A Horny Couple

Dawn and Mitch had heard about a town about an hour away which was renowned for its adult boutiques. One Saturday afternoon, they took a drive up and wandered through the shops, looking at lingerie and various sex toys, laughing and teasing each other with what they would do with all the instruments of pleasure.

"Wow," Mitch said, stopping in one of the stores and looking at a pair of boots. They were shiny and black, thigh-high, with narrow spike heels that looked to be about five inches long. Mitch walked over to them and fingered them, his warm hands leaving smears on the slick surface.

"You like these?" Dawn asked, walking up behind Mitch and sliding her arms around his waist. She slipped her hands down over his zipper, feeling his erection. "Ooh," she laughed. "I guess you do." She pressed her palm against his hard cock, rubbing slightly, listening to him moan. Mitch gripped one of the boot's heels in his hand and squeezed as she stroked his cock. "We'll buy them," she whispered.

They could hardly wait to get home, and then Dawn went into the bedroom, emerging after a few minutes wearing a black bra that showed off her cleavage, a pair of tight black panties, and the boots. Mitch moaned as soon as he saw her. "You look so sexy," he said, walking over to her and caressing her breasts and ass.

"I think you need to fully appreciate them," Dawn said. She led Mitch to the couch and he sat down. She stood in front of him, resting her foot in his lap, the heel pressing against his straining prick. Leaning forward, she ran her hands from the tops of the boots down, letting her fingers trail along the sides of his cock. Mitch was practically drooling with desire.

Dawn slipped off her bra and panties, leaning so Mitch could see her pussy as she slid her panties over the boots and kicked them off. She turned back around and put her other foot in his lap, leaning forward so her breasts fell against her thighs. Mitch had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it as he watched her tease him. With her legs spread wide and her foot resting on his thighs, he could see her cunt pouting at him, gleaming with her wetness. Her clit peeked out from between the fleshy folds of her twat, and he reached out and ran his thumb over it, still pumping his dick.

After she had teased him for a few more minutes, Dawn could see the pre-cum glistening on Mitch's cockhead. She turned around and bent over, clutching the coffee table, her hair falling into her eyes as she looked at him through her knees. "Are you going to fuck me, or just sit there with your dick in your hand?" she asked.

Mitch stood instantly and held Dawn's hips, sliding his stiff prick into her wet cleft easily. He groaned and moved his hands down to her thighs. From this vantage point, he could see all the things that aroused him most - the bud of her anus, the sight of his cock sliding in and out between her pulsing pussy lips, and those sexy black boots. He rubbed his hands along the tops of the boots as they screwed, his cock pressing as deep as possible with each thrust, Dawn grinding back against him.

He could feel his balls bouncing against her clit, and then he felt Dawn's fingers moving to her clit to rub it as they screwed. He picked up the pace, staring at her strong thigh muscles, her creamy skin against the shiny black of the boots.

Dawn was making the little moaning noises that Mitch knew meant she was about to come. He felt her cunt squeezing his shaft and closed his eyes, giving a few more hard thrusts, and then pulled out, letting his cum pour out onto the sexy black boots as Dawn held her hand against her pulsing cunt, moaning. Mitch moved his cock around, spraying Dawn's ass with his thick semen.

When his cock was dry and going limp, Mitch leaned back on the couch and watch the white spunk run in rivers down Dawn's thighs, trickling all the way down to the high heels. "That was the best purchase we ever made," he said. "We'll have to go back soon and see what else they have."

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