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Mannys Summer School

As I found myself in the last, humid days of August, anticipating my return to college, I felt rested, but bored. I had spent the summer as a bartender in a quiet little restaurant in fair-sized Southern city, saving as much as I could for the coming school year. At least I hoped she did.
3.1 college

Married Swingers

While we never have had sex with anybody but each other since we got married, we'd often fantasized about it. If the opportunity presented itself, and it felt right, I was sure that we wouldn't turn it down. We meet Allison and Tom at a cocktail party and as we meet them on their own Allison suddenly jumps me. The opportunity has presented itself.

Master and Slave Reunion

I called my master and told him I had a present for him, he told me to come right over. I smiled at the boy who knelt, naked, at my feet and resisted my every desire to take him right there and then. I couldn't believe my luck when I ran into him at the coffee shop earlier that day. This was the one for whom Master and I had been searching for so many years.
3.4 domination

Masturbating To Sound Of Ken Jacking Off

You used to turn up the radio (like that wasn't at all obvious) but I could still hear your bed squeaking as you pounded your uncut cock. Yes, I know that you're uncut because one day I spied on you taking a piss through the keyhole in our bathroom door.
3.3 college

Masturbation Club

Decided to call up an ad looking for lovers of masturbation. A pleasant voice answered and asked me several questions - my age (20), my height and weight (5'11", 160 lb), how hairy I am, my interest in masturbation (I love it, and I jerk off several times a day) and the size of my cock (6 inches, cut). I decide to go to the first meeting.
3.7 encounters

Me And Jenny McLay

A week before, I promised him to spend a whole weekend with him, for two days of lust and good things. Bad luck! My parents phoned and told me they will visit me during these two days! I have to tell that I am a student, far away from home.
3.5 friendship

Meeting A Fan

Her name was Kimberly and my "Playing With Friends" stories really excited her. When she found out that we lived in the same state, and only an hour from each other, she decided that we had to get together. She had fantasized for years about being with two bisexual guys and she had formulated a plan that involved me. We met at a small bar to discuss things.
3 domination

Meeting Dave Again and His Wife

From when I met Dave in college I was attracted to him and as we bump into each other after five years, he invites me over to meet his wife.

Meeting Makya

The condo I was living in was in the middle of a couple of miles of ocean shore so was a wonderful place for an evening jog. I was just about to my turning around point when out of the brush at high water point came a voice, "Hey Brudda, want a beer?"
3.6 interracial

Meeting Them Together

And how him and I got together. Well we talked for a couple weeks trying to get something going. Well on a Monday afternoon in Worcester Mass. We starting sending each other emails about how much we liked sucking each other off and that we want to try it again. After 7 or 8 emails about what we want to do to each other. Mike sent an email telling me to give him a call. Mike laughs yes I am.
3.4 encounters

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