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The Statue

I took the book and read the spine, it was a collection of Victorian erotica, another to add to our collection. Sam was straining to reach a bigger book on the top shelf; I put the book down and took her by the waist, lifting her delicate frame higher, her top riding yet higher. She took the book and I lowered her to the ground, yet another collection of erotica. We browsed the shelves, my hand caressing her tiny ass tenderly. Behind us the legs of a chair squeaked on the floor, I turned to see the guy approach us. He was maybe sixty years old, untidy and dressed in clothes that should have been thrown out years before. His baggy trousers shiny with age bulged slightly at the crotch; Sam was turning him on.


"Park here" she said, switched the car off and grabbed the keys. I watched her walk away from me then, not afraid, stiletto heels echoing down the narrow street. She stopped on the corner in the light of a street lamp and took her cell phone out and made a short call. Good god I thought, she's all legs. I could see the tops of her stockings but could only speculate as to what was beyond. She got back in the car, flicked the knife open again and told me too drive.

Secret of English School Boys

You have discovered the secret, well kept by upper class English schoolboys - that the bottom and cock can unite to provide near heavenly horny sensations. The ring of your hole is now around the base of my extremely stiff shaft. As you feel the end is near - you gasp, and involuntarily, cum spurts from your cock, in quick pulses, onto the sheets. I withdraw - the condom dangles with the weight of the captured spunk, my cock collapsing - its work completed. Too tired to get up, you hear me getting dressed and leaving the room, without a word.

Fucking Jan's Pussy Full of Cum

After I came the others were resting up, so I lowered my mouth to her now soaked, dripping cunt & spent several min cleaning her up. I love to eat out a well-fucked cunt, the more cum the better! We each fucked her at least 3 times each, got sucked at least twice, while Marty & I each sucked her cunt at least two more times. After I would suck her cunt each time, I moved up & began to fuck her now soaked cunt. I really love fucking a cunt full of another mans sperm! I love the feel of all of that cum around my cock. Eventually Marty & I got dressed thanked them for a great time & left. John was going to spend the night, so it wasn't over yet for Jan. This was really a great night for me, & would love to do it again some time. If you enjoy my story, drop me a line.

Masturbation Club

"I see some of you are getting aroused. OK, let me explain how the Masturbate Club works. Membership is optional and there are no dues. We meet once a week. We are all dedicated to jacking off, in a group. Anyone who doesn't like others to watch him, can leave now (No one got up.) When I see other guys with hardons and jacking off it gets me hot and excited. I figure it's the same with you. So were all going to be jerking off in this living room. Each of you can decide how much clohes to wear - all naked, half naked down to your undies, or dressed. You can leave any clothes you want to take off in the next room - there's a cabinet for each person.

My First Time with Bisex During Trip To France

Pierre was about 6' and had the same dark hair and dark complexion as Monique. His English was much better than hers was and I found myself talking to him. While Monique fixed us some wine. He could tell I was nervous but I guess he like that fact because when Monique bent over to set down our drinks she gave me a full shot of her tits. I couldn't help but stare and Pierre said, "she sure has some nice tits doesn't she." I was embarrassed at being caught but they both smiled and Pierre continued "and let me tell you Her pussy is hot too". I was nervous but horny and my young cock had a mind of its own.

Nice But Naughty Meets The UPS Man

I was horny again, I knew then I wanted to be with a woman. About 10 minutes later she came back. She rung the door bell and said, if you don't mind I will sit her until Mom comes. She asked could she call her Mom again. She told her it would be about an hour and a half before she could get out, she was getting her ceiling redone. We began to talk and of course I bought up sex. We were talking and I asked her had she ever been with a woman she said, a couple of times, I asked her how was it. She said it was great. I moved closer to her and asked her would you like to be with me? She got up and began to pulled her jacket and her skirt off she was naked in no time at all. I pulled off my nightie and we went into the bedroom.

Lisa And Jack Meet

"Well don't worry about her, she may look like a bombshell, but she packs a nasty surprise. One I'm sure you don't have." Nasty surprise? What the hell did he mean by that? And how did he know she didn't have one, whatever it was.

Tampa Glory Hole Encounters

At this point I started a nice fucking motion and commenced to jerking my very hard cock at the same time. I raised my other hand up to play with his balls and to my surprise I found her fingers there already doing this. I pulled off him for a sec and told her to give me her finger which I covered with my spit and told her to put it in his ass. I then swallowed him whole while she put her finger in his ass. He started moaning louder and louder. I could hear people trying to open the booth door and get in for some action.

True Bi Sexual

"I saw your ad and think you might be just what I want. My wife thinks everything is nasty. She won't suck my dick or let me eat her or anything, just straight missionary. I told her I wanted more but she says shes afraid and would die if she asked some friend about it. She is also jealous of other women because they would do what I want and could take me away. She dared me by saying she wouldn't be jealous of a man if I really wanted those things. After 2 weeks I've come to agree with her. At first I said no but then I say your ad offering to do just what we had in mind. She said she would watch you do things to me as her proxy and then decide if she would have any part of it."

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