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South of the Border

It was a great chance to get away from the kids and husband and see Mexico for the first time. The only trouble they were lost on an old back road with no one or nothing in site; but desert. When the tire blew out and they checked the spare, they knew they were in trouble. It was such a relief after 2 hours in the hot sun to see an old truck coming down the road. It stopped by their car.
3.1 domination

My Boyfriend's Favourite Fantasy

I have been ordered not to speak and to obey their orders. They tell me to stand in front of them and to strip. When I am completely naked they order me to close my eyes and stand with my hands by my side. When they have examined me, they order me to play with myself until I am erect. Once I am stiff I am told to stop and put my hands by my sides. I am then allowed to open my eyes.
3 domination

My Jeff Hardy Encounter

I was shaking like crazy. Imagine me. getting to meet (and eventually fuck) the person I've been dreaming about since as far back as i can remember. There was a honk outside. Time to go get fucked by Jeff Hardy!
3.5 celebrity

Masturbation Club

Decided to call up an ad looking for lovers of masturbation. A pleasant voice answered and asked me several questions - my age (20), my height and weight (5'11", 160 lb), how hairy I am, my interest in masturbation (I love it, and I jerk off several times a day) and the size of my cock (6 inches, cut). I decide to go to the first meeting.
3.7 encounters

Paying the Speeding Ticket the Bisexual Way

So it didn't surprise me when I got home to find a police car parked in my driveway. When I entered the house the officer and my wife were sitting in the family room. The officer stood up and produced a pair of hand cuffs. Once my hands were cuffed he proceeded to tell me of my offenses. My wife begged him to reconsider arresting me. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before? I replied "no".
3.5 domination

Mistress Fame

and as it seems to me warm and loving. She of course knowing my past, how I was born into sexual slavery, and have been in that position since, even now a hi priced call girl I am still owned by my master who does as he pleases with my body, giving me to whoever he pleases.
3.4 domination

A Flight To End All Flights

Me, I am BI so I don't miss anything! I first met David in Des Moines Iowa 1989 at a software seminar. One of those chance encounters of too many scotch's and not enough soda. David was happily 100% gay and told me so. I had to reply with why not have twice as much fun by having both sexes.
3.8 friendship

Wife His Wife and College Buddy

My wife is into girls and I like guys. It's a pretty good marriage that way. We're both in our 20's. I'm 5'10", 155#, brown hair, green eyes, a stache, and I work out so I'm in pretty good shape. My wife's biggest assets are her big tits, but she's a pretty good looker too. One night, we were out drinking with a friend of mine from college. Blonde, blue eyes, good muscles and a big dick.
3.8 friendship

Team Players

He was on one of the best football teams and he was starting on that team in just his third year in the league. And even though his team just barely missed the Superbowl, analysts were already predicting a win in the big game for next year. He also got to play ball with his best friend who happened to be the club's star quarterback, Scott.
3.4 domination

Gay Strap-On Sex in the Motel

I met up with a couple running as a team. They were going to the same drop point as me. It was on a Saturday afternoon when we got unloaded. We called our dispatchers, and they told us it would be Monday before they could get us a load. They asked if I was going to get a room. I said I couldn't afford it right then. I would stay at the truck stop. I accepted. At first he said nothing.
3.8 friendship

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