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Little Big Brother

I have a sister who is 19 and a brother Steve, 18 years old. My girlfriend Sandra and I was in Australia for two years and when I was back to Europe they were waiting me on the airport. First I saw my sister, and one tall man was with her. I thought he is her new boyfriend but when i came closer I noticed that he is actually my younger brother. "You grew up bro", I said while I looked at him.
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Rag Time Businessman

My name is Jack Anderson, I'm bi, single, 52, and work for a major corporate outfit in lower Manhattan. I've been just about where I started on the job for the past 30 years, but, hell, with perks like mine, I ain't complaining! I work under two superiors, one male, and one female.
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Finding Out You Are Attracted to Men too is a Great Realization

Is it when you start liking to give another man head? Is it when you start swallowing cum? Is it when you will do ANYTHING to have something to do with another man? I'll tell you all about how I came to the realization that I officially like men. It started when i was 11 years old. My older brother had a friend staying the night. I got out of bed because I heard noises. I quietly peered inside.
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Introduced To BiSexual Action

My coworker was 23, his girlfriend was 22, and I was 31. I outright told him one day I would like to know if he ever decided he wanted rid of her cause I wanted rights of first refusal. He smiled and told me the sun would go out before he let her go. I certainly under- stood why. Marla was about 5'10" and 130#'s. She had this really dark black thick hair down to her mid back. She was a 36c.
3.1 friendship

Threesome in London

My favorite hotel was in downtown London and close to everything and had a nice little bar in the basement. One evening I saw a rather attractive, tall, slim lady sitting alone but smiling at me. I went over and asked her to join me, and she did. We talked a bit, her name was Rene, mine Hal, discussed about what we did and liked to do.
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Fuck Of The Century

It took me a few weeks after losing Heather, but finally I went out bar hopping. I am in a straight and gay/lesbian club, dressed for seduction, and feeling almost foolishly brazen, sitting at the bar, sensuously smoking a cigarette, lightly sipping a scotch, it takes only a few minutes for a woman to approach me. I'm Uvonda.
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Fucking Jan's Pussy Full of Cum

I decided to take in an Adult theater that was nearby to kill time on a lonely eve. I met a couple there that were enjoying the movie while several guys were playing with Jan while Bill watched. They decided to move the party home so they could do some serious fucking. The end result was that 3 of us followed them to their place. John, Marty and myself.
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Four Sum

I was driving around with two of my best friends, Chris and Josh. Josh and Chris are great, both people that would do anything for a friend. I was about to find out how true that is. Josh is about 6'1", about 160 pounds. I'm 5'4", about 125 pounds; shoulder length dark blond, hazel eyes that most guys love. Chris is 6'2" about 155 pounds, light brown hair, hazel eyes and really skinny.
3.3 friendship

Bi Story: From Gay To Question Mark

Just ask Stephanie, his roommate and fag hag. She hated that word and he made sure it was never spoken in her presence. With her close-cropped strawberry blonde hair, curvaceous figure, and pleasant face, she wasn't a hag. But she was the prototypical woman who seemed to spend a bit too much time with gay men.
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Meeting Makya

The condo I was living in was in the middle of a couple of miles of ocean shore so was a wonderful place for an evening jog. I was just about to my turning around point when out of the brush at high water point came a voice, "Hey Brudda, want a beer?"
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