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Auctioned Off On The Bloc For Bisexual College Experience

The guy I'm talking to is a friend of mine, Darren Wanamaker. Darren and I went to the same High School. We knew each other then, though not really. We ended up at the same university, with the same major. We had mutual classes and since we kind of knew each other, and Darren is super-smart, we started studying together. We didn't see each other too much socially, although we did grab a meal here and there and he would occasionally come to one of my Fraternity's parties.

Shawn's Bi Adventure

The most erotic experience I ever encountered happened a few weeks ago when I was supposed to attend a seminar in Atlanta that was cancelled the day before. I went home to unpack my things and get to work in my private studio room. I was working for about twenty minutes when I heard Maria come home. She had Sandy tagging along with her as they bounced in the living room and dropped their bags. I was going to go out and say hello but something held me back. I looked out the open entrance as I heard Sandy speak out.

I Like To Watch

I showed up at his house at eight. We all watched TV and yacked for a while. The atmosphere was tense, we were all excited. Then David said that he and Stacey were going to go upstairs, and I could come if I wanted. Of course I did. David lit a candle, and turned out the lights, and they got on the bed. I sat in an armchair near the bed, and felt self-conscious. Then they started to kiss and make out. Stacey got his shirt off and started kissing him all over. David had a nice body. He was no jock, but he was slim, and his muscles were we well-defined. He had a nice smooth chest, and I loved the way he responded when Stacey playfully bit at his nipples. Then Stacey's shirt came off, and her bra.

Enjoy Being Fucked Hard

But I did not see anybody and my heart skipped a beat. I was not afraid of him but was excited by the situation, which was ahead of me. He asked me to sit on the couch and gave me some cold drink, may be coke or something like that. He sat near me and asked me if I was surprised for seeing no one. I said yes I sure was. He told me that he wanted to call me alone but was afraid to do so thinking that I will not come. So he gave a party for his false promotion.

Masturbating To Sound Of Ken Jacking Off

For some reason you were very insecure about your husky body. You didn't have a girlfriend. Maybe it was your emerging beer belly or receding hairline that you were worried about -- I don't know. You and I were big guys to start with and our boozing certainly didn't help any. But what are two 25 year old college dudes to do? You were shorter and hairier than me, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 230 pounds. I was stockier and taller than you, standing at 6'3" and weighing about the same as you.

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Work that day was a breeze. It was the Saturday of a long weekend and there was practically no one in the malls. The day dragged by while Andy and his coworkers distracted themselves by talking about their plans for the weekend. Most of the time Andy was talking to Rob, another university student who worked in the back doing inventory and receiving. Rob was Andy's age and just as much of a sports freak, with the short-cropped dark hair and muscular build suggesting a swimmer. They were just getting to know each other and had discovered a lot of shared interests, and even frequented the same bar on weekends. The two teens looked hot in their work outfits: black and white striped referee shirts with gray nylon shorts that showed off their muscular legs.

Joseph Gets Aroused By Armando's Huge Cock

Joseph walked in the shower and said to Armando "what's-up buddy", Armando turned around quickly, Joseph looked down an saw his tool, Armando turned back around quickly again, after realizing that his tool was at full mass. While the two were showering they were having small talk trying not to look at each other. Joseph felt his tool rise slightly just thinking about Armando's tool being bigger than his own. When they got back to the room it was eating Joseph up inside to feel that way that he did, and to find out about his roommate's tool. Joseph thought about it long and hard and decided to ask Armando that burning question.

Boyfriend Gets It In The End - Sex With Girlfriend And Friend

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyishly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew's head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her smallish breasts. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

College Shower Fun

She jumps down off of my cock and kneels in front of me. She licks up the length of my cock and then takes the head into her mouth. Feeling her wonderful mouth on my cock sends me over the edge and I begin to shoot my cum into her mouth. I can hear her swallowing trying to get all of my cum down her throat but she simply can't take it all. It begins to run out of the side of her mouth and down onto her chin and neck. After I finally finish cumming she smiles up at me and the cum on her lips and chin gives her a beautiful sex kitten look. As I am basking in the feeling of one of the best orgasms of my life the shower curtain is suddenly pulled open.

If I Could

So here I was, in a new town with all this new people around me. I moved in the dorm and I already met a few of my new dorm-mates, they seemed nice but at the moment my mind was elsewhere, with Jennifer. School was starting next week, so I had another week to get to know everything and everyone, but today there was this big welcome-party and since a few guys asked me to join them, I agreed and went along. I had been to parties before, so I was used to people doing wild things and trying to find a new date, some just for a night, others trying to find their true love... But this was way bigger than anything I had ever seen, so I was a bit overwhelmed.

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