Bisexual Louie & Alicia

The slap on the face from Beccy who whatever her name was still stinging my face when Alicia came up to the bar and introduced herself. At first I thought she was a hooker seeing as she was so damn nice to me but she asked me to share a drink with her and her husband at their table so I guessed she was just kinda friendly.

Not that I can only pick up hookers. I'm a short guy, 5'5" exactly but I got a good physique and I've been told alot of times by girls how cute I am. I work with my uncle moving furniture and I got a cousin with a gym so what I might lack in height I make up for in build. I'm Greek heritage on my mothers side but it was way back, I look Greek but I can't speak it.

So anyways after sitting at the same bar stool for an hour I was kinda glad to get a chance to sit at a booth so I took up Alicia's offer. Besides I laid it on the line with that bitch Beccy and got a slap for my trouble so I thought I'd kinda regroup or somethin'.

I'm 27 and I look my age, Alicia on the other hand I couldn't tell in the light of the bar how old she was, she'd be in her late twenties but she was wearing so much make-up and jewelry with hair n' fingernails waiving all over the place that I suspected she was older. I knew from the accent she was Hispanic - she kinda cooed alot or something.

Her husband Louis looked in his mid-thirties, kinda pale but Hispanic for sure. Next to Alicia he looked real big - he would've been over six foot and real built - I dunno if it was fat or muscle but he was a big guy. He had a light mustache and when he smiled he was like some smooth guy you see at the track. They must of been in something lucrative though - the gold bracelet he'd got from Alicia for his birthday was real heavy in my hand and it matched his necklace.

So I'm sitting in their booth and Alicia's talking nonstop about sofa-beds and traffic when Louis says they gotta go and I'm thinkin' I'll have another go at the bar when Alicia's starts insisting I come back to their place. I told them my name was Michael but she's coo'in away "Mikey honey you gotta. Louis's just got us some weed havencha' baby" and she squeezes his leg right up in his crotch.

So all three of us leave together and Alicia's clicking on her heels and gigglin' "ooo Mikey you gotta a cute ass when you walk. Isn't he got the cutest ass baby?"

"He's gotta a cute ass." Louis says with that smooth smile.

If I was sober this talk'd freak me abit but I'm drunk and I kinda like havin a guy like Louis respect me.

Back at their apartment we're smoking - Louis pulls a cone in one go - Alicia's talkin' so much she's not holding the smoke long enough. Louis then gets up to get some beers from the kitchen then when he gets back he flicks off the ceiling light leaving only one lamp going and instead of sitting back in the armchair he drops his heavy ass down onto the couch so we're all sitting in a row with Alicia in the middle.

After a few minutes Alicia starts edging the conversation around to girls tits and all the shapes they come in and how firm nipples get n' stuff - it's kinda guys talk so it's weird coming from a woman but I'm gettin' abit hard listening to her.

"You gettin' hard Mikey honey?" And she rubs my crotch before leaning forward to pack another pipe, then Louis leans across and in real close to my ear with his warm breath he says "so you wanna fuck my wife?"

"Man, no! A' course not."

Then he reaches across and I've got his huge damn hand on my crotch. "You're gettin' hard" and he squeezes my firm dick through my pants.

"Hey baby you got our guest hard." He says in a deep low voice

Alicia pushes Louis's hand gently from my crotch and continues with the squeezing "ooo honey you gonna burst."

"So do you mind man?" I come out and say it although it's little more than a mumble into the floor. Dope and alcohol saved me again.

"Oh Mikey he don't mind in the slightest. He wanna see that cute ass a' yours ridin' me."

"Sweet man, no problem you can watch my ass but...." I trailed off. I didn't wanna say yeah to everything but I didn't wanna so no either. In our neighborhood a guy like him got respect and to show a guy his size what a 5'5" guy can do, well...

"You boys get those clothes off."

Standing, me and Louis stripped to our boxer shorts as we both watch Alicia undress. Her small firm breasts had hot pulsing nipples and she was rubbing them, giving the two of us a show. Then burrowing a hand through our boxers she clasped onto our erections and pulled us back down onto the sofa.

"ooo Mikey" she says then drops into my crotch. Her mouth swallows my cock in one swoop, hair and jewelry falls into a mass all over my crotch but I can feel her wet tongue gliding up my shaft. The smell of her body and perfume wafts into my nose as her head bobs up and down.

Pulling off my cock her lipsticks kinda smeared and I get to see that hot tongue a' hers as she opens her mouth and plants a real passionate kiss on my lips. Shooting my tongue into her mouth the two of us twirl em' around building up hot sweat.

My cocks suddenly engulfed in a mouth. Louis's!! The guys suckin' my damn cock. I try to move my body but he's got his huge fuckin' arm on my leg and Alicia's clamped her hand down onto my chest massaging my nipples. He's good at it. Sucking hard at my piss slit. I'm kissin' his wife and I'm gonna fuck her so falling back into the couch I relax. Lust, dope and alcohol take over.

Alicia unlocks my tongue from hers and pulls back "Mikey that tongue of yours has gotta do my pussy." She's real impressed. Gasping and kinda drooling almost. Louis's heads bobbing up and down on my cock and this freaked out shit's feelin' good.

She pulls her husband off my cock, it's shinin' with his spit but hard as a rock. I get a quick glimpse of his cock - it's uncut not real big but stickin' up as hard as.

"Boys lets do this on the floor." Alicia gets up, she's real small but with this little waist and a real hot bouncy lookin' ass, she's got that little crease at the bottom that girls get that I damn well love.

Lying on her back she beckons me over with those cheap lookin' red nails of hers. Pulling me down onto my knee's I'm straddling her face and that tongue a' hers is flicking by balls as I knead those tits a' hers. Moving my body I angle my cock towards her mouth and watch as it sinks into those red lips - she keeps her eyes open to see my crotch fuck her face. Licking my lips I'm about to drop down into her pussy when Louis gets down between her legs and starts licking her out, he laps a few times round her small triangle then pushing her legs apart sinks his tongue into her. I feel her body buck and the suction on my shaft increase.

Louis's huge firm ass is waiving in the air as he eats his wife out - the guys big all right but I'm more defined - I catch a glimpse of the trail of hair down his back that disappears into his crack when suddenly he lifts his face from Alicia's cunt and I got that smooth ass grin of his lookin' right at me. I can smell her pussy on his lips and his fine haired mustache is covered and glistening with her juices. Without a thought I slap my tongue onto his face and start to lick wildly around his mouth, the taste of pussy and the rasp of his mustache all hits me at once and I push my tongue into his fast opening mouth as his wife spits out my cock and starts slurping my balls. Loise sucks me between his lips - the taste of beer, dope and a goddamn man freaks me again but I let him draw me in more.

"Oh jesus!!" I ripped my tongue from his mouth. "She's lickin' my ass hole man!"

And she was - Alicia's tongue slid from my balls and then with wild scratches wrenched my cheeks apart and planted her lips fair square on my ring. Digging her nails into my hard ass she began to eat me out. Pushing down onto her nipples they felt like dry hard rocks under my palms as I writhed my ass on her face. Muffled coo's came outta my crotch as the sweet ho' did me like no one ever had.

Louis stood and started to hammer at his dark cock "she gettin' you loose down there?" Moving my hips her nose dug into my crack, "oh fuck man" she pushes my body up and I feel her nails rip into my skin. She's fingerin' me!! The bitch has got a finger maybe two up my chute and I dunno what she's doin' but she's got something!!

"Spit on it." Louis's holds his cock inches from my face and I let go all the spit I got. Huckin' and spittin' it starts to shine. Louis dribbles and hucks onto it time and again, slathering it with his wet palm his cock soon looks lubed and ready.

Lookin' up into his eyes all I gotta say is "fuck me man."

"He's ready baby." Louis says loudly and Alicia scoots out from between my legs. She's the hottest damn bitch I ever had - that hairy little pussy a' hers is waitin' for it. With more strength than I thought I pushed her back against the wall, opening her mouth she looks glass eyed at me and clamps onto my tongue. Scrambling my hands between her legs I start to finger her out. Wet pussy hair scratches my skin as I dig deep and hard into her. "Fuck me honey." she gasps all real horny and wham I got my cock right up that cunt a' hers. I start humpin' and slammin her to the wall.

Then a feel it. Louis's thick finger pushing hard onto the spit his wife left on my hole he starts to sink them into my guts. "Oh yeah." I grunt into Alicia's ear and I can feel him pullin' my ring apart, then that burning Latino shaft rams up my guts in one move. "Fuck!!" is all I can yell as the pain and pleasure rips through me. My ass lips torn wide open I take that piece a' cock real deep. Louis's heavy body covers mine, his body hair scratching into my back as he sucks my ears into his mouth.

I'm liftin' off the ground!! I feel his giant freakin' hands in my arm pits and my feet leave the carpet. The guys cock is so far up my ass as the whole weight of my body impales me on his shaft. And Alicia's screamin' like a mad bitch as my cock gouges into that cunt and starts rising her from the floor, cunt juice streams down my legs as I split that bitch open!! The smell of her body, her perfume, Louis sweat and my ass fills the air in warm waves of lust as we get hammered into that wall.

"Baby, baby." An Alicia's head fly's back hard against the wall, cum drips from her pussy onto my feet and creams up my pubes and I'm gonna blow....My ass feels hot, real hot...he's blown in me, the squelching of my wet ass clicks and splats in the air...with lips clamped onto Alicia's face I blow deep up her, humping and humping into her I let go a load that sends torrents of fuckin' juices pourin' down our legs.

Heaving and sweating and grinding into each other we start to subside. My feet hit the floor and Alicia's does the same. I pull my cock from her cunt and I feel Louis's cock slide from my still stingin' ass hole. We're screwed - well and truly - exhausted we lie on the floor - our arms flopped across each others bodies.

written by jhimuswrite


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