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Tampa Glory Hole Encounters

At this point I started a nice fucking motion and commenced to jerking my very hard cock at the same time. I raised my other hand up to play with his balls and to my surprise I found her fingers there already doing this. I pulled off him for a sec and told her to give me her finger which I covered with my spit and told her to put it in his ass. I then swallowed him whole while she put her finger in his ass. He started moaning louder and louder. I could hear people trying to open the booth door and get in for some action.

Swinging Lifestyle

When we all became comfortable with each other, Ron suggested to Nina that she do a striptease for us, and she gladly complied, she was dancing to the stereo and performed a slow, teasing and very erotic strip which soon had both of us watching her with rock hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of this, Ron scooped her into his arms and said let's take her to the bedroom Tommy. Well needless to say, I didn't need any convincing to go along at this point and jumped at the chance. When we arrived in the bedroom Ron laid her on their king size bed and we both stripped out of our clothes in a flash, I was so aroused, I didn't even feel self conscious about getting naked in front of my new friends as I had been afraid I might.

Porn and Cock: What a Combo

He is there with his shorts on and a big screen TV is playing porn. On the porn a chick is swallowing this 10inch dick while she is jerking off one guy and another is fucking her from behind. He asks if I want a beer I say yes then I start taking off my cloths. He comes back and his shorts are sticking out a bit. He hands me the beer. I open it up take a sip. I go sit on the bed. He tells me no lets do it here on the floor pointing to a blanket laid out on the floor I get off the bed and get on my knees and pull his shorts down. He steps out of the short and I grab his 7-inch thick dick and wrap my lips around it.

True Bi Sexual

"I saw your ad and think you might be just what I want. My wife thinks everything is nasty. She won't suck my dick or let me eat her or anything, just straight missionary. I told her I wanted more but she says shes afraid and would die if she asked some friend about it. She is also jealous of other women because they would do what I want and could take me away. She dared me by saying she wouldn't be jealous of a man if I really wanted those things. After 2 weeks I've come to agree with her. At first I said no but then I say your ad offering to do just what we had in mind. She said she would watch you do things to me as her proxy and then decide if she would have any part of it."

Giving Commmands to Couple over the Phone

By this time hearing a woman moan was getting me hard again and I was feeling my 8 inch member all over again. Moaning women, licking cunt and sucking cock is something I'd say I love and something that I'm good at is something that I've been told many times by my friend and many girls whom I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. I told her that I'd love to see Minehs wet his middle finger with your mouth and finger fuck her with and nibble on her tits at the same time and well again she did just that and moaned "ohhhhh gooodddddd aarrrrgrgggghhhhhh oh this is so good yeah fuck me Minesh fuck me"

The Pool Guy

"Bring your cock to me baby!" Barb whispered. The guy walked over knelt next to her and presented his now glistening tool to her. Barb engulfed it in her hand and slipped it into her waiting moist mouth and began sucking on it. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Lyn said..."What's your name baby? You're new!"

Nice But Naughty Meets The UPS Man

I was horny again, I knew then I wanted to be with a woman. About 10 minutes later she came back. She rung the door bell and said, if you don't mind I will sit her until Mom comes. She asked could she call her Mom again. She told her it would be about an hour and a half before she could get out, she was getting her ceiling redone. We began to talk and of course I bought up sex. We were talking and I asked her had she ever been with a woman she said, a couple of times, I asked her how was it. She said it was great. I moved closer to her and asked her would you like to be with me? She got up and began to pulled her jacket and her skirt off she was naked in no time at all. I pulled off my nightie and we went into the bedroom.

Houston Video Booth

I had paid for the magazines, when I saw the entrance to the video booths in back. With my balls now fully in charge, I got five dollars worth of change from the man at the counter and went in. For a mid-afternoon weekday, there were quite a few men there. I walked along the first aisle, reading the list of tapes in each booth. I chose one and was about to go in, when I saw a guy leaning against a wall, on the far end of the hall. It was summer and hot as hell in Houston. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He stared at me and sorta nodded.

Bisexual Hitch Hiker

He was squeezing the base with one hand, so the head was soon bulging, thin skin stretched so tight it looked like it would burst. I couldn't wait to get this beautiful thing in my mouth. I said "lets stop at the rest area up ahead, there are some trails off there where we could get some privacy." "I'm ready" he said. I unzipped my pants and dug out my cock, then stroked it to a full hardon, glancing at his when I could take my eyes of the road. We entertained each other for a few miles until we got to the turn-off, each slowly and sensuously jacking our cocks, watching the other, and now and then reaching over to play with the other's cock for a bit. I almost came before we got to the rest area.

Two Red Lights

For a moment, she let her mind wander from its purpose to observe the double ruts in the earth. They led to a pile of used tires which in turn led to two or three rusting construction vehicles [like the eye following a trail of discarded clothing, each item kept closer to the skin, containing more and more scent, until at last it rests on the naked bodies--here decomposing into red flaking rust].

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