Naked Behind The Mist

Fear can determine the physiological performance of any animal. It can trigger arousal on a psycho sexual level within most humans. The greater the fear... the greater the arousal. With each encounter the participants can become more and more desensitized creating a need for an even greater dose on successive occasions. Pasha admits to finding fear exceedingly sexually arousing. Where others seek pleasure for stimulation, pasha seeks fear.

Pasha now works as an office junior. He has very good typing skills and is learning to use computers and modern software. He tells us how his days are very dull and filled with repetitive tasks, so having the opportunity to engage in more exciting work by modelling for us is very good he says. Since he had answered our advert he explains how he has eagerly looked forward to exhibiting his body before you all and hopes you like him Pasha having just turned 19 does not feel his sexuality to be bazaar. Even at the tender age of 14 he admits to seeking out punishment at school in order to obtain sexual gratification from the fear that was allied with such brutal treatment form both fellow pupils and staff. He would often masturbate under the desk at school or even undo his zip on the school bus and take his cock out and play with it for the thrill it gave him very much.

Pasha lives alone out of personal choice as he says he prefers his own company. He likes to put things down and find them in the right place when he looks for them again. He has tried living with another boy, however this other boy moved away to join the navy. He reads a lot especially Isaac Asimov, as he likes science fiction. He tells us how he tried to keep his sexuality discreetly to himself and had succeeded till he was 18. He laughs as he recounts the story now but tells us how it really shocked his friends; family at the time when he told them he was gay.

By the still tender age of 18 Pasha's tolerance threshold for the arousal induced from fear was already extremely high. He was always on the lookout for even greater sources of fear that would send even greater waves of adrenalin and sexual electricity surging through his youthful body. The nights of masturbating... with trousers down around ankles in the mist and fog in a popular local park where anonymous people were walking was now Pasha's elixir. The fear of discovery that turned him on then would not even register in his synapses now. Pasha longed for the foggy nights. He knew how people were always just on the other side of the mist. They were busy, on their way home or to meet others. Even when some came within to view they never really paid much attention to him. People tend when close up to look into the faces and the eyes of strangers in the foggy dark of night. They never look down.

Even if they having scanned his face, were inclined, whilst passing swiftly by to glance down to his waist level he would of melted back into the mist as they moved away. With the transitory veil created by the rolling fog such moments were a sexual high to Pasha. Each nocturnal visit to the fog and mist filled park would see him moving closer and closer to the audible footsteps on the other side of the fog curtain. These footsteps were those of the ones labelled "respectable" in society like bankers, businessman, lecturers and students. That fact heightened the thrill all the more for Pasha.

One night a little after his 18th birthday he described how he decided whilst engaged in this elicit pastime to raise the stakes. "The fog was particularly dense and the walkways though the park were busy. Having removed his jacket, sweatshirt he sat down on the grass in the misty dark to remove his shoes. The smell of night was all around him and beyond the fog were voices of the passers by". At times voices and footsteps were heard moving closer. Sometimes the undressing Pasha felt as if the voices and footsteps were almost upon him and discovery was imminent. Removing now his socks and standing up he removed his trousers. The air was chill around his skin but the fear made him immune to the cold. He was sweating the cold sweat of fear. The sexual rush as he removed his boxer shorts now almost made him dizzy.

He threw them onto the rest of the pile of clothing and stood stroking his body. For a while he chose to lay on the grass stretching out with the fog caressing his young body as the world moved by invisibly around him. He wanted to seek out a new high, a new thrill. He thought how daring it would be to walk away from the pile of clothes from the ability to cover himself if he chose to. He walked off 10 paces into the fog, and then closing his eyes he spun himself around so as to totally disorientate himself. Opening them he moved off into the night.

Pasha was now like a blind man on a sightless horse plunging into a bottomless abyss. With each step the chance of recovering his clothing receded as the odds on discovery increased. Thus with each step the fear increased. Pasha was now aroused more than ever before. It was the ultimate. He heard voices and moved towards them. The taste of the fog was sweet. Wet grass moved between his toes with each step. Somewhere in the distance of the park a dog barked. Youths shouted to one another in the decreasing distance. The voice of one boy moved closer. The lad was now whistling. Pasha now stood masturbating with his feet wide apart in what he hoped and yet feared was the path of the youth he heard shout good-bye to his friend. At any point he knew he could move away from the approaching footsteps and tune. But he revelled in the surge of sexual pleasure with each approaching footstep of the youth. Maybe pasha would be discovered maybe he would not.

The light of a cigarette now arced 12ft in front of him as an envelope of mist fell back. The tune stopped as the end of the glow reached its zenith and glowed even brighter. Pasha could smell the tobacco smoke now. Pasha's feet were frozen. His hand was masturbating to a slow and steady beat as the youth stepped forward in front of him and stopped 5 feet away watching. Pasha kept on looking into the eyes of a boy of 18 maybe 19 as the boy watched him. The boy brought the cigarette up to his lips and took a long hard drag. He watched Pasha masturbating naked in the park. And Pasha watched him smoking. Neither uttered a word. The youth dropped the cigarette and undid his own trousers lowering them to his ankles and stood right in front of the naked Pasha. They stood there face to face now masturbating and soon cum together down each other's legs. Pasha stood sweating as the youth corrected his own dress then walked off back into the fog. Gone. Pasha had wanted more now, much more. But what? What next? What would you do?

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