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Mike, Tiffany And Me

I'm 23 now, and am straight, but have had quite a few "questionable" experiences with Mike, my best friend since elementary school. Since those experiences, I've found that I really enjoy hearing others', especially from guys that lead heterosexual lives. This is one of my best sexual encounters ever -- hope it gets you off. I'd wanted her from the first time I saw her -- and so had Mike.
2.8 friendship

Mistress Fame

and as it seems to me warm and loving. She of course knowing my past, how I was born into sexual slavery, and have been in that position since, even now a hi priced call girl I am still owned by my master who does as he pleases with my body, giving me to whoever he pleases.
3.4 domination

More Than I Bargained For

He wedged it in there a little bit, letting the tip of his nose wiggle against her pussy lips and gently rub her clit. She giggled a little bit, adorably. Luke took a little sniff of her pussy, letting the sexy fishy aroma float around his nostrils. She's Cindy, the milfish neighbor housewife of mine. I'm Luke, 22, recent college graduate.
3.5 friendship

Motel Threesome Meeting

I have had many opportunities to see porn mags and flicks and have found that the idea of having sex with three or even more people really turns me on. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and voyeur as well. I decided to use the benefits of the internet and local chat rooms to see if I could meet like-minded people.
4 encounters

Ms Cheater tries a Threesome

After placing an ad in the online personals saying that I am travelling to Nashville on business, I get two guys interested in a threesome. They are white business people in town and I decide to meet up with them.

My Boyfriend's Favourite Fantasy

I have been ordered not to speak and to obey their orders. They tell me to stand in front of them and to strip. When I am completely naked they order me to close my eyes and stand with my hands by my side. When they have examined me, they order me to play with myself until I am erect. Once I am stiff I am told to stop and put my hands by my sides. I am then allowed to open my eyes.
3 domination

My Boyfriend's First Cock - I Saw The Whole Thing

Not only did I get to watch my boyfriends' first ever bi experience, but I got it started. He's talked to me about his recurring fantasy of making it with another man. And it was he who brought the dildo into our sex life, begging me to strap it on so he could lick it, then bend over for me and have me ram his ass.
3.1 friendship

My Daughter's Boyfriend

My daughter Maddie was now 18 and took delight in telling me she was an adult and could do as she wished. I did not really object as she stayed with me, by choice, at weekends and lived with her mother during the week. An arrangement that had been going on since Maddie was small. When I complained her boyfriend walking around the house naked, she called me a prude. Worst thing was that I started fantasizing about his cock.
3.2 friendship

My First Bi Experience Discovering Advantage of Gay Blowjobs Through Glory Holes

My roommates and I, in a stoned frame of mind, ecided to visit an adult bookstore. While they were examining the magazine racks, I wandered away to the back of the store where the quarter movies were playing. I went into one of the little booths, stuck a quarter in the slot and sat down.
2.4 college

My First Time with Bisex During Trip To France

This beautiful woman came walking down the street. She was about 5'4" with dark brown hair and dark complexion. She was well endowed with big firm tits and a figure that accented them well. She started talking to me. This was the start of an amazing bisexual experience. I was an 18 year old navy soldier in France.
3.7 encounters

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