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Swinging Lifestyle

When we all became comfortable with each other, Ron suggested to Nina that she do a striptease for us, and she gladly complied, she was dancing to the stereo and performed a slow, teasing and very erotic strip which soon had both of us watching her with rock hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of this, Ron scooped her into his arms and said let's take her to the bedroom Tommy. Well needless to say, I didn't need any convincing to go along at this point and jumped at the chance. When we arrived in the bedroom Ron laid her on their king size bed and we both stripped out of our clothes in a flash, I was so aroused, I didn't even feel self conscious about getting naked in front of my new friends as I had been afraid I might.

Eating Out Of Her Hand

"I have a real kinky birthday surprise for you" she said as she slipped the key into the lock and opened the door. We stepped through the doorway and she closed the door behind us and locked it. Then she gave me a real hot, wet French kiss. When she flipped on the light and I saw a good-looking naked guy lying on the bed.

Oral and Anal Sex Behind The Rest Area

I headed back towards my truck. I put my shorts on as I came out of the trees. I knew others had seen me. I left my cock out as I walked to my truck. I got in and cleaned up some more. I turned on my CB and listened. A guy called out another channel. I switched over and listened. He called out and another answered. They talked about sex awhile. I turned on the light inside my truck. I reached back and turned my tv and vcr back on. I put on a XXX video and pulled off my shorts.

Hors D'oevurs.

Your hands reached round and cupped my bottom, pulling me closer to you. You could feel my excitement press into you and you pushed yourself against it. Now I moaned, and you twisted to face me. Our kisses became almost beyond our control, as my hands sought to free you of your blouse. You stepped back far enough to let it slide over your head. I could now see your breasts and the erect nipples. You shook your hair straight as I lowered my hands to your skirts catch. The space between us allowed that to slide to the floor and for you to step out of it.

Kristen's Cum Party

I didn't think too much of her fantasy at the time but a few days later a guy that I know told me that he and some of his friends (some straight and some bi) had talked about how hot it would be to get a young girl and do her for hours. All of them fucking her and sucking her---filling her and covering her with cum. I told him that I might have a girl who was interested and asked if he'd be interested in getting his friends together with she and I for a night of nasty fun. He called me a couple of days later and told me he had himself and eight other guys and would we be interested in a party that Friday night. I got ahold of Kristen and told her that we were going out on Friday night and to dress slutty for me. I didn't tell her where or what we were going to do.

Meeting Them Together

Ok I drive up and park on the side of the street. I go up there walk way towards their door and Tracie is out planting flowers. Ok I am going to tell you what Tracie looks like. This is the god's honest truth. she has strawberry red hair down to the middle of her back a very beautiful face with hazel eyes, c-cup breasts, strong muscular thighs and she was wearing a tight gym body suit. she looked at me and said hi john. I said hi. Tracie asked why im over here. I nervously say Mike just called me to come over. And that I had no idea what Mike had in mind. she nervously laughed and said I don't have time to play I have to go back to work. I said I honestly have no idea why "Mike" asked me over. I then say is Mike inside she says yes and to just go ahead and go in.

A Hot Night In Peru

I was bent over a half fallen tree, and felt a cool gel being applied to my ass especially round my rosebud. I knew that I was about to be fucked legless, and was terrified and ecstatic at the same time. I felt his cock push between the cheeks of my bum, and nestle up against my sphincter,then a gentle push and I was impaled up to the hilt. I felt his balls touching my ass cheeks before he started moving inside me, slowly at first, then faster and faster as his need took over. My mind was in turmoil, I was being raped but was enjoying it as I have never enjoyed anything else. I started moving my ass back to meet his thrusts, and he seemed to fuck mr forever, the two of us as one single fucking machine, working away in that hot, dark night.

Short Story - Wonderful Night

Then it was my turn to eat her, keep in mind that I have never done this before so I was a little scared, but I did it anyway her pussy tasted so good, I have tasted my own pussy when my husband kisses me after eating me or I suck him after is done fucking me but her pussy tasted different them mine it was sweet, a little salty but sweet. I tried to think of how my husband eats my pussy and did the same thing to her she love it she was grabbing my head and pussy my face deeper into her pussy and moaning and screaming. It was great. I made her cum like 3 times and then our husbands fucked us and we all cam and then went to bed.

The Booth at the Sex Shop

I took your clit unto my mouth and sucked on it. Gently at first, then with a little more force as I went along. Your moans increased both in volume and frequency. Using the tip of my tongue, I teased your love button relentlessly. You pulled on my hair slightly. It hurt, but not to the point that it became distracting. I released your clit from my oral clutches. It was peeking out of your hood quite profoundly now. I took it back into my mouth and continued my assault. I sucked and pulled, causing you to moan louder then you had so far. I wondered to myself who was enjoying this more, you or me. I once again let your clit out of my lips' grasp and returned my attention to your now red hot and dripping wet cunt.

Finding Out You Are Attracted to Men too is a Great Realization

That would get my mind flowing. Up until then I had never even done anything sexual with my cock. After looking at my brother do that for months I started to jack off. It got me so excited. My next experience would be when I was 18. I was working at an electronics retail store. I have had girlfriends since but nothing got my cock harder than watching my brother have sex with his friend on the weekends. Nobody had said anything about men having sex with men being out of the ordinary so I assumed that it was totally normal.

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