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Not Your Average Movie Night

When I got to freshman year of college, by the end of my first semester, I had not even gotten to first base with a single girl. I had friends who were guys and friends who were girls. Throughout the semester, though I had still been fairly regularly jacking off to gay porn as well as straight still, I was only hoping to "score" with a girl. Among the friends in my clique, the girls were not particularly interested in me sexually. They were nice, but I knew none were attracted to me. As for the guys, none of them seemed even remotely gay or bi-curious, and if they were, they did not show any such feelings towards me.

Pledge Night With Bi Sex And Being Fucked In The Ass

Then girls pushed Drew forward onto his knees - between my legs. The hands of a dozen girls led him forward. Three different hands held his swollen, shining dick...guiding it toward my asshole. I started to buck, trying to get loose. The Track Girls held tight. Real Team Spirit. Then I felt his hot dick pressing at my anus. I bucked wildly and almost got loose, but someone pushed Drew from behind and the head of his cock pushed into me. A cheer went up from the girls. I couldn't believe what was happening. I got that full feeling as Drew pushed in deeper. "Ooh Baby! You're sooo tight!" grunted Drew. I tried to yell, to pull away, but hands were holding me down. Drew got his balance and shoved in deeper...

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Work that day was a breeze. It was the Saturday of a long weekend and there was practically no one in the malls. The day dragged by while Andy and his coworkers distracted themselves by talking about their plans for the weekend. Most of the time Andy was talking to Rob, another university student who worked in the back doing inventory and receiving. Rob was Andy's age and just as much of a sports freak, with the short-cropped dark hair and muscular build suggesting a swimmer. They were just getting to know each other and had discovered a lot of shared interests, and even frequented the same bar on weekends. The two teens looked hot in their work outfits: black and white striped referee shirts with gray nylon shorts that showed off their muscular legs.

Roommate Reunion For Bisexual College Experience

He told her not to bother, that he sees even his sister in a thong and that it was no big deal. Feeling more comfortable, Kate removed the towel and we offered Doug something to drink. When Kate went in to get Doug's drink he commented how fine she looked and wanted to know if our sex by the pool was really hot. I asked what made him think we had sex and he pointed to the dried cum spot on my bikini. I said "you fucker, did you see us fucking out here?" and he said he had seen it all from the bathroom window. He said it was so hot he jacked off into the toilet while he watched us. Just then Kate came back to the pool with drinks and she seemed pretty cool running around us in her thong. Trying to keep our minds on swimming and not sex we all jumped in the pool.

Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

Liz slightly opened her eyes and made contact with me. She saw me there with my mouth wide open not believing what I just did. Instead of getting shocked or getting Jon's attention she stared at me with her eyes glazed over in lust. Most likely Liz saw my raging hard on pressing against my tight jeans. I was hard from observing Jon's ass pump up and down. Liz's eyes suddenly shut and she began to grunt and moan as Jon transported his hot jizz from his cock to her cum starved cunt.

Shawn's Bi Adventure

The most erotic experience I ever encountered happened a few weeks ago when I was supposed to attend a seminar in Atlanta that was cancelled the day before. I went home to unpack my things and get to work in my private studio room. I was working for about twenty minutes when I heard Maria come home. She had Sandy tagging along with her as they bounced in the living room and dropped their bags. I was going to go out and say hello but something held me back. I looked out the open entrance as I heard Sandy speak out.

Short Story About Kinky Professor

I would accompany him to various college events and socials, always dressed up per his instructions. His return on investment was that he had the right to strip me naked, oil me up and photograph me naked with a hardon whenever he wanted. He would rub the warm oil all over my body and stroke my penis to erection before shooting any pictures. I never saw or heard from him again.


'But Jack would be stranded for hours. Maybe overnight. Com'on. If not for him, do it for me...' she said, forcing out a sexy tone, although the tone of desperation was too obvious. She came closer to me, walking ever so slowly, like she was trying to come on to me, and then placed her finger on my shoulder. I was not wearing any shirt, which I knew she liked it that way. She loved my body. And I, hers. She ran her finger down, crossing my chest, down to the navel.

Story Of Us

However, I am not far from the looks department and being part of the swimming team, I have maintained a toned body. I have had several girlfriends so as to keep Troy and the rest of our friends from suspecting. He actually thought I'm a playboy because I exceeded his count.

Taunting Jim

Jim was really surprised to see his new roommate standing there wearing nothing but a tiny pair of red string bikini briefs, just big enough to enclose his bulky genitals like a pouch. He went right back to work, claiming that he was much cooler now, but Jim was very distracted by his near nudity. When Brad turned around he saw that the skimpy garment, which had a narrow strip of fabric tucked deeply into his crack, nearly exposed his whole ass. He had never seen anything like it. He couldn't stop staring. Brad's body was like the statue of David in its perfection, but with much more genitalia.

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