Falcon's Adventure

"Hi there, Falcon!" Becky said enthusiastically as she ran up to the young ranger. She looked positively splendid tonight in a tight leather top cut off at the stomach that revealed her lightly muscled stomach and the tanned curves of her young, perky, breasts. Her breeches were made from died black doeskin and the tight fit defined the muscle tone and curves of her thighs and hips. Falcon smiled down at the the girl and ran his fingers through her short black hair.

Falcon was a tall young man around sixteen years of age. He had long black hair that cascaded down his back and a pair of stunning blue eyes set into a ruggedly handsome face that was enhanced this summer by a deep tan from his ranger training in the woods. He placed a hand on the hilt of his longsword. "What are you up to tonight, my dear?"

"I was going to ask the same of you. But to get to the point, I want you to meet me tonight at midnight by the hotspring in the wood. Will you? It will be most pleasant." She said with a smile and a batting of the eyelashes. With that she turned and ran off into the village. Falcon smiled as watched her tight round ass recede into the village and then into the night. His thoughts drifted to what might be instore for that ass tonight and his smile only broadened.

Midnight came swiftly and Falcon rode his fastest horse to the hot spring, which was about two miles from the he village. The horse cleared the distance quite quickly though and as he entered the clearing he dismounted and tethered the animal to a nearby tree.

Until he was close the mist form the hotspring had obscured the view that his eyes now languished on. Lying by the hotspring wearing nothig but her skin was, Becky. The moonlight accentuated her stunning features dramatically, and as he looked at her Falcon felt a familiar stirring in his pants.

Becky smiled up at him and beckoned him forward with an outstretched hand. He was by her side in a moment, one hand went strait to one of her medium sized, well rounded tits while the other slid to the space between her legs. As he leaned in to kiss her she put up a forestalling hand. "Angela, you can come out now." She called to the mist.

Falcon looked over and saw another feminine figure rise out of the hotspring. Angela was tall with blonde hair that fell down to her wonderful ass and large blue eyes. The girl's tits were both the sized and shape of melons and her legs were as long as Falcon's sword. Becky reached up and unclasped his swordbelt while Angela moved up against him and started to kiss him deeply, while unlacing his jerkin. He felt Becky pull his throbbing shaft free of the restricting pants. She stopped and gave his tool a quick inspection. It was at least seven and a half inches in length and had to be an inch and a half in diameter. She grinned as she took hold of it and slid the head into her mouth.

Falcon quickly found Angela's pussy and began to slip a finger into her, hot, wet space. Angela groaned and shoved her tongue deeper into Falcon's mouth. His response was to grasp the back of Becky's head and to thrust harder into her mouth, shoving his hard cock into her throat. She almost gagged on the massive piece of meat but instead pulled off of his shaft and began to pull him to the ground. He laid down with no complaints and the girls smiled at each other. The both of them kneeled, Angela by his head and Becky by his hardened cock. The two girls leaned forward and shared a long kiss the likes of which Falcon had never seen before, but was incredibly aroused by.

The two girls parted and Becky took hold of Falcon's rod and mounted. She slid slowly down on his hard shaft, relishing the ecstasy as she felt it fill her inside. Angela quickly mounted facing Becky and put her pussy over Falcon's face.

Angela's cunt juice was as tangy and delicious as the girl's looks had foretold. Falcon was exhilarated. He reached up and clasped Becky's firm round breasts and began to play with her nipples. When he found Angela's clitoris it was not long before both girls arched their backs and moaned. Falcon lapped up the cum that flowed out of Angela's pussy and filled Becky's body with his own.

Becky dismounted and laid down next to Falcon. Angela followed suit on the opposite side. Both girls were exhausted, thinking that they had had all that their bodies could take. Angela closed her eyes and breathed in a deep breath of the night air. Her eyes shot open though as Falcon took hold of her legs and positioned them so that her feet were on either side of his head and slowly slid his still hard shaft into her dripping wet pussy. After the initial entrance Falcon started pumping her with hard, powerful thrusts that rocked her body and once again sent her over the edge into orgasm.

Falcon beckoned Becky over and she sat herself down on top of Angela's face. Falcon watched in content as Becky began to ride Angela's face like a wild bull. He blew two more loads of hot sperm into the young girl's body and then pulled out leaving them to feast on the taste of eachother and his spent cum.

The rest of the night was spent much the same way. When he would tire the girl's would take over and the process would repeat itself. The three of them went back to the village seperately the next day and none of the elders were ever the wiser.

written by myrd



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