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Slave for the Night

I had a great job, great friends and a wonderful sexy girlfriend. Her name was Britney Spears and we have been dating for 5 months now and its so good. We have a great sex life and friendship. She was a famous pop singer and I was her number one fan before we met and started to date. It's freaky dating Britney but she is such a caring, sweet girlfriend and she made me so happy.
3.3 celebrity

Walker Creek

I have a number of favorite spots for dry camping in my RV that I have used for a number of years. One of these spots is Walker Creek. When my kids were little we sort of built the place, clearing brush and building fire pits and fixing places we could get to the creek to fish. One Friday the spring weather had me chomping at the bit to head for the mountains. There names were Sue and Mac.
3.3 encounters

Joy Gets Tricked Into Lesbian Dildo Sex

Her husband, David, off to the restroom had not returned. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, Joy was in search of a place to sit and hopefully get a little rest. The dancing had been fun and maybe, just maybe, she had overdone it. Between the dancing and the alcohol she found herself tipsy.
4.1 encounters

Ted's House

As I wait for Ted at his place, I start talking to his wife Carrie about oral sex. Just a few lines back and forth, as we both wait for her husband to get back home. I tell her I would suck her husband's cock ten times if it means I get into her pussy once.
3 friendship

The Confession of a Sex Crazy Bisexual Priest

But, lately, I had really been aching to have my round little butt royally spanked and fucked hard, but things had been pretty slow for me sexually, and I was really getting a bad case of blue balls, despite my numerous whack-off sessions. But, I was horny, and desperate as hell. Well, I tried to be as civil as possible and let it go at that. My kinky mind started hatching a plan.
3 domination

Bisexual Louie & Alicia

At first I thought she was a hooker seeing as she was so damn nice to me but she asked me to share a drink with her and her husband at their table so I guessed she was just kinda friendly. Not that I can only pick up hookers. I'm a short guy, 5'5" exactly but I got a good physique and I've been told alot of times by girls how cute I am.
2.7 encounters


Her cape flared and rose giving me a peek at her panties as she spun and heels clicking danced down the marble steps. She is beauty I thought as she pulled her legs into the Z3, crunched first, barked he tires and roared down Mitchell Street. The "snatch", the "grab", the "tackle", call it what you like, I love to follow. I didn't need to work hard to keep up, just to stay out of sight.
3.8 encounters

Maid's Bisexual Sex Slave Tale In Dubai

This is the story of how I became a sex slave in Dubai. Like a lot of Arab oil countries they import a lot of labor from other countries. In my case I am an Indian that has been hired as a maid for an Arab family. Several years ago I left behind a husband and two children. Maids can not bring their families to Dubai. My income adds to the support of a large extended family back home in Kerala.
4.1 domination

My Boyfriend's First Cock - I Saw The Whole Thing

Not only did I get to watch my boyfriends' first ever bi experience, but I got it started. He's talked to me about his recurring fantasy of making it with another man. And it was he who brought the dildo into our sex life, begging me to strap it on so he could lick it, then bend over for me and have me ram his ass.
3.1 friendship

Love To Suck Cock

When I was a young boy I never went through that stage where you hate girls. When it comes to love only a woman will do but sex is another thing. I'm a pervert, I like kinky sex with both men and women. A group is even better. It's always fun to be watched doing nasty things and cheered on. There is not much I have not tried and I liked most of it. One thing in particular. I love to suck cock.
2.7 encounters

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