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My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I felt that an integral part of college would be joining a frat. I spoke to tons of guys and even some sorority girls who told me the frat I should consider joining. The consensus was that I should rush a frat with some close friends. My roommate Matt and I walked up to the red and white table of the frat we wanted to join and behind the table sat a guy who captivated my attention.
3.6 college

My Huge Dong Has The Longest Bisexual Athletics Foreskin

I am a big dude, 6'4" and 220, big-boned, thickly muscled, and a high school football and wrestling stud. My dick is huge, 8+ inches, and that might not be awesome, but it's so fuckin thick, I can't get my hand around it. But on top of the 8, and on top of the phatness, is I'm uncut. My foreskin is also longer than other guys' dicks.

My Jeff Hardy Encounter

I was shaking like crazy. Imagine me. getting to meet (and eventually fuck) the person I've been dreaming about since as far back as i can remember. There was a honk outside. Time to go get fucked by Jeff Hardy!
3.5 celebrity

My Slutty Girlfriend & Aunt

When I left my aunt Audreys I was an older 18 yearold than when I arrived. She taught me things in a weekend, that would have taken years to learn with someone my own age.

My Swinging Wife In The Adult Theater

We went in & sat in the next to the back row well away from the isle. Once settled in she began to notice the men playing with their cocks nearby & she got turned on. I took out my cock for her to stroke, undid her blouse (no bra!) exposing both of her breasts as I cupped them & played with her nipples. A nice looking man sat down a few seats over, was watching us & stroking his nice large cock.
3 encounters

My Wife with three Frat Brothers

My wife gets lost on her way to some outdoor action with me. She ends up at a frat house and her mood, attire and needs result in her seduction by 3 well-hung 20 something frat brothers.

My Wife's Affair

She was still my loving wife, but our lovemaking had diminished to only once per week. She was still insatiable during sex, but only then. My first thoughts were that she was just tired from working so many hours and trying to keep up the house and the kids. Then our lovemaking started being more adventurous. I started suspecting she had an affair.
3 friendship

My Wife's Secret Life

In my job I travel a lot. Sometimes I am informed of my journey in the morning and leave the same day. The same applies when I finish the project, I could be on a plane back home within a few hours of the job completion and never know for sure when I will be opening my own house door. This is the story what my wife did when I was gone.
3.7 friendship

My Wife, My Friend and Me

One night we were in the living room in front of the fireplace in our robes and K. got down and started sucking my cock. My friend B. had been in his room but came into the living room to see us for a min. I started to push her away but she said, no let him see us! He was startled and embarrassed to have interrupted what we were doing and started to leave when I asked him to stay and join us.
3.5 friendship

Naked In Hall With Bondage And College/Frat Humiliation

They were both great guys, and we loved to kid around. Plus, we were freshmen, so we did a lot of stupid things. One Saturday afternoon Scott and I were sitting in the hall outside our room, talking with some girls who lived upstairs. Our room was really small, so we sat in the hallway quite a bit to talk with other people. There was no bathroom either, so we shared one for the whole floor.
3.1 college

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