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Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Wanna join us?" Don asked me over the phone. "It's friday night, why not? I'm down Don. " I replied. I had been working so hard the past week studying for tests and my part time job was turning into a full time position I needed some release. "Don, what time are you gonna head out?" "I'm gonna pick Jade up at 11 and then I'll stop by your apartment. O. K. ?" "Alright Don. See ya then.
3.8 college

My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I felt that an integral part of college would be joining a frat. I spoke to tons of guys and even some sorority girls who told me the frat I should consider joining. The consensus was that I should rush a frat with some close friends. My roommate Matt and I walked up to the red and white table of the frat we wanted to join and behind the table sat a guy who captivated my attention.
3.6 college

Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

There are many distractions when you live in the dorms such as loud music, partying, roomates and so on but the biggest problem I have is having to listen to my neighbor fuck his girlfriend. I am happy that Jon gets to bang his hot eighteen year old babe but I just don't want to listen to it while I try to study macro economics. Jesus, all I hear is a steady banging sound against my wall.
3.6 college

Ben And Daves Hot Cream Bisexual College Adventure

This guy stood about 5'9" (a few inches shorter than me), weighed about 135 pounds and had olive colored skin and black hair. Everyone I hung out with thought Ben was just another alternative American type. He wore his hair in a skaters style. One night Ben and I were tired from partying all the time so we decided to just chill in his dorm room. As we sat around we began to talk about sex.
3.8 college

My First Bi Experience Discovering Advantage of Gay Blowjobs Through Glory Holes

My roommates and I, in a stoned frame of mind, ecided to visit an adult bookstore. While they were examining the magazine racks, I wandered away to the back of the store where the quarter movies were playing. I went into one of the little booths, stuck a quarter in the slot and sat down.
2.4 college

First Bi Experience Getting Fucked

Being neither shy or easily offended, I would often take out my cock and stroke it even if other guys could see me. I often noticed guys going through a curtain, but did not know what was happening there. Eventually I decided to go back and found stairs leading up to the balcony.
3 encounters

Cousin Jennifer Visits For First Lesbian Experience And Group Sex

She was going to be attending the same school in the fall and wanted to see it. She stayed in a spare room at my sorority house. I catch her playing with her cunt and help her out. Then we meet up with some boys to have even more fun. Need to give her a good tour of campus after all!
2.8 college

Another Field of Cock Play

Rain was streaming down and lightning periodically illuminated the rolling hills outside the club. It wasn't the only thing in Kyle's vision. Reflected in the glass, he could see groups of women in tight circles, animated in heavy conversation. As for the men, well, they were all interested in one thing: Mrs. Martinson was teetering on the tabletop, performing a mock striptease.
3.7 friendship

Top Or Bottom Bunk Leads To Sucking Cock And Ass Fuck

I was still getting reacquainted with my room and unpacking my clothes, when my girlfriend, Stephanie, called and asked if she could come to visit. "I said yes, although I was enjoying being away from home and watching the new freshmen on my floor stride by my room on their way to the showers.
2.6 college

Human Dairy Farm Milking Cum From Frat Pledges' Cocks

The brothers at Phi Sigma Delta were well known on campus for their kinky, sexually oriented initiation rites. Since I am always horny and enjoy kinky sex, I knew Phi Sigma Delta was the fraternity for me. The university I attended had a working dairy farm on campus as part of the agriculture school.
2.7 college

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