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Porn and Cock: What a Combo

He is there with his shorts on and a big screen TV is playing porn. On the porn a chick is swallowing this 10inch dick while she is jerking off one guy and another is fucking her from behind. He asks if I want a beer I say yes then I start taking off my cloths. He comes back and his shorts are sticking out a bit. He hands me the beer. I open it up take a sip. I go sit on the bed. He tells me no lets do it here on the floor pointing to a blanket laid out on the floor I get off the bed and get on my knees and pull his shorts down. He steps out of the short and I grab his 7-inch thick dick and wrap my lips around it.

Secret of English School Boys

You have discovered the secret, well kept by upper class English schoolboys - that the bottom and cock can unite to provide near heavenly horny sensations. The ring of your hole is now around the base of my extremely stiff shaft. As you feel the end is near - you gasp, and involuntarily, cum spurts from your cock, in quick pulses, onto the sheets. I withdraw - the condom dangles with the weight of the captured spunk, my cock collapsing - its work completed. Too tired to get up, you hear me getting dressed and leaving the room, without a word.

Short Story - Wonderful Night

Then it was my turn to eat her, keep in mind that I have never done this before so I was a little scared, but I did it anyway her pussy tasted so good, I have tasted my own pussy when my husband kisses me after eating me or I suck him after is done fucking me but her pussy tasted different them mine it was sweet, a little salty but sweet. I tried to think of how my husband eats my pussy and did the same thing to her she love it she was grabbing my head and pussy my face deeper into her pussy and moaning and screaming. It was great. I made her cum like 3 times and then our husbands fucked us and we all cam and then went to bed.

Short Story About Mountain threesome

B fucked her and she sucked on my cock, this time it took over 15 minutes for me to cum. B was able to last a couple of more minutes, then he filled her hot cunt with his load. B got up to use the bathroom and I dropped down and began to clean up our combined loads now dripping out of her open cunt and down towards her ass. This was new for her but she loved it. This got me hard again and I started fucking her cunt again, I always enjoy fucking a well-fucked pussy full of hot sperm, it just feels so good, hot wet & slippery! We spent several hours taking our time, caressing, fucking & sucking. What a night!!

Short Story About Threesome Encounter

Her name was Tina. She said she was bored and had come out to have some fun. She told me she thought I was pretty and wanted to know if she could take me home. I was a little astonished. Before I could say anything she introduced her friend Mark. He was handsome and well built. Before long I could feel the alcohol. The woman started to rub my leg. I could feel myself getting wet.


"Park here" she said, switched the car off and grabbed the keys. I watched her walk away from me then, not afraid, stiletto heels echoing down the narrow street. She stopped on the corner in the light of a street lamp and took her cell phone out and made a short call. Good god I thought, she's all legs. I could see the tops of her stockings but could only speculate as to what was beyond. She got back in the car, flicked the knife open again and told me too drive.

Some Friend

We had headed out of town on a beautiful Spring morning, heading for the hills and forests to the west. We rode for a couple of hours, and it was some of the best riding we'd had in a, flowers, the whole thing. We stopped for lunch in a fairly famous barbeque restaurant...pigged out on brisket and beans, and headed back out to the bike.

Surprise Ending

Secretly Marty wanted to watch his wife being fucked by another guy -- a candidate of his choosing of course. So, he conveniently created a website advertising a venture with his wife, complete with pics, stats and profile. Who could resist such an offer? Applicants were screened and Marty selected the best based on a strict criteria: what he determined was the most presentable catch -- best looking guy and stats. The winning candidate's name was Ben Young from Sedalia, a successful farmer, 32, single and available.

Swinging Lifestyle

When we all became comfortable with each other, Ron suggested to Nina that she do a striptease for us, and she gladly complied, she was dancing to the stereo and performed a slow, teasing and very erotic strip which soon had both of us watching her with rock hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of this, Ron scooped her into his arms and said let's take her to the bedroom Tommy. Well needless to say, I didn't need any convincing to go along at this point and jumped at the chance. When we arrived in the bedroom Ron laid her on their king size bed and we both stripped out of our clothes in a flash, I was so aroused, I didn't even feel self conscious about getting naked in front of my new friends as I had been afraid I might.

Tampa Glory Hole Encounters

At this point I started a nice fucking motion and commenced to jerking my very hard cock at the same time. I raised my other hand up to play with his balls and to my surprise I found her fingers there already doing this. I pulled off him for a sec and told her to give me her finger which I covered with my spit and told her to put it in his ass. I then swallowed him whole while she put her finger in his ass. He started moaning louder and louder. I could hear people trying to open the booth door and get in for some action.

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