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Kristen's Cum Party

I didn't think too much of her fantasy at the time but a few days later a guy that I know told me that he and some of his friends (some straight and some bi) had talked about how hot it would be to get a young girl and do her for hours. All of them fucking her and sucking her---filling her and covering her with cum. I told him that I might have a girl who was interested and asked if he'd be interested in getting his friends together with she and I for a night of nasty fun. He called me a couple of days later and told me he had himself and eight other guys and would we be interested in a party that Friday night. I got ahold of Kristen and told her that we were going out on Friday night and to dress slutty for me. I didn't tell her where or what we were going to do.

Lisa And Jack Meet

"Well don't worry about her, she may look like a bombshell, but she packs a nasty surprise. One I'm sure you don't have." Nasty surprise? What the hell did he mean by that? And how did he know she didn't have one, whatever it was.

Love To Suck Cock

Deep-throat is a technique I learned years ago and now I try to swallow all I can. I love it when a cock goes down my throat and brings tears to my eyes. If you like sucking cock like I do you know what I mean. It feels so good when my lips touch pubic hair and I know I've taken it all. I've learned how to rub the bottom of the shaft with my tongue while I have the head down throat. I milk the cock like a baby calf. I've been told I'm a very good cocksucker. Your all ways good if you enjoy it and I do love it so. I get off on the way the veins on a stiff dick rubs my lips. Especially when the guy fucks my mouth till my lips go numb. My dick is hard now just writing about it.

Masturbation Club

"I see some of you are getting aroused. OK, let me explain how the Masturbate Club works. Membership is optional and there are no dues. We meet once a week. We are all dedicated to jacking off, in a group. Anyone who doesn't like others to watch him, can leave now (No one got up.) When I see other guys with hardons and jacking off it gets me hot and excited. I figure it's the same with you. So were all going to be jerking off in this living room. Each of you can decide how much clohes to wear - all naked, half naked down to your undies, or dressed. You can leave any clothes you want to take off in the next room - there's a cabinet for each person.

Meeting Them Together

Ok I drive up and park on the side of the street. I go up there walk way towards their door and Tracie is out planting flowers. Ok I am going to tell you what Tracie looks like. This is the god's honest truth. she has strawberry red hair down to the middle of her back a very beautiful face with hazel eyes, c-cup breasts, strong muscular thighs and she was wearing a tight gym body suit. she looked at me and said hi john. I said hi. Tracie asked why im over here. I nervously say Mike just called me to come over. And that I had no idea what Mike had in mind. she nervously laughed and said I don't have time to play I have to go back to work. I said I honestly have no idea why "Mike" asked me over. I then say is Mike inside she says yes and to just go ahead and go in.

Motel Threesome Meeting

We went into the room and wasted no time with preliminaries. They both immediately began undressing and I decided to follow suit. In the process, he turned on the TV which had many closed circuit porn channels of all types, straight, gay and bi (my preference) and she took a couple of vibrators from her purse as he flipped channels. Looking at the lady only reinforced my personal preference for what an attractive woman is. Forgive me, but I am not into BBW at all even though many men are. However, I was pretty much committed so decided to try to tough it out.

My First Time with Bisex During Trip To France

Pierre was about 6' and had the same dark hair and dark complexion as Monique. His English was much better than hers was and I found myself talking to him. While Monique fixed us some wine. He could tell I was nervous but I guess he like that fact because when Monique bent over to set down our drinks she gave me a full shot of her tits. I couldn't help but stare and Pierre said, "she sure has some nice tits doesn't she." I was embarrassed at being caught but they both smiled and Pierre continued "and let me tell you Her pussy is hot too". I was nervous but horny and my young cock had a mind of its own.

My Swinging Wife In The Adult Theater

Later she told me his cock wasn't as big, but he just couldn't stop shooting & it was all she could do to take what seamed like 4 big loads in succession! The man between her legs straightened up & said he was hard as a rock & could he fuck her? She liked that idea so he eased into her and started to slowly pump his cock into her cunt. The man on her right had moved off, so someone else had moved in. She started to stroke his cock, when he moved up onto his knees & made it easy for her to suck him. The man fucking her took about 10 min to cum, but by now she was going though climax after climax every few min. He came deep inside of her cunt & a min later the cock she was sucking shot his gift into her mouth.

Nice But Naughty Meets The UPS Man

I was horny again, I knew then I wanted to be with a woman. About 10 minutes later she came back. She rung the door bell and said, if you don't mind I will sit her until Mom comes. She asked could she call her Mom again. She told her it would be about an hour and a half before she could get out, she was getting her ceiling redone. We began to talk and of course I bought up sex. We were talking and I asked her had she ever been with a woman she said, a couple of times, I asked her how was it. She said it was great. I moved closer to her and asked her would you like to be with me? She got up and began to pulled her jacket and her skirt off she was naked in no time at all. I pulled off my nightie and we went into the bedroom.

Oral and Anal Sex Behind The Rest Area

I headed back towards my truck. I put my shorts on as I came out of the trees. I knew others had seen me. I left my cock out as I walked to my truck. I got in and cleaned up some more. I turned on my CB and listened. A guy called out another channel. I switched over and listened. He called out and another answered. They talked about sex awhile. I turned on the light inside my truck. I reached back and turned my tv and vcr back on. I put on a XXX video and pulled off my shorts.

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