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Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Wanna join us?" Don asked me over the phone. "It's friday night, why not? I'm down Don. " I replied. I had been working so hard the past week studying for tests and my part time job was turning into a full time position I needed some release. "Don, what time are you gonna head out?" "I'm gonna pick Jade up at 11 and then I'll stop by your apartment. O. K. ?" "Alright Don. See ya then.
3.8 college

Kristen's Cum Party

I think that most men and women look for that sexual soul mate that they just click with. Someone who loves sex in any and every fashion. Someone to whom the word "kink" means simply anything that they can think up that might be fun where sex is concerned. Kristen's my girl. I should tell you that she's only twenty (to my twenty nine).
3.4 encounters

Late Watch in the Navy

We got a division officer who was female. She was a real hard ass. Her name was Lieutenant Cary. She was this thin, but built sexy black woman. About the second week in Tunisia my division got a couple of fresh boot-camps on board. Nothing special except this one stud named Alec Smith. I don't normally check out the men but this guy was hot.

Lisa And Jack Meet

The bartender was busy getting drinks for the girls that were already buzzed and dressed slutty, so she sat down on the stool to wait. She looked around at the dull lights high up in the rafters with the strobe lights a little lower so that light blinked but you could still see what the hell was going on. As Lisa looked at the girl she couldn't help but compare herself to the blonde.
3.7 encounters

Lita, Matt And A Little Bit More

She made her way back to her dressing room as she was about to start getting her clothes off Matt walked in to congratulate her. She gave him a kiss and a cuddle and then started making out with him and really getting into it she couldn't control herself her hands were going all over Matt's body. Trish was more then happy to help. Matt looking over to see his girlfriend.
2.9 celebrity

Little Big Brother

I have a sister who is 19 and a brother Steve, 18 years old. My girlfriend Sandra and I was in Australia for two years and when I was back to Europe they were waiting me on the airport. First I saw my sister, and one tall man was with her. I thought he is her new boyfriend but when i came closer I noticed that he is actually my younger brother. "You grew up bro", I said while I looked at him.
4 domination

Locked into the Gym with Natalie

After a long hard workout I hit the showers and after a while I start suspecting that I have been locked into the gym. It seems Natalie locked him in on purpose...

Locker Room Watcher

I'm not like a flasher, or anything entirely dirty, but i love to be naked and looked at. It makes it even better that I'm bisexual, because I can get as much enjoyment out of being stared at by men as I can by women. So my main hangout is a locker room at my local gym/pool. But only a few times have I ever actually encountered any resulting sexual activity. They all left to get dressed.

Love To Suck Cock

When I was a young boy I never went through that stage where you hate girls. When it comes to love only a woman will do but sex is another thing. I'm a pervert, I like kinky sex with both men and women. A group is even better. It's always fun to be watched doing nasty things and cheered on. There is not much I have not tried and I liked most of it. One thing in particular. I love to suck cock.
2.7 encounters

Maid's Bisexual Sex Slave Tale In Dubai

This is the story of how I became a sex slave in Dubai. Like a lot of Arab oil countries they import a lot of labor from other countries. In my case I am an Indian that has been hired as a maid for an Arab family. Several years ago I left behind a husband and two children. Maids can not bring their families to Dubai. My income adds to the support of a large extended family back home in Kerala.
4.1 domination

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