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Short Story About Our First Threesome

I had a Vary Short dress on that was low cut showing my nice tits and I did not have any panties on, and Jim know it. When he came out of the bathroom he stayed downstairs and was talking to me. I bent over to put the bottle of booze away knowing that Jim would be able to see my bare ass. I pushed my ass against Jim's leg. Jim started to play with my ass and started fingering my pussy. I turned around and started to kiss him, and playing with his dick. My husband could see what we were doing from were he was sitting upstairs. The other couple were about to leave, may husband told us that he would be right back that he was going to walk them to there car.

Showing My Cock To Dance Stud at Urinal

We'd met several times, but the night I noticed him, there weren't enough follows for the class and I volunteered to do the follow-side. It's no big deal in swing dancing - all the good leaders learn to follow, and lots of the good follows can lead. And you don't usually dance super-close, so it doesn't have to become an issue. Sometimes a guy will object to dancing same-sex - usually some older guy set in his ways; but most folks just roll with it, and since you're asked to rotate partners after at most 90 seconds, it's no big deal.

Doris And Ted

I thought Doris was going to faint. We have know each other for probably 15 years but only chatted at the mail box. I had never been in her house nor she in mine even though we lived only about a half a block apart. She was dressed in a very loose fitting house coat that was unbuttoned almost all the way to her waist. Consequently, her ample breasts were almost completely exposed. I was quite sure they had been getting with the program when I rang the bell.

My Wife's Affair

My cock was throbbing in my pants. I stripped and started stroking while watching this love feast. Beau slowed in fuck strokes and started to finger his ass harder. "I need a dildo for my ass!" he cried. "Where is that one I bought for you?" he asked my wife. "In my dresser, bottom drawer" she moaned. (Dildo? My wife uses a dildo?) I decided that this was the time for my move. I wanted my cock in that boy's ass! I stepped into the room stark naked and rock hard. "How about this dildo?" I asked while stroking my cock. The look on my wife's face was sheer horror. The look on Beau's face was pure lust. "Bring it on!" he exclaimed. He dipped his cock back into my wife's ass while I dipped mine into his ass. I couldn't believe that I was fucking another guy's ass, but it felt so good!

Taking Care Of Girlfriend and Her Friend

After fucking Dimitra's ass for a while, I pulled out and said, "Dimitra, you have a lovely ass, but I need to tend to Anwyll's pussy." We all ajourned quickly to Anwyll's bedroom where we lay down contentedly beneath the tapestry hung on the ceiling and the tule bed-curtains. I lay down on the bed with my head nestled comfortably among the pillows while Anwyll settled down onto my cock. She was dripping wet and her pussy felt superheated giving my tool it's own personal sauna. I told Dimitra to stradle my face where I continued to eat her delcious cunt, one hand playing with her nipples, my other caressing Anwyll's ass.

Bisex Man Sucking Black Cock

I'd often seen Kelly's cock. Sometimes when we were out fishing, or doing something outdoors. He'd announce that he had to take a leak. Usually after drinking a lot of beer. He'd step away a little bit, whip out his cock and take a piss. He usually wasn't very discrete about it. Although his dick was always soft, it was beautiful. Long, fat, cut and just as black as he was. The head was helmet shaped and slightly lighter in color than the shaft. It hung down about 4 inches, flaccid. I always wondered how big it got when it was hard. I could see, even with it soft, why the women always flocked to him.

An Evening To Remember

After having a few cold beers and nibbling on a few appetizers, the conversation quickly turned to my favorite topic. SEX. Of course alcohol does seem to give people the courage to speak more openly among others than any other time. Thank God.

Santa Clause is Cumming to Town

The firm of Felton and Webcock was not and ordinary partnership. It was owned by two couples, childhood friends, who had learned to play together since childhood. They were all bi, although they didn't really consider themselves bisexual. If you asked them, they would just say they liked to play sex games with each other.

Bisexual Romp

Dana was stroking Jim, and her was stroking me and fingering Dana's dripping cunt. We paused long enough to strip, and got into a hot daisy chain, with me eating Dana's pussy, Dana sucking Jim's cock, and Jim sucking my cock. Dana's pussy was gushing but I must have been doing pretty good myself, because Jim said "honey, you've got to taste this, his cock is leaking a stream of precum". Dana moved around where she could share my cock with her husband. Their lips intertwined around my prick, as they took turns sucking the head. This went on until I was about to cum. Dana saw this and said she wanted me to cum in her mouth, while Jim fucked her.

Saving Herself Saving Myself

I thought Meredith might have a problem with my homosexuality (her parents were relieved, since they didn't want her renting from a wolf),but after a few weeks of me stopping in to see how she was doing, we became friends. She asked me some questions about homosexuality, nothing graphic, and she didn't do the "love the sinner" shit, so I was able to tolerate her, and soon, respect her and like her. I think I was the first person to see how alone she truly was. She hadn't even held aman's hand in over a year. She told me that most of the guys she had dated expected her to put out. When she told them she was saving herself until marriage, they would dump her, sometimes call her a prick tease and a cunt and reduce her to tears.

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