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Fuck Of The Century

It took me a few weeks after losing Heather, but finally I went out bar hopping. I am in a straight and gay/lesbian club, dressed for seduction, and feeling almost foolishly brazen, sitting at the bar, sensuously smoking a cigarette, lightly sipping a scotch, it takes only a few minutes for a woman to approach me. I'm Uvonda.
3.2 encounters

Fucking Jan's Pussy Full of Cum

I decided to take in an Adult theater that was nearby to kill time on a lonely eve. I met a couple there that were enjoying the movie while several guys were playing with Jan while Bill watched. They decided to move the party home so they could do some serious fucking. The end result was that 3 of us followed them to their place. John, Marty and myself.
3.7 encounters

Gang Fucked as Punishment for Fucking Virgin Girl

I met this really nice Italian girl. One thing lead to another and suddenly we found ourselves having sex. I realize she is a virgin. When her mob family finds out, they decide to punish me.
3.6 domination

Gay Strap-On Sex in the Motel

I met up with a couple running as a team. They were going to the same drop point as me. It was on a Saturday afternoon when we got unloaded. We called our dispatchers, and they told us it would be Monday before they could get us a load. They asked if I was going to get a room. I said I couldn't afford it right then. I would stay at the truck stop. I accepted. At first he said nothing.
3.8 friendship

Getting Adam to fuck my wife

My wife agrees to do my bidding for a night and I use the opportunity to get a friend in on some three way action. There is something that turns me on about having my wife fucked by another man, amazing!

Ghost of a Slut Takes Over Body of a Lesbian

The Irish pub near my home even have some who burst out in old Irish folk songs now and then, but only during the week early before much of a crowd gets there. It was one of those week nights, that I first saw her, a blazing red head, too far away to see the color of her eyes, but I knew they were an emerald green. Our eyes had met, and hers seemed to hold mine like I was hypnotized.

Girlfriend Finally Allows Me to Suck Cock

This was the day. My girlfriend suddenly tells me that tonight we are going to do something you have been wanting for some time. She is goign to allow me to suck cock. I have secretly been wanting to, but never thought that it would be possible. I told her once during sex that this was my fantasy. She decided to make my dreams come true.
3.2 domination

Giving Commmands to Couple over the Phone

My name is Rickie a 25 yo male from a city called Mumbai in India. I'm a nice looking 5'10 guy with a fairly average built and a whitish complexion and a member little more than 8 inches and yes I'm a bi. I have spoken to some over the phone with some stimulating sessions of which I'm fond of with both guys and girls.
4 encounters

Great Bisexual Trip

I live with my girlfriend (who has no idea) but I can't get enough of taletopia and watching gay porn on the net. I have had a couple of experiences years back with a couple of guys that I met on AOL, see my other story "Salsa Dancing". Like I said it's been a couple of years since I have had sex of any kind with another man. But I have fantasized about it.
3.7 friendship

Gym Slave

A few guys thought I was gay, a few thought I was bi, but only a select few knew the truth about me. Steve had joined the gym a few weeks back and quickly adjusted his schedule to match mine. Now, I am nothing great, but I am proud of my fairly defined and hard body, but I know that most of the guys that cruised me were looking at my nice butt and my full basket. One night I had arrived late.
3.6 domination

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