Short Story About First Time Getting Jerked Off

My first experience with another guy was when I was around 18 years old. I had never really been interested in guys before and had quite a few different girlfriends at that age so I never was horney for long. I was always able to find a girl when I wanted one because I've always had a good sized cock and girls at that age are very curious. My friend Jeff and I got stoned one night over his house, we were watching TV when we finally passed out. I remember hearing Jeff's brother Kevin come home and tell Jeff to go to bed. He woke me up and told me to get up off the the floor and get on the couch.

He brought me a pillow and blanket and turn off the lights. I immediately went back to sleep. It must have been about an hour or so later when I woke up feeling very horny. I eventually realized why...I looked down and could see someone's head in the darkness and realized it was Keith and he had my cock in his mouth and sucking it. At first I was in shock not knowing what to do or say, so I layed motionless. He kept sucking and I began to think to myself "This feels real good, why do I have to say anything?" So I layed there and enjoyed it.

As I relaxed a little I got harder and he got more turned on. I started watching him because the back of his head was facing me he didn't know I was awake. He was in his underwear, nothing else. I remember getting really turned on by the sight of another guy with a hot body sucking my cock. I could see the outline of his buns through his briefs, that made me even hotter. I was getting pretty close to cumming when, all of a sudden, he stopped, got up and left the room. I wanted to tell him not to go but couldn't get up the nerve. I layed there with my hard cock begging for more. I few minutes later Keith came back into the room. I could see the outline of his body in the shadows, he had a great build, I always admired the way he took care of it. When he moved into the light I could see that he had removed his underwear and was now completely naked. I got so hard looking at him. I closed my eyes as he moved closer.

I felt his hand on my cock again but it felt different, softer. He was rubbing some kind of lotion on my cock, it felt GREAT! Then suddenly he grabbed by hard cock and guided it into his hot buns. I remember it was so warm and TIGHT. He started riding the full length of my cock taking it all the way in each time. I never felt anything so tight before. He rode it for about four or five minutes when I felt a warm liquid splash onto my chest...that drove me fucking crazy. I exploded with a load up his ass, trying not to let him know I was awake. He climbed off me and came back into the room with a warm wet towel. He cleaned me up and buttoned up my levis and left. Wow, I'd never felt better in my life!! The next morning nothing changed we both acted like nothing happened. But every time after that when we were alone...I "fell asleep" and we'd do it again!!

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