Shoulder Massage From The Hot Guy From Class

One day I was sitting on campus eating my lunch under the tree. Noone else was there. I was relaxing, soaking up the sun and closing my eyes. Suddenly I felt someone massaging my shoulders. I figured it was just one of my female friends, since I couldn't picture a guy doing that to me.

The massage was wonderful. I kept my eyes closed and kept saying, harder, higher, lower, perfect. The mystery person was doing it harder and better. Then the massage stopped and I opened my eyes and said, "Why'd you stop?"

To my amazement it was this really hot guy named Nick that I vaguely remembered from a class. He had a smile on his face, and I could tell it was very sincere. I said... "Umm, hi". I could tell my face was blushing.

Nick sat down beside me and told me that he had liked me through the whole year, but had been too shy to say so. Every so often he would move over a few inches till we were sitting side by side holding hands. We started talking about school, then boyfriends, then sex, then talked about going out some night.

I knocked on his dorm door, he had a dorm all to himself so we had privacy. He opened the door. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I will never forget how sexy he looked. I closed the door behind me and we kissed a little.

We layed down on the bed together and watched a little TV. Nick turned it off and rolled over facing me. He said that he had never felt like this before. Soon we were removing each others clothes till we were on the bed naked stroking each others hair.

We would kiss a lot, and I did get some dick, but it happened very slow.

We saw each other a lot more after that. We would go to nightclubs together. Go out to dinner. And we hung out around campus a lot. We developed such a relationship.

Me and NIck are still dating today, and we are getting very intimate. I have never been this much in love before. We often talk about the new gay marriage laws being passed. We want to maybe marry someday, but we can't

I guess what we do is good enough. I can never get enough of Nick, his body, his personality, and everything else about him. I hope we stay together for ever.

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