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Finding Out You Are Attracted to Men too is a Great Realization

That would get my mind flowing. Up until then I had never even done anything sexual with my cock. After looking at my brother do that for months I started to jack off. It got me so excited. My next experience would be when I was 18. I was working at an electronics retail store. I have had girlfriends since but nothing got my cock harder than watching my brother have sex with his friend on the weekends. Nobody had said anything about men having sex with men being out of the ordinary so I assumed that it was totally normal.

First Bi Experience Getting Fucked

Well, I got there and went in and we talked a little bit. He was a salesman from Houston selling some equipment used in oil drilling and I noticed he was wearing a wedding band. This made me a little more comfortable about going on. After talking for a while he said he wanted to see my panties and nylons. We both got up and undressed with him stripping all the way and me down to my lingerie. We laid back down on the bed and started to play with each others cocks. After a while he turned around bringing his cock up by my face. Everything was feeling right and I opened my mouth, lowering it over my very first cock and sucking him deep. I still remember how soft and hot the skin of his cock felt on my tounge and that I liked the way his cock seemed to get even harder as I sucked on him.

Fuck Of The Century

"As I can yours, as well as smell your juices, you adorably irresistible little doll, let's get a table, turn on the heat, light the fire, and see what kind of moth we attract."

Fucking Jan's Pussy Full of Cum

After I came the others were resting up, so I lowered my mouth to her now soaked, dripping cunt & spent several min cleaning her up. I love to eat out a well-fucked cunt, the more cum the better! We each fucked her at least 3 times each, got sucked at least twice, while Marty & I each sucked her cunt at least two more times. After I would suck her cunt each time, I moved up & began to fuck her now soaked cunt. I really love fucking a cunt full of another mans sperm! I love the feel of all of that cum around my cock. Eventually Marty & I got dressed thanked them for a great time & left. John was going to spend the night, so it wasn't over yet for Jan. This was really a great night for me, & would love to do it again some time. If you enjoy my story, drop me a line.

Giving Commmands to Couple over the Phone

By this time hearing a woman moan was getting me hard again and I was feeling my 8 inch member all over again. Moaning women, licking cunt and sucking cock is something I'd say I love and something that I'm good at is something that I've been told many times by my friend and many girls whom I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. I told her that I'd love to see Minehs wet his middle finger with your mouth and finger fuck her with and nibble on her tits at the same time and well again she did just that and moaned "ohhhhh gooodddddd aarrrrgrgggghhhhhh oh this is so good yeah fuck me Minesh fuck me"

Hors D'oevurs.

Your hands reached round and cupped my bottom, pulling me closer to you. You could feel my excitement press into you and you pushed yourself against it. Now I moaned, and you twisted to face me. Our kisses became almost beyond our control, as my hands sought to free you of your blouse. You stepped back far enough to let it slide over your head. I could now see your breasts and the erect nipples. You shook your hair straight as I lowered my hands to your skirts catch. The space between us allowed that to slide to the floor and for you to step out of it.

Hotel Guard

He worked his finger deep into her ass and moved it in rythm to their fucking. I had put my hand to myself and was stroking my flesh, getting hot and unconsciously fingering my nipples. Much in the way she was sucking his nipples. His eyes were closed but then shot open as she bit on his right nipple. He appeared to be in complete bliss as he fucked her pussy with his cock and fingered her ass. She started to moan louder and then mumbled over his chest,"Im coming!" She wigged on his dick as much as she could ( her feet of the ground remember) He then used a free finger on the hand that was fingering her to gesture me forward. My dick free, I walked up behind her. She didnt seem to know I was there.

Houston Video Booth

I had paid for the magazines, when I saw the entrance to the video booths in back. With my balls now fully in charge, I got five dollars worth of change from the man at the counter and went in. For a mid-afternoon weekday, there were quite a few men there. I walked along the first aisle, reading the list of tapes in each booth. I chose one and was about to go in, when I saw a guy leaning against a wall, on the far end of the hall. It was summer and hot as hell in Houston. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He stared at me and sorta nodded.

Insatiable Preggo - Sex with a Pregnant Woman

This pregnancy was a surprise. We already have 2 children and our youngest is 13. We are both excited and happy to have another baby on the way. I had totally forgotten how high my sex drive was during my other two pregnancies. I just can't cum enough. My husband and I have had sex every day (almost) for the past 4 months and I still masturbate a couple times a day. I wake up in the middle of the night either fingering myself or humping my husband. He loves it. Since I found out I was pregnant I have been sleeping naked. I just love the feeling of being naked better than sleeping even with just panties on. In turn, my husband has been sleeping naked too.

Joy Gets Tricked Into Lesbian Dildo Sex

"Here, I've brought you a drink. You look like you needed it". Joy for the first time noticed the two drinks on the table. Wondering how they got there she giggled, she must be further along than she thought. It was definitly time for her to leave. Thanking the brunette she sipped the drink. To her surprise it was what she normally drank, maybe a little stronger, but definitly the drink she preferred. Her surprise must have been evident as the brunette explained "I was at the bar the last time you ordered".

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