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If I Could

So here I was, in a new town with all this new people around me. I moved in the dorm and I already met a few of my new dorm-mates, they seemed nice but at the moment my mind was elsewhere, with Jennifer. School was starting next week, so I had another week to get to know everything and everyone, but today there was this big welcome-party and since a few guys asked me to join them, I agreed and went along. I had been to parties before, so I was used to people doing wild things and trying to find a new date, some just for a night, others trying to find their true love... But this was way bigger than anything I had ever seen, so I was a bit overwhelmed.

It Was Not To Be

One night my father had come into my room when I was getting into my PJs and he got this worried look on his face. He kept asking me if I was all right, and did I have any pains of any kind, and I said I was fine, but he said I'm gonna have a doctor check you out. I want to be sure you're okay, so he made an appointment with Doctor Levine who gave me a complete physical, and then he went into his office with my father leaving me to have a private consultation, leaving me alone in the examining room. I was starting to get worried. Was there something really wrong with me? Was I going to die?

Joseph Gets Aroused By Armando's Huge Cock

Joseph walked in the shower and said to Armando "what's-up buddy", Armando turned around quickly, Joseph looked down an saw his tool, Armando turned back around quickly again, after realizing that his tool was at full mass. While the two were showering they were having small talk trying not to look at each other. Joseph felt his tool rise slightly just thinking about Armando's tool being bigger than his own. When they got back to the room it was eating Joseph up inside to feel that way that he did, and to find out about his roommate's tool. Joseph thought about it long and hard and decided to ask Armando that burning question.

Kinky College Girlfriend Gets Me To Agree To Be Fucked In The Ass

After I came Ted took my cock in his mouth and gently licked the juices off. After that Paula started sucking on Ted's dick. She wanted me to join in but I just couldn't do it. It was really fun to watch her giving him head though. In his excited state Ted didn't last long either and he shot off in her mouth. We lay there talking about what we had done and smoked another joint. Paula started telling Ted that I liked it when she fucked me in the ass with her dildo. I was getting a little embarrassed with her telling Ted all of our intimate secrets. She came right out and suggested that Ted fuck me in the ass while she watched. I said I didn't know if that would be such a good idea.

Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Don and Jade washed first and I turned on the tv but there wasn't much on. I heard the two of them in the bathroom giggling and banging around. Jeez I wish they'd hurry up. They came out with their arms around each other. Don was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. He had such a great hairless chest and washboard abs. Underneath the cotton I could make out a semi-erect package. Jade blew me away! She came out of the bathroom with matching red silk panties and bra--very fuckable. So thin and sexy. What really caught my eye about Jade was her cute belly button and a small birth mark above it. She looked so hot.

Mannys Summer School

This was one of those nights. They'd come in after mid-night, and were the first customers I'd had in over an hour. If it had been my place, I'd have closed, but I had to keep the bar open till two, come hell or high water. And it looked like I might have to deal with the high water. They came in drenched to the skin. I got towels for them from the back, and they dried off a bit as we talked. Cold and wet, I fixed them my favorite cold weather drink, tea with rum, something I'd come to love when I lived in Europe the summer before. It seemed to please Peter.

Masturbating To Sound Of Ken Jacking Off

For some reason you were very insecure about your husky body. You didn't have a girlfriend. Maybe it was your emerging beer belly or receding hairline that you were worried about -- I don't know. You and I were big guys to start with and our boozing certainly didn't help any. But what are two 25 year old college dudes to do? You were shorter and hairier than me, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 230 pounds. I was stockier and taller than you, standing at 6'3" and weighing about the same as you.

My First Bi Experience Discovering Advantage of Gay Blowjobs Through Glory Holes

My roommates and I, in a stoned frame of mind, ecided to visit an adult bookstore. While they were examining the magazine racks, I wandered away to the back of the store where the quarter movies were playing. I went into one of the little booths, stuck a quarter in the slot and sat down.

My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I woke up around two the next afternoon in my bed. My ass was sore as hell and I had one hell of a headache. Matt was shaking me saying "wake up, wake up." "What?" I managed to mumble without throwing up. "Dude, that fine chick that dissed me last night brought you home this morning. She said that you should watch this." He handed me a videotape. "Some pretty hot stuff on there. Check it out. I'd say you're in the frat. You probably don't even have to go through hell week. I gotta go to class. Catch you later."

Naked In Hall With Bondage And College/Frat Humiliation

As we were talking, Matt, still wet from his shower after lacrosse practice, walks out of the bathroom wearing just a red towel and carrying a bathroom kit. He had a nice, medium build with a smooth chest, some nicely-defined pecs and great abs that rippled down to his towel.

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