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Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

Liz slightly opened her eyes and made contact with me. She saw me there with my mouth wide open not believing what I just did. Instead of getting shocked or getting Jon's attention she stared at me with her eyes glazed over in lust. Most likely Liz saw my raging hard on pressing against my tight jeans. I was hard from observing Jon's ass pump up and down. Liz's eyes suddenly shut and she began to grunt and moan as Jon transported his hot jizz from his cock to her cum starved cunt.

Brian And Me Join Forces For Bisexual College Experience

I went back to the work but kept looking over to make sure Brian was alright. He seemed to be totally out of it. Every so often stirring a bit but that was all. About an hour later he started moving around so I looked and he was trying to get his jeans off but not having much luck. Of course he couldn't really do it and all he had managed to do was unsnap them and that took 10 minutes. I paused then went to help. He didn't even know I was there when I called to him telling him what I was doing. Like a band aid, I figure I would just yank them off and get back to work but it didn't happen that way.

Boyfriend Gets It In The End - Sex With Girlfriend And Friend

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyishly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew's head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her smallish breasts. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

Shawn's Bi Adventure

The most erotic experience I ever encountered happened a few weeks ago when I was supposed to attend a seminar in Atlanta that was cancelled the day before. I went home to unpack my things and get to work in my private studio room. I was working for about twenty minutes when I heard Maria come home. She had Sandy tagging along with her as they bounced in the living room and dropped their bags. I was going to go out and say hello but something held me back. I looked out the open entrance as I heard Sandy speak out.

Top Or Bottom Bunk Leads To Sucking Cock And Ass Fuck

I prepared for her visit by asking my roommate, Randy, to relinquish his half of the room for the week end, figuring if she was going to visit, I might as well take the opportunity and screw her while I could. Randy didn't mind, figuring he could put the moves on one of the new freshmen and instantly have a place to spend his nights.

Pledge Night With Bi Sex And Being Fucked In The Ass

Then girls pushed Drew forward onto his knees - between my legs. The hands of a dozen girls led him forward. Three different hands held his swollen, shining dick...guiding it toward my asshole. I started to buck, trying to get loose. The Track Girls held tight. Real Team Spirit. Then I felt his hot dick pressing at my anus. I bucked wildly and almost got loose, but someone pushed Drew from behind and the head of his cock pushed into me. A cheer went up from the girls. I couldn't believe what was happening. I got that full feeling as Drew pushed in deeper. "Ooh Baby! You're sooo tight!" grunted Drew. I tried to yell, to pull away, but hands were holding me down. Drew got his balance and shoved in deeper...

The Houseguest

Dave's place was on of those big scores. Man, any student would kill for a place like his. It was a big old house, and had far enough room for the three of them, me and probably a few more students. One of Dave's family owned it, and was letting it out to him for some dangerously low price. Yeah, his family was pretty well off. I think it was more that Dave was looking after the place more than anything. But it was all cool with me.

College Shower Fun

She jumps down off of my cock and kneels in front of me. She licks up the length of my cock and then takes the head into her mouth. Feeling her wonderful mouth on my cock sends me over the edge and I begin to shoot my cum into her mouth. I can hear her swallowing trying to get all of my cum down her throat but she simply can't take it all. It begins to run out of the side of her mouth and down onto her chin and neck. After I finally finish cumming she smiles up at me and the cum on her lips and chin gives her a beautiful sex kitten look. As I am basking in the feeling of one of the best orgasms of my life the shower curtain is suddenly pulled open.

Naked In Hall With Bondage And College/Frat Humiliation

As we were talking, Matt, still wet from his shower after lacrosse practice, walks out of the bathroom wearing just a red towel and carrying a bathroom kit. He had a nice, medium build with a smooth chest, some nicely-defined pecs and great abs that rippled down to his towel.

My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I woke up around two the next afternoon in my bed. My ass was sore as hell and I had one hell of a headache. Matt was shaking me saying "wake up, wake up." "What?" I managed to mumble without throwing up. "Dude, that fine chick that dissed me last night brought you home this morning. She said that you should watch this." He handed me a videotape. "Some pretty hot stuff on there. Check it out. I'd say you're in the frat. You probably don't even have to go through hell week. I gotta go to class. Catch you later."

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