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Party Game

At the end of a party three girls and two guys ask me to a play a game with them, where you pick a card and either do what's on it or you have to take off a piece of clothing. Game ends when all cards are used or someone is naked.

Patio Fun

I met up with her and her new boyfriend at a local bar. I told her she was beautiful and we hugged. She introduced me to her new boyfriend, Bo. He smiled and winked at me. They invited me to a party at their house next Saturday. Paige told me to come early so we could catch up. On Saturday me and Paige first put on our bikinis and swam and sunbathed through the afternoon.
3.6 friendship

Paying the Speeding Ticket the Bisexual Way

So it didn't surprise me when I got home to find a police car parked in my driveway. When I entered the house the officer and my wife were sitting in the family room. The officer stood up and produced a pair of hand cuffs. Once my hands were cuffed he proceeded to tell me of my offenses. My wife begged him to reconsider arresting me. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before? I replied "no".
3.5 domination

Playing Poker with two Female Colleges

This was my first time representing the company and was sent to Holland. I was surprised to see that I would be sharing the house with two very sexy women. One night they asked if I would like to play cards with them, "Not for money," she said, "Just for fun."

Pledge Night With Bi Sex And Being Fucked In The Ass

I was even pledging to a Fraternity. It was kind of stupid, but I was told there were more opportunities for sex. Little did I know how true that would be. My roommate Drew and I were ordered to go to one of the sororities and steal their flag. We felt like goddamn Mission Impossible.
3 college

Porn and Cock: What a Combo

Some one told me about this swinger web site where you can really meet honest to goodness couples. Well I sent out a few replies to some of the ads. I got one reply back from this couple, saying we aren't really looking for a friend we want to be able to find a man that we can have fun with every once in a while I don't think we will be a match sorry. He then asked for a picture.
3.3 encounters

Prisoner Playtime

Deputy Dell finds out that there are advantages to being on prison duty over christmas, seeing as the only prisoner is a hot looking dame with a great body. Perhaps the Sheriff's hot wife can join as well?

Rachel Learns too Much

I check the clock as I answer, its 11:00. When I put the speaker to my ear, I hear Jesse's voice. She tells me to come to her house; she has something for me but that I have to wear a real cute thong. I do as I'm told and am at her door within minutes. I enter and she leads me down stairs. On the couch sits a boy I don't know. She introduces him as Ryan. She tells us to get comfy.
3.4 domination

Rag Time Businessman

My name is Jack Anderson, I'm bi, single, 52, and work for a major corporate outfit in lower Manhattan. I've been just about where I started on the job for the past 30 years, but, hell, with perks like mine, I ain't complaining! I work under two superiors, one male, and one female.
3.8 domination

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Sleeping late into the morning was nothing new for him. What was new was not hearing his parents pounding on the door, telling him to get up. They had left last night for a four-week summer vacation in Europe, leaving their son on his own to take care of the house. Andy yawned and scratched his balls, at the same time brushing a hand over an impressive morning hardon.
3.7 college

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