Locker Room Watcher

I'm an 18 year old male exhibitonist. I'm not like a flasher, or anything entirely dirty, but i love to be naked and looked at. It makes it even better that i'm bisexual, because i can get as much enjoyment out of being stared at by men as i can by women. So my main hangout is a locker room at my local gym/pool.

But only a few times have i ever actualy encountered any resulting sexual activity.

I had just come back from working out and i was desperate to get into the showers, not only because i was sweaty and tired, but because there would no doubt be people to show off in front of. So i put my bag down, took off my shoes, socks, pants and then top. I picked up my towel and walked over to the showers to find a man about 55, a man about 45, and his son, aged 6.

Its only natural that you get naked in the shower, and everyone casually sees everyone, but i, unlike most people in my area, am circumcised. And so when i take off my shorts and people see, they have a tendency to stare, which really turns me on.

There wasn't much action today though. A few glances, a sideways look, one or two stares and then nothing. They all left to get dressed. I put my shorts back on, as though i was just washing and it was a natural thing to be naked. And i was alone. but luckily, not for long.

In came a guy about 35. He looked pretty good looking, not well built, but certainly not fat. He was wearing tight blue speedos and you couldn't help but look. I took of my shorts again and he stared for a while, and that got me excited. I turned the tap off, though, and sat next to my bag (conveniently located in a position where i could be seen by all, and yet see all.)

I sat and dried myself and i noticed that the guy was removing his speedos. I watched and pretty soon i saw his cock. It wasn't that big, but he began to fondle it and it grew. He was circumcised, and he was "cleaning" a hell of a lot more than he needed to. He was sort of sheltering himself by facing the side wall, but i could still see as he rubbed his soap covered hand along his shaft and massaged the head. It seemed to me to be more than cleaning, but for some reason when he became fully erect he faced the back wall, hiding.

I watched intently as his hands dropped to his side and he tried to control his erection. Soon he turned back around and his cock was in that state that is not technically erect, but any further excitement and it wouuld be. His uncut penis was big. Really big. He began to clean in sort of pulses, but quickly running the ring of his fingers along the base of the shaft and letting go so he didn't get too excited. There wasn't much soap to cover his cock, so he had to be careful.

Then, all of a sudden, he stopped. His lovely penis didn't shrink, but his attention was to his speedos which he covered in some sort of liquid soap and he washed his chest and stomach. Some soap driblled down to his crotch and mixed in with the sparse covering of golden pubic hair.

He stopped focusing on his chest and moved back to the intereting bit. He lifted up his swaying testicles and cleaned underneath and then put more soap on and rubbed around his pubic hair. It was frothy and he began to slide the soapy speedos along his shaft and then back. And then again. Soon he had a steady motion and he seemed now to be really into it.

The soap was building up around his penis and testicles and he stopped to face the wall and wash it off, but soon he turned back and and was cleaning his magnificent organ more realistically. He then pulled the speedos away for a second, turned to the side to put the soap down, and i saw it. It was about 7 and a half inches, maybe more. It had sort of a lean upwards and the head looked so perfectly seperated fromt the shaft. He turned back and hung his speedos on his splendorous rod which held them up with no challenge.

I wanted desperately for him to continue. And he did. This time there was no illusion of cleaning as he cupped his testicles and began pumping his circled hand along the shaft, up to the head where it snapped back and returned the way it had come. He was speeding up and i knew there wasn't long until his juice cam spouting from his lovely cock and so i picked up my shorts, walked over, fully erect, and wrung them out near him. He didn't stop, but looked at me and then my cock as he continued to pump.

I watched as his face turned red and his chest rippled with veins. I slowly stroked my own cock, with no intention of fully involving myself, but still feeling the excitiment. He leaned back against the wall and his motions slowed, and then seemed to be in slow motion as his hand went back and forth fast, but stopped at the end of each trip. And then he came. His semen shot out of his cock, all over his hands, his chest and even his face. The shower washed a lot of it off, but i walked over at him, smiled, and stroked the enormous penis. He shuddered as the final wave hit him.

The very next day i returned. This time i had the intention of joining his activities, and maybe even stepping up a level. But he wasn't there. There were a few people, and as i sat my bag down in my usual spot, i noticed a guy in the shower. He was naked, uncircumcised, and he too was covered in soap.

I quickly got undressed and headed over to the showers wearing my shorts and i jumped in, casually staring at the cock and its owner - a boy of about 15, but he seemed very developed. I chose a shower which would hide me from most of the locker room, but some could still see - including him.

As casually as i had watched him shower, i removed my shorts and released my penis. He gave a quick look, but then looked away to avoid being caught. I covered my shorts in soap and rubbed it along my shaft with an open hand, while the other hand washed my chest. The guy the night before had taught me a lot.

My cock was soon semi-erect and no longer hanging down. It had begun to move away from my thighs, into a more horizontal position, but i had two things in my favour: First of all, i could blame it on cleaning. And secondly, only the boy could see me.

I stopped cleaning and looked across at the boy, who was in a mroe advanced stage than i was. He was embarrasse that i was looking, though, and put his speedos back on. I calmed down a little and he once again removed his speedos, and i saw his fourskin had been pulled back and was bunched up at the top of the shaft. He placed it back, and then pulled it so that he could join me in cleaning.

I slowly massaged my shaft, still using the shorts and soap, and he continued to watch, still excited, but not erect. When i worked out that we were alone, though, things changed.

I stopped using the shorts and applied the soap directly to my hands. I built up a lather and cupped my balls and grabbed my shaft. I slowly massaged under the guise of cleaning my testicles, and gently rubbed up and down the length of my cock. He was very attentive as i cleared the soap away and faced him, my penis pointing directly at his.

For a few moments he pretended not to watch, but his cock certainly knew what was going on. I approached him and he didn't know what to do. I managed to catch his eye with a reassuring, but inviting look and he returned the invite. I masturbated gently at first, now standing next to him. Then i stopped and reached over for his average sized, but proud uncircumcised member.

He was shaking a little as I gripped it and pulled the skin over the head, and then back. I started using my left hand to tug at his cock, and my right hand ended up stroking his thigh and then placed on the small of his back.

His body seemed to buckle as a convulsion of orgasm ripped through him and he shot a small load of sperm from his young cock. Some landed on my hand and i began to using that to stroke myself. He looked at me longingly, wanting to go again, so i leaned down and then ended up on my knees. I took his mid-pubescent penis in my mouth and gently licked the top. He was breathing extremely heavily and it got worse as i cupped his buttocks, bringing his body closer, and then further away from my mouth as i took his cock in.

He again came, this time in my mouth, and i sucked hard as he began to soften. I looked up to him and swallowed the load he had just deposited and he was stunned, red faced, and out of breath. I stood up and rubebd his cock a few more times, and moved my hand up, with it finally resting on his panting chest. I encouraged him to return the favor and he agreed. He got on his knees and hesitantly put my penis into his young mouth. HE moved his head back and forward, rubbing his lips and tongue up agains the walls of my cock as it went in and out. He cupped my buttocks like i had his, and i knew the end was near. I pulled my cock out and motioned for him to lie down. I kneeled between his legs and pumped my cock furiously, watching his small cock wake up and his eager face watching as i masturbated over him.

I then let out a giant breath as i ejaculated all over his body. My cum landed from head to crotch and he leaned back to let it land on his face. As i continued to pump out the last few drops i picked up his speedos and shot two spurts into the crotch. My arms collapsed by my side, but managed to stop me falling on him. I made him put the speedos on and i got up and re entered the shower.

He left with the look of someone who has just seen their first porno movie, and masturbated over their first lesbian love scene.

written by harry



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