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Bi Story: From Gay To Question Mark

She hadn't meant to watch them that day- well not REALLY - but the bedroom door was left half-open. There they were, Mark on his hairy, firm belly, Pablo on top of him. His bronze, rock-hard ass pivoted in and out of Mark's pale, supple cheeks. His penis was immense, slathered in various juices and flavors of masculinity. She could hear Mark moan with each thrust, saw his face clench up, could practically the foreskin retracting his snug hole. She waited and waited for him to sit up, to see his dick, the dick she'd watched flop in boxers and dreamt about tasting and touching. But he stayed on his stomach as Pablo clenched and shot a raw, raucous load into his compliant cheeks.

Bisex Man Sucking Black Cock

I'd often seen Kelly's cock. Sometimes when we were out fishing, or doing something outdoors. He'd announce that he had to take a leak. Usually after drinking a lot of beer. He'd step away a little bit, whip out his cock and take a piss. He usually wasn't very discrete about it. Although his dick was always soft, it was beautiful. Long, fat, cut and just as black as he was. The head was helmet shaped and slightly lighter in color than the shaft. It hung down about 4 inches, flaccid. I always wondered how big it got when it was hard. I could see, even with it soft, why the women always flocked to him.

Bisexual Encounter With My Exhibitionist Neighbor

Never thought I liked voyeurism until a new young couple moved in next door. I live in a fairly conservative Midwestern neighborhood. The homes are fairly close together -- close enough to have a ready view of the neighbors behind you from your decks while privacy fences shield your decks from the side view, giving a little more privacy.

Bisexual Romp

Dana was stroking Jim, and her was stroking me and fingering Dana's dripping cunt. We paused long enough to strip, and got into a hot daisy chain, with me eating Dana's pussy, Dana sucking Jim's cock, and Jim sucking my cock. Dana's pussy was gushing but I must have been doing pretty good myself, because Jim said "honey, you've got to taste this, his cock is leaking a stream of precum". Dana moved around where she could share my cock with her husband. Their lips intertwined around my prick, as they took turns sucking the head. This went on until I was about to cum. Dana saw this and said she wanted me to cum in her mouth, while Jim fucked her.

Calling in Sick And Get Cock Up The Ass

"Good Morning Peter. How are you this morning. We've already had a huge number of calls in today." "That's what always happens on a Saturday Helen. I won't be on call this weekend. I'm feeling rough. Some kind of dodgy stomach bug or something." As Peter spoke he could feel the guilt creep over him. He had heard, and confronted, people who used that line so many times.

Doris And Ted

I thought Doris was going to faint. We have know each other for probably 15 years but only chatted at the mail box. I had never been in her house nor she in mine even though we lived only about a half a block apart. She was dressed in a very loose fitting house coat that was unbuttoned almost all the way to her waist. Consequently, her ample breasts were almost completely exposed. I was quite sure they had been getting with the program when I rang the bell.

Fifth Anniversary

In the course of our conversation I noticed a piano in the bar, and when my husband mentioned that I was a pretty good pianist, one of the men urged me to play for them. I demurred at first, but our new friends were persuasive, and John, the younger of the two, took me by the arm and gently led me over to the piano, where I began to perform a medley of favorite popular and show tunes.

Four Sum

While Josh was talking to Shannon in her room, Chris and I were sitting in the living room. A few minutes later Josh calls me into the room. I walked into the room with Chris on my heels. Josh says something about a 3-sum with me and him and Shannon. Chris, not wanting to miss that asked if he could "play" too. Well of course, what are friends for? So then as the saying goes "it was on." Shannon locked her bedroom door and closed the curtains. Josh sat on the bed and Chris sat next to him. After turning on some music I walked over to Josh and started to give him a slow sensual strip tease. He couldn't take it and helped me with what was left. Shannon took my cue and striped for Chris.

Friday Night Fantasy

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone else was here." She blushed lightly and looked down at herself. She'd done a half-assed job at drying off and the silk was clinging to her breasts and hips, her nipples practically jumping out of the fabric of the damp robe.

Gay Strap-On Sex in the Motel

He said she loved to use her cock on guys asses. She didn't know when to stop when she got going. I was smiling from ear to ear. He got up to take a shower. When he finished, his wife told me to go next. He opened the door and walked out naked. His cock was cut and semi-hard. My mouth watered. It was all I could do from not jacking off in the shower. My cock was hard and throbbing. I dried off and dropped the towel. I walked out to see her sucking his cock. He had 8" of hard cock down her throat. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He shot his load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She stood up and smiled at me as she walked to the shower, checking out my hard-on. I have 6 1/2" of uncut meat and large balls.

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