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Ben And Daves Hot Cream Bisexual College Adventure

Anyways I should stop rambling and get to the sex. One night Ben and I were tired from partying all the time so we decided to just chill in his dorm room. As we sat around we began to talk about sex.

Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

Liz slightly opened her eyes and made contact with me. She saw me there with my mouth wide open not believing what I just did. Instead of getting shocked or getting Jon's attention she stared at me with her eyes glazed over in lust. Most likely Liz saw my raging hard on pressing against my tight jeans. I was hard from observing Jon's ass pump up and down. Liz's eyes suddenly shut and she began to grunt and moan as Jon transported his hot jizz from his cock to her cum starved cunt.

My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I woke up around two the next afternoon in my bed. My ass was sore as hell and I had one hell of a headache. Matt was shaking me saying "wake up, wake up." "What?" I managed to mumble without throwing up. "Dude, that fine chick that dissed me last night brought you home this morning. She said that you should watch this." He handed me a videotape. "Some pretty hot stuff on there. Check it out. I'd say you're in the frat. You probably don't even have to go through hell week. I gotta go to class. Catch you later."

Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Don and Jade washed first and I turned on the tv but there wasn't much on. I heard the two of them in the bathroom giggling and banging around. Jeez I wish they'd hurry up. They came out with their arms around each other. Don was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. He had such a great hairless chest and washboard abs. Underneath the cotton I could make out a semi-erect package. Jade blew me away! She came out of the bathroom with matching red silk panties and bra--very fuckable. So thin and sexy. What really caught my eye about Jade was her cute belly button and a small birth mark above it. She looked so hot.


Gisele's fingers found the soft upward curve of my behind and I moaned at both the sensation and the frustration of what she had bypassed to get there. My legs fell further apart at the same moment her finger pushed against my anus and I moaned again. Her finger probed deeper and her question took me by surprise. 'Does he do you there?' she inquired. The answer was so personal I could only nod. 'So does Roger,' she smiled speaking of her own husband. A shudder of sensuality shook through me as her index finger slid deep into my bottom. My shoulders and feet pressed against the tub, raising my cheeks and arching my belly out of the water. The pad of her thumb slipped into the waiting folds of my sex and pressed deliciously on my eager clit. 'Do you masturbate often?' she asked.

Naked In Hall With Bondage And College/Frat Humiliation

As we were talking, Matt, still wet from his shower after lacrosse practice, walks out of the bathroom wearing just a red towel and carrying a bathroom kit. He had a nice, medium build with a smooth chest, some nicely-defined pecs and great abs that rippled down to his towel.

True To Life II

The night she and Michael had first made love had been a turning point in the life of Arlene Koda. She was trapped in a loveless marriage and about to have the one thing she really loved, her teaching career, taken from her. Her now soon to be ex-husband, Doctor Alan Fitzgerald, had been made head of surgery at the prestigious Saint Matthew's Hospital. As such, he expected her to give up the teaching career she'd begun before she'd met him and simply become Mrs. Alan Fitzgerald. It was already a point of constant contention to him that she had kept her maiden name.

Taunting Jim

Jim was really surprised to see his new roommate standing there wearing nothing but a tiny pair of red string bikini briefs, just big enough to enclose his bulky genitals like a pouch. He went right back to work, claiming that he was much cooler now, but Jim was very distracted by his near nudity. When Brad turned around he saw that the skimpy garment, which had a narrow strip of fabric tucked deeply into his crack, nearly exposed his whole ass. He had never seen anything like it. He couldn't stop staring. Brad's body was like the statue of David in its perfection, but with much more genitalia.

First Time Bi Sex College

I quickly got undressed and began sucking Karen's nipples. Soon we had Karen moaning and groaning in pleasure. Then Karen woke up "Ohh, Pam, you finally decided to share Jason. Can I suck his dick?" Not waiting for a response, Karen grabbed my dick and engulfed it with her mouth. Pam took this opportunity to get undressed.

The Houseguest

Dave's place was on of those big scores. Man, any student would kill for a place like his. It was a big old house, and had far enough room for the three of them, me and probably a few more students. One of Dave's family owned it, and was letting it out to him for some dangerously low price. Yeah, his family was pretty well off. I think it was more that Dave was looking after the place more than anything. But it was all cool with me.

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