The Personal Trainer

Randy is probably the best trainer I have ever seen. He has been coaching me in the gym since his first day at American Fitness Center, almost a year ago. Sometimes I work out early in the mornings, but usually it's after work and Randy always spends extra time with me. His days off are odd and I never can figure out the scheduling at that place.

Randy is twenty-two and as you would expect is in incredible physical condition. He has boyish good looks, but his most outstanding trait is his outgoing personality. Randy is about 6' tall with a head of thick sandy colored hair. I've seen him in the showers a few times after his workouts and his appearance is a little odd because you see this boyish face on a magnificently built naked body.

His cock is always long and thick looking and he has the biggest balls I have ever seen on a guy. His legs are furry and muscular and he has thick hair under his armpits. The way his cock and balls swing around when he walks seems too mature for the way he acts. He's full of foolishness most all the time and is at that stage in life when he strikes you as an over-grown boy in a man's body.

A couple of months ago I caught him in the showers with his girlfriend and I know he would have been fired if I had reported it. I could see his legs spread and his ass clinched in the shower and then I noticed a girl on her knees between his legs backed up in the spray. She was obviously giving him a blow job. I watched the goings-on momentarily expecting to be noticed, but when I realized they were lost in the moment, I dressed and left quietly. When I went out the front door, the lights were out and the door was locked to the outside. It was past closing and Randy must have thought the place was deserted. It was kind of funny at the time, but I remembered having a permanent hard-on that night fanaticizing about what was going on in the showers at the gym.

Today had been brutal at the office. My boss had increased my sales quota again and I had just about had it with his crap. Brady, the PC Tech, had told me that the boss was trying to get me to quit so he could hire his girlfriend's brother. You can imagine what that did for my morale. I thought seriously about sending his wife an anonymous letter about the situation.

I had a late sales appointment, so I went directly to the gym before going home. Randy was working with a body builder type and he hollered at me when I came through the door.

"Hey Bill, 'bout time you showed your lazy ass," he shouted, as he counted reps and hollered at the muscle head to keep pushing.

The free weights clanked loudly as I hit the door to the men's locker room and I glanced in the showers and heard two guys talking over the sound of the spray. I got to my locker and opened it and started getting undressed. The locker room door opened and I knew Randy had entered. You always hear him before you see him.

"Your biceps are awesome Jake," he said while coming through the door, "you need to work on those pitiful calves and your deltoids-I keep tellin'ya that and all's you do is those fucking curls."

The sound of his voice carried everywhere and we all knew what was going on with everybody in the gym because nothing was a secret to Randy. Didn't matter if you were horny or had hemorrhoids, Randy would be talking about it at his usual volume. If you didn't follow his advice you would feel like you had personally disappointed him. He took his work to heart and expected us to do the same. I guess that's why I liked him so much. He cared.

"So Bill, why the hell are you so late tonight?" he said, stopping by my locker.

I was down to my boxers when he got there and I pulled my gym shorts out of the locker and laid them on the bench. "It's been a bad Monday Randy, I started not to even come in," I said, trying to shake the stress of what was happening at the office and at home.

I pushed off my boxers and stood there naked. My cock was extended but not really thick. I glanced over at Randy and his eyes were all over me.

"Yeah well, you pussys all say that when you don't want to put out," he said, smiling as his eyes darted down at my crotch.

I laughed and he nodded his head as he studied me.

"You're looking good there Bill," he paused and looked me in the eyes and winked, "yeah, you're lookin' damn good."

He slapped me hard as hell on the bare ass as he left and it made a loud smack that I know everyone in the locker room heard. I couldn't help but laugh at him as I pulled up my jock, thinking he was so full of shit. When I turned around there was a big red handprint appearing on my ass. Randy was nodding his head and humming some rock tune as he walked to where the other two guys were dressing.

I wondered what was going on with him. Randy interested me in ways that were unnerving. When I was around him I wanted to get to know him better, he was just contagious. My cock was getting thicker in my jock when I thought about him with that girl in the shower. When I pulled up my shorts I could tell my dick was rising and I sure didn't want to be getting a boner right before my workout. I went to the sinks and washed my face with cold water to see if that would help.

I can't really say that I've noticed Randy sizing me up before but I have noticed him getting friendly with me and with other guys in the locker room. It just seems a part of his personality to look everybody over. He seems to want to get inside you, to know you on an intimate level. I never suspected him of being a switch hitter or anything since the episode with the girl in the shower, but if I didn't know better I would have thought he was coming on to me just then. But, looking you over just could be part of his nature and part of his training. That was the problem with Randy, he was hard to read.

I started my workout stretching as usual and I noticed the gym was pretty deserted. I was lying on the floor on my back and Randy came over and grabbed my foot from above. He started flexing my foot stretching out the Achilles tendon.

"Okay, so why are you so stressed tonight?" he said looking me in the eyes as he pushed on my foot.

His strong hands grabbed around my hairy ankle and calf as he pulled down on the toe of my shoe. His eyes seemed to be looking down into the leg of my shorts. My crotch was still bulging from the semi I had started earlier. He slid my socks up to my shoe and started massaging my calf.

"Oh, I don't know Randy," I started, "I'm not too happy with my boss these days and Karen is being her usual self."

He had heard this story before. Karen and I did not have a good relationship and Randy seemed to always ask about how things were between us.

"Hell, I knew it was Karen," he said, shaking his head, "I've never met her and I still think she's a bitch."

"It's not just her this time," I said slowly, "things are kind of sour at the office too. Guess my life is shit right now."

Suddenly I realized why Randy always knew what was going on with everyone. He was like a Beautician, he could suck you into telling him anything.

"Bill," he said, pausing, "you need to take a long look in the mirror man." Randy was talking seriously this time which got my attention.

"It's like that song is what happens while you're making other plans." He seemed deep in thought for a few seconds and then added, "Life's too short to spend it miserable man."

"Yeah, I know you're right", I said blankly. Shirtsleeve philosophy was not what I wanted to hear right now so I changed the subject to lighten things up.

"So what are your plans for this weekend?" I said looking him in the eyes.

He got an impish grin on his face at my question and reached down and adjusted his cock.

"I'm heading to the lake for the weekend, we're going camping up at Lewisville," he said smiling.

I knew this was no ordinary campout.

"So who's going with you?" I asked.

"Mike and David," he said nodding to the rock music on the intercom, "we're going to fish and water ski. David just bought a boat."

I had met Mike at the gym before and Randy talked about David often. David worked in Fort Worth and was probably Randy's best friend. The three of them hung out together a lot and I knew there would be some partying going on at Lewisville this weekend.

I put my other foot up and Randy started rubbing and flexing it. My cock was starting to get stiff as he massaged my calf. It was the way he was rubbing it. It was getting more and more erotic to me. He wasn't rubbing hard, it was more like he was feeling his hand up and down my leg. The hairs on my leg were like sensors and every inch he moved was getting me hotter and hotter. I reached down and tried to adjust my dick. All I managed to do was push my thickening cock out the side of the pouch of my jock. Touching it was the wrong thing to do.

In seconds it started springing into a size 10 hard-on and Randy's eyes were glued to my shorts. It seemed the harder my cock got, the more he moved my leg and I could feel my cock inching its way more and more out of my jock. The jock was old and stretched out and I had to do something to keep my dick from splaying out the leg of my shorts. If he moved it much more the whole damn thing was going to be sticking out in full view. The way he was looking up my leg, I could tell he had a good view at the upper part of my hard cock.

"Okay, let's get going Randy," I said trying to pull my foot down and out of his grasp.

Just then he was paged for a phone call over the P.A. system and he let go. I rolled over on my hands and knees and stood up. I was glad he had to leave. I faced the wall and got my dick pulled around so that it was standing straight up. It was hard as a rock. At least with my tee shirt over it, you couldn't see that I was out of control.

I started on the Nautilus machine for my pecks. I started with a fairly heavy weight and really pushed trying to burn out my erection. By the time Randy got back, it had subsided greatly.

"Sorry about the interruption," he said, "my date cancelled for tonight. It's just my luck, I'm horny as hell."

"So is Shawna working late?" I asked.

"Shawna and I broke up last Saturday," he said as he changed the weight on my machine.

"What happened?" I asked panting, my arms beginning to weaken and shake.

"Push it, COME ON, ONE MORE, PUSH IT, PUSH BILL, PUSH," I strained for the last rep and got it done as I let the contraption settle. Sweat beaded up on my face and Randy handed me the towel.

"She broke it off," he sighed, "said she wanted to see other people." I could hear the disgust in his voice.

"So were you in love with her?" I asked. It seemed like a reasonable question but Randy looked stumped. He was quiet for a long pause as he considered the answer. This was very unusual for Randy who rarely had an unexpressed thought.

"Hell no, I don't love her," he said, emphasizing the word 'love'.

"So what is it then, why are you so pissed?" I asked.

I got on the next machine and started the reps.

"I guess I don't like the thought of her finding somebody she likes better than me." He said it almost like a confession, as if he had never thought seriously about Shawna before.

"Love?" He said it again like it was ridiculous, "Shiiiit no. Shawna gets on my nerves most of the time. But.....well, the sex is good," he started explaining, "I guess that's what's pissing me off. She always told me how great the sex was and now she wants to see other people. It's just messing with my mind."

"Well, don't expect me to help you figure out women," I said, starting to feel the burn again, "I'm the last person you should ask about women."

It was an unusual glimpse into Randy's life. Usually all he talked about was sex, where they did it, how they did it, how many times they did it, who was on top, who was on bottom, who was tied up. I was convinced the guy had the libido of a stud bull. To see him open up was good. It fed that need inside me to know more about him. I caught myself gazing into his eyes while he talked and then I realized what I was doing and shook my head and acted like I was tired again.

"So what's Karen got up her butt this time?" Randy said trying to turn the topic toward me.

"Who the hell knows," I answered, "I probably bought the wrong brand of tampons and they're falling out," I said trying to make a joke.

"Man, I don't know what's with her," Randy started, "you are the nicest guy in this gym and she gives you more shit than ten women."

I nodded as I pumped.

"I gotta tell ya Bill," he said, "If you ever come to your senses about Karen, give me a call. Will you promise me you'll do that?"

I was half listening while I was straining at the machine.

"Will ya?" he repeated louder.

"Yeeaah!" I said as I pushed the last time. Call him when I come to my senses, I thought.....wonder when that will be.

The other employee at the gym left and Randy had to work the front desk and finish the paper work for the day. I finished my workout and went to the locker room and showered. When I got in my car I began thinking about all that had happened at the gym. Randy had opened up some and seemed to be reaching out, maybe in more ways than one. I kept trying to put the pieces together between his actions and his personality. It had me really wondering about him.

It was ten o'clock when I got home and Karen was asleep. I got undressed and slipped into bed. She rolled over and I could hear her slow breathing that told me she was asleep; and in minutes, so was I.

When the alarm went off I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to turn on the coffeepot. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light. The things Randy said about taking a long look in the mirror started coming to mind.

I stared at the reflection, my hair standing up at odd angles and saw lines around my eyes and a stubby growth of beard. I will be forty years old in three more years, I thought. As I looked in the mirror, I looked past the face and focused on the eyes, they were my eyes-Bill's eyes. But who was Bill.

I studied the body in the mirror. It's a great body with a lousy life. How did it get this way. I thought about what was left of my life, about what I would face in the years to come. My twenties were over and now my thirties were almost gone. Somehow in the mystery of the mind, I detached from my feelings and saw myself as a stranger in the mirror, a miserable victim of my own nature. What would I say to someone who was in this body, living this life. What words needed to be said.

"Life is too short to be miserable," I said aloud, repeating Randy's words as I stared in the mirror. I sighed and reached over into the tub and turned on the hot water. I shaved and got in the shower and was lathered up good when the door opened and she walked in, closing the door loudly. The abruptness of the entrance woke me from the inner focus and introspection.

Silence filled the bathroom. I knew something was wrong, since usually there is non-stop chatter about how much crap she has to deal with each day.

"How'd you sleep?" I asked over the sound of the spray. It was a 'test-the-waters' comment. The response or absence of it would tell me how to word the next sentence.


Great, we're starting the day off nicely, I thought. I decided to try the "I'm ignoring your bitchy attitude" approach and started telling about all that I had to do today. This usually caused her to top my pitiful little list of tasks and complaints with a barrage of "you have no idea what I do and what I have to put up with" retorts.

I started with gusto, "I have to go to McKinney today to see a client. I hate driving in north Dallas, the traffic is terrible. They never seem to get highway 75 finished." It was a weak beginning but one I could build on.


Hmmmmm, two sentences and no response. This is more serious than I thought. Time to try a tactical maneuver.

"I'll probably be late again tonight," I said, carefully laying the bomb on the table. If she didn't detonate with this one I would not leave the shower until she was gone.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she said, the edge in her voice like a razor.

Good, that one still works, I thought, at least we have ignition.

"Whaaa, uh, what are you referring to?" It was the classic 'I'm an idiot' remark which every husband says when they are grateful the silent phase of the argument is past.

"I'm referring to your work schedule, and your workout schedule, and the fact that you haven't lifted a finger to help me around this house in two months," she said caustically as I pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the towel.

So that was it, the garage. It's always the third thing with Karen. Whatever she begins bitching about is not the issue. It's always the third topic in the list with her.

I made the mistake of promising to clean out the garage and the attic right before the playoffs. One of my greatest failures in life was bad timing.

I guess the incident in front of the mirror had put me in a depressed mood. I am usually easy-going, and I hate this kind of conflict. It must have evolved from being griped out by my mother all the time while I was growing up. I learned to just give-in to avoid an argument. Karen, on the other hand, seemed to thrive on confrontation. What a combination we were.

I decided to skip the rest of the preliminaries and get right to the issue.

"Karen," I said, trying to stay in control of my feelings, "I am not going to clean out the garage this weekend. It's been a long hard week and I need a break."

It was like lighting the fuse on the forth of July.

She launched into a particularly acerbic tirade and I said nothing. The more she talked the hotter I got inside. Instead of trying to calm her down and pacify her, I was feeling rage inside. Who was she anyway, why did I put up with this shit day after day from this person, I thought. This was not a person I wanted to be around. Then, suddenly it was like somebody flipped a switch. I saw Karen as a stranger just as I had seen myself. This was a ranting and raving, hateful person who had no love inside, least of all for me. The person standing in front of me was a mean-spirited bully and I was spending my life putting up with it. I turned my head away and a feeling of stone coldness swept over me.

I finished in the bathroom while she waved her arms and used her usual list of criticisms and complaints about my laziness and lack of motivation. I never ignored Karen, but this time was different. Her words, accusations, and suspicions were all from the usual list. It probably wasn't the garage that she was mad about anyway. This type of communication had become a pattern in our relationship. She would not give me the real subject of her irritation until I had been completely demoralized, then she would move in for the kill, to finish me off. Only when I was broken and bleeding inside did she let up.

For some strange reason Randy's words kept ringing in my ears, "Life is what happens while you're making other plans", "Life's too short to spend it miserable". I dressed quickly and got my keys. Karen finally shut up when she realized I wasn't going to interact. She was watching me as I left and I think she sensed that something was very wrong with my behavior. She seemed irritated, yet unnerved that I was so silent and focused on leaving. Perhaps she wondered if she had gone too far. There was good reason for her concern; she had gone too far.

I drove around for over an hour. I was in no shape to go to the office. The car seemed to drive itself making turns and choosing exits. Before I knew it, I was turning down my own street and back into my own driveway, only this time Karen's car was not there. I went to the garage and got the two biggest suitcases we owned. I packed all my clothes in the two bags and put them in the back of my Cherokee. When I went back into the house and looked around I became detached and suddenly realized this was Karen's house, Karen's pictures, and Karen's choices. The only thing I had contributed at this address, was money. There was nothing else I wanted.

I got back in my car and turned on the ignition. It was only then that I realized I was leaving her. It hadn't fully hit me before, but suddenly I was filled with exhilaration. I got a cold shudder of fear, but I knew the time had come. I put the car in gear and drove off.

I went to the local branch of our Bank and got a cashier's check for half of the savings. It would be enough to get me started somewhere else. I pointed my Jeep north and started driving.

When I got to McKinney I decided for some unknown reason to keep the sales appointment. I had never been so focused and so bold during a sales presentation, and I guess the planets were aligned because it was a whopper of a sale. I called the office and gave them the order. I knew this was the biggest sale this year and that it would boost me into the number one spot this month. I told the secretary I was taking some time off and that I'd call in later on. She started asking questions and giving me shit about my calls and I just hung up while she was yammering. Damn, are all women like this, I wondered.

I got back in my Cherokee and kept heading north on highway 75. The road eventually began to stretch out and I could see more trees and grass than buildings. The drive was good, even cathartic in a way. The rolling hills were easy on my nerves and pleasant, like friendly conversation. There were vegetable stands along the highway and I pulled off at one and studied the dusty little roadside structure. The grotesquely fat woman sitting at the cash register was listening to Patsy Cline.

The old radio had a bent antenna with strips of aluminum foil on it. She was swatting flies when she didn't have to move too far. I watched her easy manner and wondered if my life could ever be this simple. She had a calmness that I had not known since childhood. I thought about my family and some of the happy times in life. The baskets of fresh vegetables reminded me of my Uncle John's farm. I used to ride with him on his old John Deere tractor along the creek-bed. Auntie Z would be waiting with our lunch at the bottom of the hill and we would have a picnic under one of the elm trees. I wanted to go back to that time in my life more than anything. My eyes were getting a little moist in the nostalgia so I tried to focus on the vegetables and fruit. I looked around a little more and then bought some apples and a banana just to be courteous and got back in my car. When I got back on the highway I decided it was time to call Karen. I picked up the cell phone and dialed her office number.

When she answered I started talking immediately, "Karen, its Bill. I'm in my car and felt it was only fair to tell you I'm leaving. I packed my clothes and some other stuff and took half the savings out of the bank."

I paused but she said nothing. Her silence was incredibly irritating and I started getting angry.

"I'm leaving you Karen," I said forcefully, "I won't be back. When I get a new address I'll tell Marsha. If you need to contact me you can call her." I knew that would irritate her since she hated having to talk to my sister.

She was still silent and I wondered what was going on at the other end of the phone. The pause seemed like an eternity and I started to hang up when she finally spoke.

"What's her name Bill?" she snapped in a hateful acid tone.

It was the typical attack I had come to expect from Karen. She could never accept that I would leave her because of anything she had done or said. It must be my fault. I must be having an affair. Hearing her hard hateful voice reminded me of who she was and what she was.

"Karen, someday I hope you will come to understand that how you treat people makes all the difference in your own happiness. I have never been unfaithful to you. There is not another woman involved. The only woman causing this breakup is you. Frankly, I don't care whether you believe that or not. I have stopped caring what you believe or what you say. Our attorneys will have the next conversation concerning us because this one is over. Goodbye."

I pushed the end button and then the power button. I had no intention of talking to her any further, and I was sure she would be hitting the speed dial to call me back within seconds.

When I looked ahead, I remembered word for word what Randy said, "If you ever come to your senses about Karen, give me a call. Will you promise me you'll do that?" He was emphatic about it. He made me promise. I pulled my Jeep over and grabbed my appointment book. Randy had given me one of his cards and I dialed the number.

"American Fitness Center," she said pleasantly.

"Is Randy available?" I asked.

"One moment please, and I'll page him." Music started playing as she put me on hold and I pulled the car back onto the road and started driving.

"Thiiiis is Randy," he said in his typical tone.

"Hey, this is Bill," I said pausing to think about how to begin.

"Hey Bill, when you coming in? I'm off at noon today so I won't be here after you get off work," he said assuming I was asking about his schedule.

Words started tumbling out of my mouth.

"Randy, do you remember what you told me last night about calling you?" I said, "Well, I finally woke up and looked in the mirror like you suggested."

"You mean what I said about Karen.........?" he stopped mid-sentence not knowing what to say next.

"I left her Randy, I'm in my car driving north right now." I was almost giddy telling him the news.

"God, I can't believe this. Are you serious?" he asked incredulously.

"Totally. My car is packed and I feel better than I've felt in ten years," I said.

"Shit, man this is fucking incredible. I can't believe you actually did it. So where are you anyway? Listen, Bill, I really need to see you man. It's really important. Can you stop where you are and let me drive up to meet you after I get off work?" His tone was dead serious.

"Well, uh, yeah, I guess so," I said realizing I didn't really know where I was heading anyway, "I'm about two hours north of you; how about if I drive back to Plano. We can meet for lunch at Pappasito's."

"Yeah, okay, I get off at noon so I can be there around one," he said, his voice suddenly nervous and tentative, "I.....well, there's something I need to tell you Bill," he said, "and show you." The tenor of his voice had changed and I could tell this news had shaken him more than I expected.

"I'm turning around now Randy. I'll see you at one." I ended the call and wondered why he had such as strong reaction to the news.

I pulled off the road at the next turnaround and headed back south.

The thought of returning to Dallas would have been unthinkable except for seeing Randy. I thought about all we knew about each other and realized that he was one of my best friends. Karen made sure I had little time for friendships so Randy was one of the few guys I could open up to. Lunch would be good. I needed to talk through what I had done with somebody, and it needed to be Randy. Besides, I was curious about what it was he wanted to show me.

The traffic is always busy in Plano along highway 75, but finally I saw Pappasito's and exited. It was almost 1pm and I figured Randy was already there since he was a little closer than I was.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I did not see his Firebird. It was canary yellow and could be seen a mile away. I was surprised he hadn't arrived. I decided to stay in my car and just wait. It was twenty minutes before I saw his car race past the restaurant on the expressway. He must have been going eighty. The brake lights lit up as he passed and I saw him getting in the right lane to exit. In minutes his car pulled into the lot and he jumped out quickly. I opened the door and when I saw him I started getting emotional. It was involuntary, I was fine one minute and then I saw his face and fell apart. What the hell was happening with me, I wondered.

I stood by my car door and couldn't move. He walked over to me and sort of scooped me up and held me as I tried to hold back the tears. I was almost limp and for the first time in my life felt someone's caring arms about me. Here I was fifteen years older and he was holding me and comforting me.

"It's okay Bill," he said in a kind voice, his arms cradling me.

I began weeping at his words. It seemed like all the years of pain and torture released at once. The disappointment and failure of trying to be nice to a mean and spiteful person at long last found its way to the surface. Like some hideous oozing sore, the years of rejection and abuse surfaced in cascades of unexpressed feelings.

How much time passed I have no idea, but slowly I felt Randy beneath me, his arms holding me steadily. His head was against mine and I hardly realized I was in another man's arms. All I knew was there was a safety net beneath me, and his name was Randy.

"I can't eat," I managed to say weakly, my mouth and nose red and puffy.

Randy led me to the other side of my Cherokee and opened the door. I got in and sat down. He got behind the wheel and began driving. He never spoke and I sat there occasionally sobbing looking out the window. He would put his arm on my shoulder occasionally and pat me gently. I looked over at him at one point and there were tears in his eyes. I had never before seen this side of Randy. He had a compassionate heart.

"I'm sorry to do this to you Randy," I said sobbing.

He shook his head and finally spoke.

"You have a lot of hurt and anger to get out. Believe me I understand about hurt and anger. Besides, I made you promise to let me help you through this," he said seriously.

This was a different Randy than I saw at the gym everyday. I was seeing him with different eyes and when I thought about his kindness, my eyes would fill again.

He finally pulled into his driveway and I got out. His apartment was a duplex and we went inside and I sat at the table. Randy went in the kitchen and brought out two cold beers.

My eyes were swollen and red. I tried to dry the sides of my face as I took a swill of beer. Randy was standing beside me and took a drink of his.

"You know it's probably not over," he said quietly.

"What's not over," I asked, not knowing what he meant.

"It'll come again," he said, as if he knew something I didn't.

I looked up at him puzzled. He was talking like a counselor. I took another drink and Randy spoke slowly.

"I used to be a lot like you," he said slowly, "The emotions you have bottled up are coming to the surface. I'm just saying it's probably not over yet. You're going to feel it all over again when you realize what you gave and what you got back for those ten years."

I could not believe the compassion in his voice, and just as he predicted it came again. Like a great wave I was swept under once again and the tears started flowing down my face. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself, but some of it was the injustice and unfairness of life. Waking up was a painful lesson and it hurt.

Randy put his arm around me and led me to the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and he got behind me. I used his lap as a pillow. My head was in the crook of his left elbow and his arm was supporting my chest. His right hand stroked my hair back and wiped the tears running down my nose and cheek. He didn't speak; his hands and his kindness spoke. I don't know how much time passed, but I closed my eyes and when I opened them it was dark outside. Randy was still holding me and our fingers were interlocked.

I pulled his arm around me as if it were the only tangible thing in life and he held me tightly. I did not want to let go and his grasp let me know he had no intention of turning loose.

"Randy, I don't deserve to have someone like you care for me like this. This is probably your only day off this week," I said sadly.

"You asshole, will you shut the fuck up about what you deserve. What the hell do you think all of this is about anyway," he said, rolling me onto my back, "Damn, you are one fucked-up motherfucker".

His profanity was comical against the tenderness of his actions and it loosened me up and made me smile when I looked up at him.

My arms were over my head against the pillows and Randy rolled over on top of me, propped on his elbows. His face was all I saw, his eyes darting, searching as our breathing quickened.

I guess it was seeing each other eye to eye that made conversation unnecessary. There was no awkwardness in his position or mine. His face came closer and my pulse began pounding at what was happening. In ten years of marriage I had never had this feeling even once. His eyes watched my reaction ready to disengage if I flinched. But as he slowly came near and our lips touched, I knew I had never found love in my life before this minute.

My brain recorded the fleshy fullness of a man's kiss, the tender strength of his hands. My eyes closed as we went into the abyss. His mouth, strong and aggressive, seeking me, yearning for me. I could not help but fall into that place with him. His hands cradled my head and held our lips together. Desire welled within me as his tender touch brought me to him. My arms grabbed his lower back and pulled him close. He laid his cheek against mine and I felt the slight growth of beard scratching against my own. It was as if every part of my body were recording the sensations of his touch and caress. He spread his knees alongside my thighs and I felt his hard dick rub against my own. My cock was urgently erect as my desire multiplied.

I brought my hands up along his back and then back down slowly feeling the muscle tension in his back. As if my motions were a signal, he raised his torso and straddled me as he unbuttoned my shirt. One at a time, he slowly worked his way down my chest and then pulled the shirt open. He began tugging my tee shirt out of my pants and I raised slightly, letting my shirt fall off, and letting him pull the tee shirt over my head. He began kissing my chest as his hands began unbuckling my belt. Slowly he moved toward my nipples and tickled them with his tongue. His hands quickly unzipped my fly and he worked my slacks, shorts and socks off in one motion.

He peeled off his clothes as I watched and then he climbed back on top of me. Our cocks were standing thick and erect and he resumed work on my chest, tickling the gossamer hairs on my abs with his tongue. My stomach must have been very erotic to him because he took his time following the outline of the checkerboard muscles nuzzling and tracing each outline with his nose and tongue. My cock was dripping precum as he finished his course and began tickling the hairs around my navel. I threw my legs apart and he pushed his nose down into the dense bush of my pubic hair. His tongue twirled through the thick mat of hair and found the root of my aching dick.

Placing his mouth on the sides of my thick cock he followed the length up slowly until he was at the head. His tongue frenched my piss slit and he seemed to be plunging its depths as he played with the large crown. He licked the glistening fluid and spread it around the smooth head. His hands gently explored my balls and ass.

Finally when I thought I would explode, his mouth covered my cock. The immediate warmth and pressure of his lips and mouth were too much and he barely got down one stroke when I gasped and the flood of cum boiled out of my dick and into his mouth. I had no control over the urgency of this eruption. I thought he would pull off instantly but instead he began sliding up and down on my cock pulling, suctioning, lustily devouring the prize. After I shot several heavy spurts he pulled up to the crown and tickled right beneath my piss slit and sucked hard while sliding his tongue against that tenderest of places. I immediately convulsed again with additional volleys as if another orgasm had kicked in. My brain was shooting electricity as his efforts brought sensations I had never felt before. He deep throated my cock as the orgasm subsided stroking the length, wetting it, savoring the heady taste. His mouth remained on my throbbing dick and it would not retreat. His movements restored my erection and I thrust my cock hard again into his throat.

He slowly pulled his mouth off my wet cock and again straddled me as his great cock stretched out before my face. His balls were huge, much larger than mine were, and fuzzy with hair. My mouth opened slightly as I started panting at the thought of sucking it. My mind raced through an old memory in junior high. A band buddy and I had dropped our shorts in the uniform closet and traded quick sucks, nervous as cats, and zipped up without coming. It was the same mixture of fear and exhilaration that I felt as I punched the pillows to raise my head.

As Randy's mighty cock neared, it first touched my tongue and then my lips fell around it's hot form. The musky aroma of his man scent wafted up my nostrils. I was almost startled to realize what I was doing. He slid his cock slowly inside my mouth and my hands found the tight clinch of his ass. I dug my fingers into those muscles and pulled him deeper inside.

I wanted all of his dick, all of it's length deeply into my mouth. His brown pubes finally brushed my nose as his great cock pressed against the back of my throat. I would not release my grip as I felt the awesome depth of his sexuality. I closed my lips tighter and pulled back sucking with as much force as I could muster. Another hard thrust and his cock slid back against my throat almost gagging me. I could not get enough of him and forced even more of its length inside. Even though I had never felt this before, I wanted to please Randy, to give all that he needed me to give. I slid my mouth back and forth again and again pulling ever more urgently, ever more intensely and his breathing broke into gasps and then a throaty moan as his hands found the back of my head. His dick suddenly erupted in a furious explosion of cum. The creamy fluid filled my mouth as I startled at the acrid taste.

My nose was full of the scent and bitter tartness of his emanations. His flow was enormous and I swallowed the blasts from his cock without flinching. I kept sucking until there was no more tension, no more motion. His cock softened slowly and he withdrew and backed away, finding my erect cock with his fist. He leaned over to the nightstand and found a tube of KY and squirted some in his fist. He stroked my cock and slicked it all over, then guided it between his ass cheeks and against the pucker hole.

I watched his face as he lowered his tight round ass onto my stiff cock. Slowly I felt his sphincter open and my dick burrowed its way into the hot canal. The warmth and tightness of his ass were unbelievable. He flexed his hole as he slowly lowered himself fully inserting my aching rod. His hips began grinding around on my dick working it ever deeper. I thrust upward with my hips and he sat fully down, his face a perplexing mix of discomfort and ecstasy.

As he adjusted to the intrusion I marveled at the sensation of being buried inside him. He leaned forward and then began moving up and down on my cock, gasping with each descent. I watched the pleasure unfold on his face. His stamina was prodigious and after several minutes, gradually increasing in speed and intensity I could feel the familiar rise of exploding pleasure. Suddenly, with a trace of agony, his pleasure found it's release and he yelled as his cock erupted in a splatter of cum spurts. With furious force he bounced against my hard cock punishing his ass, as he forced the pole ever deeper. The velocity of his ejaculation was mesmerizing. With his right hand pumping his hard dick, the orgasm was quick, urgent, and wildly intense. As his seizure dissolved into calm, my own time arrived.

"I'm cuming," I managed to say as if instinctive to his next move. Randy slid his ass off my cock and I grabbed it pumping furiously as a strong blast of cum squirted skyward in a long and arching path. A second volley even more voluminous than the first squirted its length across my chest. Randy placed his mouth over the path of my eruptions as creamy loads streamed their way upward onto his tongue, mouth and nose. My eyes closed as the convulsions became a running river of white fluid spilling in cascades out of the hole. Randy was sweating and my cock softening as I stroked and the last waves of the orgasm dissolved.

He laid on top of me and I held him close, naked skin against naked skin. Bushy pubic hair tangling among puddles of cum and sweat. I ran my hands over his body, his perfect muscular form, and remembered the tenderness of my rescuer. And as we lay motionless in the quiet of the afternoon, we fell asleep together.

I awoke alone in bed. I saw that Randy had brought my suitcases into his bedroom. I sat up and heard him in the kitchen. I walked naked into where he was. His eyes studied my body and he smiled that big contagious grin.

"You know, I've been wanting to bag you for a year," he said looking me square in the eyes.

"So what was all this Shawna bullshit?" I replied smiling.

"Okay, so sometimes I like a little pussy too," he said nodding his head.

"Bill, I have something to show you." His tone got a little more serious, "When you told me you left Karen, I knew you deserved to see it."

He went to his desk and picked up a picture.

"I found this in Shawna's apartment inside her jewelry box," he said handing it to me.

I saw a young well built young woman with her legs high in the air. She was getting fucked by another woman who had strapped on a thick rubber dick. I was puzzled that Randy wanted me to see this picture.

"Is this Shawna?" I asked curiously, still wondering what the purpose was.

"Yeah," he said waiting for me to catch up.

And then I saw it and realized why he had to show me this picture. There on the left tit of the dyke with the rubber cock was a birthmark. Its raspberry color made an unmistakably familiar chevron pointing down to the nipple. It was Karen wearing the rubber dick.

I thought back to that day at the gym when Randy and I had discussed birthmarks. I had described Karen's in detail. He had asked about it again just a few weeks before, probably right after he found the picture.

"It is Karen, isn't it," he said convinced.

I nodded my head at his question and then shook it in disbelief. Somehow it all made sense in an insane way. I closed my eyes and a small grin wiped across my face. When I opened my eyes Randy was naked from the waist down and was opening the refrigerator. He pulled out a carton of Cool Whip, pulled off the top and dipped his hard cock in the container. It came out with a big glob on the tip which he smeared on around his dick and balls. He took his finger and wiped the cream off the tip of his dick and put it in his mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," he said, walking toward me.

I laughed out loud and looked him in the eyes.

"I guess it's too late for the cherry," I said with a smirk.

"I bought this Cool Whip for the campout," he said as he neared, "David and I will bring the meat, and you and Mike can be in charge of dessert."

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