still like women, don't I? I like pussy. This feels good. I hunched over her, one hand beneath her shoulders, the other under the small of her back. "Now, harder Manny. Fuck me hard. Make me come. Make me come..." she groaned as I began to pick up my pace. Her hips began to grind upwards against me as I shoved my cock into her tight pussy with greater ferocity.

"That's it, Manny. See, you're still a man! Now, fuck me, FUCK ME!" she yelled. Her ankles were now locked behind my buttocks, pulling me into her, urging me to go even faster. My face was buried in the crook of her shoulder, my back arched as I slapped my groin against the soft concavity of her thighs and buttocks. Slap, slap, slap, "That's it, Manny, I'm about to come," Slap, slap, "Oh, baby, here I come!" I fucked her furiously and joyously, allowing my confusion and relief find expression in driving home my torrid cock.

"Oh, yessssss!" groaned Al through gritted teeth as she came. "Oh, yes, now come with me! Come with me!" I needed no further encouragement. Her pussy clamped down on me as her orgasm took her over, sending me over the edge. I felt the tension building rapidly, increasing with every long, hard stroke. "Oh, Al, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming," I chanted as my prick spewed its contents into Al's still-spasming cunt. "Oh, man, that's good," I cooed as I came to rest.

"Mmmmm, sure is," answered Al.

I woke a bit later as the sun's light began to filter through the closed shades. My leg was draped across Al's middle, my arm beneath her head. Peter's hand caressed my thigh, slipping carelessly up to my limp prick. I could feel his hot, hard erection nestled between my buns as he curled up behind me. Sensing the change in my breathing, he murmurred, "You awake?" I nodded. "There's another thing I'd like to show you, if you're feeling up to it." I knew instantly what he wanted. The rigid flesh pressing between my cheeks made it quite plain.

"I don't think so, Peter. Learning to suck cock is quite enough for one time, don't you think?" I rolled to face him as I spoke.

Smiling and taking my cock in his warm, strong hand he said, "Sure. I just think you'd like it, I do." Another gentle smile. "You've fucked women in the ass before, haven't you?" I nodded again. "And they liked it, didn't they?"

"It seemed that way," I ventured.

"And they don't have the ability to enjoy it that you do. No prostate. Prostate's very sensitive, very erogenous. Here, let me show you something. Roll over." I hesitated. "Go ahead, I won't rape you. I just want to show you how good it can feel."

I rolled to my stomach. By now, Al was also awake, and she winked at me as I rolled toward her. Peter took out a tube of KY and placed a large dollop on his index finger. "Now, just relax," he said as he slipped his finger between my buns. He ran it back and forth across the tiny opening several times, which tickled at first, then began to arouse me a little.

"Okay, now here it comes," he whispered as his fingertip slid easily into my anus. "Oh," I said, startled as his finger massaged the forward side my anal passage. I could feel it all the way to the tip of my dick, it seemed, but with a different sort of intensity. Rubbing gently, his finger slid in and out of my butt. I had to lift myself briefly from the bed to allow my expanding cock to turn upward.

"See how good it feels? Imagine if this were my cock? Nice and full of hard dick, feeling me come in your ass... Not bad, huh?" I nodded in agreement, but I was still scared. I think he sensed my nervousness.

"If you want to try it, we do it your speed, your way. It's good for you to be on top the first time, so you can feel in control. Want to try?" I nodded assent and Peter rolled to his back. Al coated his erect prick with KY as I positioned myself above him, straddling his waist. I sat back slowly, and Al held him in place as I pressed my asshole down on his greasy pole. At first, it wouldn't go in. "Just relax, Manny, like you're sitting on the john. Let go. I raised up a tad and tried to relax, then settled on to his upright cock again. This time I felt a little pop! as his swollen glans penetrated me for the first time.

It hurt at first, which startled me. There had been no pain with his finger. It burned slightly as I slid down his cock, finally taking in every inch of it. Up, till I could feel his knob about to pull out, then down again, taking the whole length in. The burning subsided, leaving me feeling wonderfully full of him as I wiggled my ass down on his prick. Then up again, and down, beginning to settle into a slow rhythm.

"Oh, Manny, this is soooooo good," crooned Peter as I rode his cock, a little faster with each descent. "Mmmmm, and let's not forget this!" added Al. She had coated her palm with KY, and was jerking me off as Peter fucked my ass... As I became more excited, my pace increased, taking Peter hard up my ass now, feeling the swollen end of his dick as it massaged my insides, even as Al's talented hand stroked my hard cock. Peter began to moan rhythmically, "Unh, unh, unh." His eyes were shut tight, his hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me down now onto his big tool. His hips began to pitch. His face became a grimace of ecstasy.

"Oh, Manny, I'm gonna come. Ride me, baby! Here it comes!" Now he was holding me almost still above him as he jammed his prick up my ass from below. Cum poured out of him, coating my anus and dribbling down his shaft. Al redoubled her efforts as Peter came, and I sent my load spraying across Peter's muscular chest. When he relaxed a bit, I settled down onto him again, resting myself on his chest until his shrinking cock slipped sadly from my previously virgin anus.

It was my day off, thank God, that day, so I spent it curled up with my two new friends, my two new lovers. We didn't fuck any more that day, I was too damn tired, but we have on several occasions since. And with their help, I've been able to enjoy other lovers of both sexes. This was the best "summer school" I ever attended....

written by anonymous



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