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Black Mistress Arrival

Our hands are to our sides as her car pulls in. She is gorgeous I noticed as she cracks the door open and stares at own white worthless bodies. Turn around and bend over white boy, she yells at me as she gets out and stands before us. I turn around immediately and bend over to present my worthless ass to the mistress. Get my bags white boy, she commands, throwing the key in the grass nearby.
3.8 domination

Gay Strap-On Sex in the Motel

I met up with a couple running as a team. They were going to the same drop point as me. It was on a Saturday afternoon when we got unloaded. We called our dispatchers, and they told us it would be Monday before they could get us a load. They asked if I was going to get a room. I said I couldn't afford it right then. I would stay at the truck stop. I accepted. At first he said nothing.
3.8 friendship

Ben And Daves Hot Cream Bisexual College Adventure

This guy stood about 5'9" (a few inches shorter than me), weighed about 135 pounds and had olive colored skin and black hair. Everyone I hung out with thought Ben was just another alternative American type. He wore his hair in a skaters style. One night Ben and I were tired from partying all the time so we decided to just chill in his dorm room. As we sat around we began to talk about sex.
3.8 college

Fucking Jan's Pussy Full of Cum

I decided to take in an Adult theater that was nearby to kill time on a lonely eve. I met a couple there that were enjoying the movie while several guys were playing with Jan while Bill watched. They decided to move the party home so they could do some serious fucking. The end result was that 3 of us followed them to their place. John, Marty and myself.
3.7 encounters

Another Field of Cock Play

Rain was streaming down and lightning periodically illuminated the rolling hills outside the club. It wasn't the only thing in Kyle's vision. Reflected in the glass, he could see groups of women in tight circles, animated in heavy conversation. As for the men, well, they were all interested in one thing: Mrs. Martinson was teetering on the tabletop, performing a mock striptease.
3.7 friendship

A Good Evening of Bisexual Fun

At long last Gene had agreed. "Joan," I called to my wife, writing at her Macintosh in the other room. "Gene will be here in an hour. I assume you will be ready?" She answered. "I'm ready now. My nipples are hard just thinking about it. You finish your writing. I'll straighten things up. Then, on into the bedroom. Opening the nightstand drawer, I checked the equipment.
3.7 friendship

Thoughts on Sex

I am not just talking about sexual relationships my reader I am talking about friendships as well. You may be thinking ok, how is she thinking up all this stuff? Well it came to me one night as I stood on the dance floor in my favorite club that we are all either lust driven, emotionally driven or trying to fill the void of our childhood left in us.
3.7 friendship

Masturbation Club

Decided to call up an ad looking for lovers of masturbation. A pleasant voice answered and asked me several questions - my age (20), my height and weight (5'11", 160 lb), how hairy I am, my interest in masturbation (I love it, and I jerk off several times a day) and the size of my cock (6 inches, cut). I decide to go to the first meeting.
3.7 encounters

First Time Bi Sex College

I had been dating Pam for some months and we enjoyed many nights fucking each other, On this particular night we decided to go to her dorm room. When we entered her dorm room, both of us noticed her roommate, Karen, sleeping. Making matters worse was that she was topless and her blanket was not covering her body completely, exposing one breast.
3.7 college

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Sleeping late into the morning was nothing new for him. What was new was not hearing his parents pounding on the door, telling him to get up. They had left last night for a four-week summer vacation in Europe, leaving their son on his own to take care of the house. Andy yawned and scratched his balls, at the same time brushing a hand over an impressive morning hardon.
3.7 college

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