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Gisele's fingers found the soft upward curve of my behind and I moaned at both the sensation and the frustration of what she had bypassed to get there. My legs fell further apart at the same moment her finger pushed against my anus and I moaned again. Her finger probed deeper and her question took me by surprise. 'Does he do you there?' she inquired. The answer was so personal I could only nod. 'So does Roger,' she smiled speaking of her own husband. A shudder of sensuality shook through me as her index finger slid deep into my bottom. My shoulders and feet pressed against the tub, raising my cheeks and arching my belly out of the water. The pad of her thumb slipped into the waiting folds of my sex and pressed deliciously on my eager clit. 'Do you masturbate often?' she asked.

The Houseguest

Dave's place was on of those big scores. Man, any student would kill for a place like his. It was a big old house, and had far enough room for the three of them, me and probably a few more students. One of Dave's family owned it, and was letting it out to him for some dangerously low price. Yeah, his family was pretty well off. I think it was more that Dave was looking after the place more than anything. But it was all cool with me.

Top Or Bottom Bunk Leads To Sucking Cock And Ass Fuck

I prepared for her visit by asking my roommate, Randy, to relinquish his half of the room for the week end, figuring if she was going to visit, I might as well take the opportunity and screw her while I could. Randy didn't mind, figuring he could put the moves on one of the new freshmen and instantly have a place to spend his nights.

True To Life II

The night she and Michael had first made love had been a turning point in the life of Arlene Koda. She was trapped in a loveless marriage and about to have the one thing she really loved, her teaching career, taken from her. Her now soon to be ex-husband, Doctor Alan Fitzgerald, had been made head of surgery at the prestigious Saint Matthew's Hospital. As such, he expected her to give up the teaching career she'd begun before she'd met him and simply become Mrs. Alan Fitzgerald. It was already a point of constant contention to him that she had kept her maiden name.

Watching My 8.5 Inch Roomie Fucking Allison

Chris was about 5'9", yellow skin, pretty boy, wavy hair, muscular, jock. I had always wondered what his dick looked like. I got up to go take a piss when I looked down and saw that Chris lad left his draws laying by the couch. I looked closer to see that he had came in his draws. Not only did he cum in his draws but he left them laying so that I could see the nutt. There was one big pool of nutt laying in the pouch of his boxer briefs. I didn't' touch them. I got down on my knees and started to jack my dick. I blasted my own nut right next to his and left the draws laying there. I left and went over my girlfriends house. I got back about two hours later.

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