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Sucking Dick at Titty Bar

Friday afternoon of that week was when I overhead Kent. I was filling my cup of coffee when Kent and Scott came into the break room. Scott was not much to look at. He was your typical beer gut, football watching breeder who is more interested in getting old and fat now that he's been hooked by a gal. His wife is blowing up like a balloon. I guess he's trying to do the same.

My Wife, My Friend and Me

I love watching as a hard cock pleasures my wife's cunt, to watch as it pushes in, then pulls out all wet and slippery, then back in again. She had several climaxes before he let out a long moaning, "I'm cumminnngggg" and filled her with his hot thick sperm. We always fucked bareback as both of us were safe and she loved the feel of hot cumm filling her up and I loved to watch it run out and drip down towards her ass. I immediately took his place when he pulled out and pushed my hard throbbing cock into her now soaked and sloppy cunt. I really love the feel of entering a well fucked and filled pussy, all of that hot sperm oozing out around my cock as I began to fuck her. She took B's limp cock in her mouth and soon had him hard again.

Summer of Bisexual Seduction

It took only a few seconds into it to realize it was a porno. My eyes were glues to the screen when I felt a hand on my thigh. I didn't bother to check to see whose hand it was. It crept up my leg until it reached my cock. I was hard as a rock and after stroking me for only a minute or two; the hand was replaced with a mouth. I went to stroke the person's hair and realized it was not Diane's.

Swings and Roundabouts

It was divine with Kathy - all those things we'd do - and that's before we went to bed! But there was something particularly intimate about having her in the lounge, in the kitchen - sometimes over the kitchen sink if we wanted doggy - and especially over the mahogany table, that was a real treat to behold, if I'd fucked her once over the table I'd fucked her a thousand times, yet it was always new and fresh each time, no matter which way, oral, pussy or ass fuck - she was always game and wanting it. Her cock suck was wonderfully stimulating, she'd especially like it on the settee, bent over my lap as I gave her a firm tanning, a slap here and a slap there , then nudging and squeezing the redness as I felt her suck grow stronger.

Tawny's And Rita's Orgy

Tawny was the most assertive of the two women. She introduced Rita to a bisexual lifestyle during their first year in high school. She began by playfully teasing Rita by rubbing a bar of soap against her pubic hair. By the end of the week, Tawny had managed to position the bar of soap so it would rub against Rita's clitoris. The day after she noticed a positive response from Rita, Tawny replaced the bar of soap with her finger tips.

Switching Sides

His heavy, flaccid penis hung in my face in front of an impressively full scrotum sparsely adorned with sandy blonde pubic hair. His reactions were slowed by the beer, so before he could pull away I grabbed a fistful of soft dick meat and greedily fed it into my drooling mouth. I sucked the warm flesh to the back of my throat as I gripped his firm ass with both hands and pulled him against my face, slathering my tongue all around the excited shaft. I felt it rapidly swell and lengthen in my mouth, clogging my throat, forcing me to breathe noisily through my flared nostrils. I pumped his hardened cock in and out of my throat, swirling my tongue wildly along the shaft and all around the bloated head till he was staggering with lust.

Ted's House

"I'd be surprised if you didn't!" she replied, looking at me now with this `you don't have the balls to' look on her face. I got up off my chair and walked over to her. Without hesitating I knelt down on the floor between her legs and then I reached up with my hands and took hold of her panties.

My Boyfriend's First Cock - I Saw The Whole Thing

I got home before my boyfriend Kurt did and made myself comfortable where he couldn't see me. I didn't have to wait very long before Chris dropped by "unexpectedly" and accepted Kurt's offer to have a drink and wait for me to come back. I watched them flirt from the safety of the closet for a while until Chris finally made his move on my man. I saw Kurt's mouth drop as Chris stripped to his boxers, then saw him reach out with a shaky hand to wrap his fist around the bulge behind the cotton. I saw the first few hesitant licks Kurt took as he knelt between Chris thighs, taking his first taste of male flesh, then dive in, bobbing his head hungrily on Chris' fat cock. I watched him bury his finger up to the knuckle in his ass and gobble him down when Chris came in his mouth.

Yacht Fun

I got down between her legs and slowly started to lick her clit. It was sweet and dripping wet. She laid down on the deck and I shoved a finger in her clit. She started to move her pussy against my hand. I licked on her nipple and kept running my finger up and down her wet slit. She came writhing her body.

Patio Fun

Paige and I swam and sunbathed throughout the afternoon. Around 5pm she said we should go inside and get ready. I took a shower and put on a short red skirt, some thong underwear and a cropped spaghetti strap top that tied in the back.

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