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Joseph Gets Aroused By Armando's Huge Cock

Joseph sat up from the bed and looked over towards his wife, she was still sound a sleep. Joseph started wondering why he was feeling the way he felt. Joseph could not even imagine that a straight man like him could think about having feelings for another man. Joseph was well-educated teacher with a wife and two kids.
3.5 college

True To Life II

A soft hand reached out from beneath the silk blue sheet, turning the alarm clock on the night table so that she could see it. A pair of sleepy emerald eyes tried to focus on the LED display as they formed 10:47. "Well there goes most of the morning." the thirty-four year old thought as she retreated back under the sheets.
3.5 college

More Than I Bargained For

He wedged it in there a little bit, letting the tip of his nose wiggle against her pussy lips and gently rub her clit. She giggled a little bit, adorably. Luke took a little sniff of her pussy, letting the sexy fishy aroma float around his nostrils. She's Cindy, the milfish neighbor housewife of mine. I'm Luke, 22, recent college graduate.
3.5 friendship


Again I heard her say "Have you ever?". Finally, I awoke enough to realize Monica was talking to me. My face and beard were damp. Not damp but soaked with saliva, cum and the lovely juice from her pubic hair and pussy. I had dozed off after feasting on her cunt. We had fucked and, as she had not come, I finished her orally. I loved it. Swirling the flesh between my lips.
3.5 friendship

My Wife, My Friend and Me

One night we were in the living room in front of the fireplace in our robes and K. got down and started sucking my cock. My friend B. had been in his room but came into the living room to see us for a min. I started to push her away but she said, no let him see us! He was startled and embarrassed to have interrupted what we were doing and started to leave when I asked him to stay and join us.
3.5 friendship

Hors D'oevurs.

We'd met for a drink and had got on well. Hell you were nicer than I had expected and you had such a smile. But it was the legs I noticed. Long, nicely shaped and framed with a short skirt. When you crossed your legs I could here the nylon rustle and that very sound made my man hood stir. You had left, giving me your home number and address. If nothing else to see that smile and those legs.
3.5 encounters

Kristen's Cum Party

I think that most men and women look for that sexual soul mate that they just click with. Someone who loves sex in any and every fashion. Someone to whom the word "kink" means simply anything that they can think up that might be fun where sex is concerned. Kristen's my girl. I should tell you that she's only twenty (to my twenty nine).
3.4 encounters

Three for Fun

It started with me telling her I wanted, of course what all guys want, a threesome with another woman. Then she told me that she would like to have a threesome with another guy. The only thing was who should the other guy be? At the time we had a friend of mine named Chuck living with us. Chuck was a very attractive young man in his early twenties. We said our good-byes and left town.
3.4 friendship

Meeting Them Together

And how him and I got together. Well we talked for a couple weeks trying to get something going. Well on a Monday afternoon in Worcester Mass. We starting sending each other emails about how much we liked sucking each other off and that we want to try it again. After 7 or 8 emails about what we want to do to each other. Mike sent an email telling me to give him a call. Mike laughs yes I am.
3.4 encounters

Mistress Fame

and as it seems to me warm and loving. She of course knowing my past, how I was born into sexual slavery, and have been in that position since, even now a hi priced call girl I am still owned by my master who does as he pleases with my body, giving me to whoever he pleases.
3.4 domination

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