My Blond Jock Room Mate

I was just about ready to quit school, but convinced myself that I could endure one more year at State University. Thankfully, a good friend rented a big old house and invited a group of guys to share expenses. No more dorm life for me, but this could get interesting with 7 guys cooking, cleaning, and generally getting along. The house was close and convenient to campus, and I already knew some of the guys, but I had never met my roommate Barry.

The August heat was very oppressive, and moving was almost more than I could stand. I was dreading unloading by myself, and was relieved that Barry was already there, and agreed to help. He didn't have any furniture, so he was glad I had a set of bunk beds, along with several other pieces of hand-me-down furniture.

Barry seemed real nice. He was your typical jock, about 6' tall, sandy blond hair, cut short, brown eyes, and perfect teeth. He has a way of making you feel very welcome and comfortable, but intimidated just the same. We both soaked our T-shirts with sweat moving to the second floor. He hung right in there as we assembled the bunk beds and arranged the furniture. The room is fairly small, so we agree to stack the beds to give us more room.

I'll never forget as Barry undressed to take a shower. He wasn't bashful as he strips and covered himself with a white towel. I thought of myself as a typical 'guy' but found myself admiring his smooth chest and well defined six-pack. I'm no jock, but keep myself in good shape, but he looked like the cover of 'Men's Health,' perfect hair, teeth, smile.

When he returned to the room, I found myself wanting to catch a better look, and everything under the towel was as beautiful as the rest. His lack of modesty was totally uncommon for me, being raised in a very modest family. Barry quickly dressed and left to see his fiancÚ, who lived nearby.

Our first night in the room went very smoothly. The bunk beds were old, and creaked as he got into bed. Barry slept in the nude, and watching him jump into bed was very interesting. From the very first night, we found ourselves talking for hours about every possible thing. Our friendship grew during the first weeks and months of school.

I didn't consider myself a prude, but realized how uncomfortable I was about my own body. Barry's self confidence was a positive influence. I know it's odd, but I was still a virgin, never dating much, always more interested in academics. That's not to say that I was void of sexual desire, I had been masturbating for years to 'Playboy' and 'Forum' magazines. Living in a small room with Barry made jerking off difficult, and the old bunk beds were even worse.

One night, about a month after school began, I awoke in the middle of the night, an unusual occurrence for me. It took me a few seconds to realize what had aroused me. At first it was a slight movement, and I realized that Barry was shaking the bed. I was then fully aware that he was jerking off! To my total amazement, I found myself aroused sexually. I lay quietly and listened to the slight movements and his breathing. When his breath caught in his throat, I knew that he had just cum, and I was even more aroused. 'What did his cock look like?' I found myself wondering. And just as quickly, my conscious chastised me for thinking such thoughts.

As Barry rolled over, I listened as his breathing indicated he was asleep. My own arousal needed to be dealt with, and I slipped my underwear below my balls, and very carefully began to rub and stroke myself to orgasm. It was difficult to be quiet, but I managed to keep my groans down as I spilled all over my tummy. It was more powerful than usual, which confused me.

Over the next several months, I was periodically aware of Barry jerking off. I never said or did anything, but always repeated his release with my own. I found myself being increasingly curious about his body, and found myself preoccupied with those thoughts.

In late November, Barry came in one night pretty down. He typically wasn't home this early, so I knew something was wrong. He began the conversation, "Cynthia is a great women, and I love her. You know we're getting married in June, but she wants to be celibate till then. Man, this is going to kill me, and I don't have a choice."

"That's a tough one, I bet it will be hard" I said with all sincerity.

"Man, is that a joke? It's not very funny," Barry said.

I blushed as I replied "Sorry, I didn't mean that as a joke" but couldn't help smile as I got the irony. Barry also smirked, and we both laughed. We talked for hours that night, and touched some pretty personal topics. After we were in bed, unable to see each other, the subject of sex came up again.

"I guess I'll be jerking off just like you from now on," Barry said.

"What do you mean 'just like me'?" I asked.

"Well, I just figured that's what you did, woke me up a few times."

"Well, Mr. Hot Shot, you've woken me up a few times yourself."

I could feel my face flush with embarrassment, and even more disturbingly, an erection developed. "I guess we both know that we jerk off," I said.

After a brief silence, Barry asked "How much do know...jerk off?"

Aroused by the sexual conversation, I didn't hesitate to reply "Most every day, sometimes twice."

"I thought I was pretty weird, but even when Cynthia and I know...I still needed to jerk off a couple times per week."

"Yeah, I noticed. This bunk bed tells all."

I was already playing with myself as we talked. It was my turn to ask a personal question. "What's your favorite way to...uh...beat off?"

"I used to use magazines a lot, when I had my own room. With you down below, I just try to remember a hot time...and...just stroke."

My hand was getting a little more active. "I like hand lotion, get real slippery. I have some magazines in my desk that I use when your gone."

"I know, I found them when I was looking for a calculator. Pretty hot stuff. That 'Hustler' had some pretty graphic stuff."

I was getting close, and having trouble keeping the conversation going.

"Man, are you doing it now?"

"No" I lied.

"Yes you are, I can tell," he replied.

"Sorry, you're right. All this talk was getting me going."

"Yeah, me too," Barry said.

"Which picture did you like best in the 'Hustler'?" I asked.

"The one where the guy was fucking the girl over the arm of the sofa."

I could feel that Barry was also stroking off as we talked. I became bold in my movements. "Yeah, that was pretty hot. The girls looked like she was getting it royal. You can even see her wetness."

"The picture of the girl friggin herself also got me going," Barry said.

I couldn't respond right away, as I was busy spewing cum all over my tummy. I could still feel Barry pumping himself. He asked "You still there, got quiet all of a sudden."

"Sorry, kind of distracted. Yeah that girl was really getting into it, but that couple really got me going. His cock was huge."

A short silence. "Barry?"

"...yes..." he replied.

"You jerking off?"

"Just did."

"Me too."

"I know."

"Good night." And it was over. I found myself wondering what his cock looked like hard. How far and how much did he shoot?

The very next day, when I knew that Barry would be in class, I shut the bedroom door, and got out the 'Hustler' magazine. I was planning a shower, so I stripped, and began to read the magazine. My mind was full of thoughts of Barry. I got out the hand lotion, and was really going to town, when I heard his footsteps approach the door. I quickly pulled over the sheet, barely covering my nakedness before he entered the room.

"What are you doing out of class? I was just...ah...taking a quick nap."

"Just couldn't go today. How about we do something fun. Haw about a drive in the country. It's a beautiful day," Barry said.

Very conscious of my own nakedness, I replied "Well, maybe later."

"Oh, come on," Barry said, as he grabbed the sheet to pull it off. I struggled to keep covered, but his actions were faster, and I was suddenly very vulnerable.

"Didn't get enough last night?" Barry asked.

"Hey, no such thing as 'enough'" I said.

"Well, hurry up" he said. I though he would leave the room, but he went to his desk, facing the other way.

"Barry, uh...could you...leave?" I asked.

"Just do it, I won't watch," he replied.

I was surprised that my body still wanted relief. Usually, once the mood was broken, all interest was lost, but my erection had returned. He wasn't looking, and we both did it last night. What the hell! I picked up the magazine, and began to beat off. I was so aroused that it only took a few minutes. As I put the magazine down, I saw that Barry had been watching.

"You pervert!" I said, unable to get any real anger at the situation.

"Not a bad show, man." Barry said.

"Glad you liked it. You owe me," I joked. "Let me catch a quick shower and we're off."

"You're already off" Barry said, and then laughed.

"Cute" I smirked. I grabbed my towel and was gone to the bathroom. On my return I was startled to see Barry lying on my bed, pants around his hips, shirt pulled up under his chin, beating off with my magazine. I quickly closed the door but was unable to move.

"Sorry, hope you don't mind. I decided I needed a little relief too." Barry continued to pump his amazing cock as he talked to me. My feet were glued to the carpet, unable to move my eyes from his amazing cock. It was about seven inches, tapered with a larger purple crown. Barry turned the page, and then resumed his pumping. I felt my own dick swell under the towel. Barry increased his speed, and was soon shooting cum onto his chest and tummy.

"Could you hand me a Kleenex?" he asked.

"Yeah...sure." I could barely move my feet, but was able to hand him the box. I tried to respond like it was 'no big deal' and began to get my clothes together. I dropped the towel to put on my underwear.

"Thought you just took care of that," Barry relied, obviously in reference to my erection.

"Well, sometimes once is not enough," I replied, unable to admit that his show had turned me on.

We took a long drive in the country, never talking about sex at all. It was about a week before the topic came up again. We were both in bed, lights out. Barry surprised me when he brought the topic up.

"You put on a pretty good show the other day. You got a great dick."

I wasn't sure how to respond to his hooky words. All I could think to say was "'re not so bad yourself."

"I've never seen a guy jerk off before."

"Me either," I replied.

"It was pretty hot," he said, as if it were an admission of truth.

"You saw my reaction," I said.

"Are you doing it now?" Barry asked.


"Me too"

It was quiet for a minute. Suddenly, I heard Barry rustle around, and then his feet hit the floor.

"Can I watch?" he asked.

"Yes" I said, too quickly to be cool.

He kneeled beside my bed, naked. I could almost feel his breath. The streetlight gave just enough light through the window for him to watch. My arousal went through the roof, and his eyes provided all the stimulation I needed. Knowing this hot jock wanted to watch me was too much. I closed my eyes as I approached climax. When I opened my eyes, Barry was watching very closely as I shot my first volley of cum which hit my left cheek.

"Wow, not bad man. You shot pretty far," He said.

I was suddenly very self-conscious of the cum, being naked, and feeling guilty. I reached for a tissue, and bumped into Barry. He saw what I was doing, and handed me the box. I was even more astounded when he leaned back on the floor, and began to beat off, obviously wanting me to watch. He spread his legs and played with his balls. I could hardly blink as he looked at me while increasing his tempo. It was only seconds before his breath caught in his throat, eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he shot ropes of cum all over his smooth chest. My heart was beating so fast from all the sexual energy that I could hear it in my ears. My erection had already returned. Barry wiped off his chest, and stood to get into bed. His dick was only inches from my face, and I could smell his scent and cum as he jumped into bed. I quickly brought myself to a second orgasm before falling asleep.

I knew we had crossed a line, and wasn't sure what to think or do. Barry's body was totally in my mind. I suddenly had thoughts of what it would be like to suck his cock, touch his balls, roll his nipples. I was, at the same time, telling myself that I was straight, and the curiosity would pass.

A few nights later, I had an opportunity to ask him a question. "You ever had a blow job?"

"Yeah, lots of times. They're great. Why?"

"Oh, just wondered. I've never had one."

"You're kidding. Are you a virgin?" he asked.

"Well...ok...yes, I am," I said, with too much passion in my voice.

"Yeah, blow jobs are great, and so is fucking. You're in for a real treat. Good head is hard to find. Some girls are better at it than others. I hears fags give the best head."

Leading the conversation, I replied "I guess they would know what they like."

"Sometimes I want to tell a Cynthia to concentrate on the tip, just below the slit. That's were it feels best, right around the crown."

"I can just imagine how that would feel," I said.

"It's been too long for me. Jerking off is just not taking care of things too well."

"Hey, you're shaking the bed" I joked.

"You're the one who got me thinking about blow jobs. You just shut up while I get off."

"My turn to watch" I said as I moved a chair to stand on to watch.

"Here is where the tongue feels like magic," Barry said, moving his cock to show me the place.

I moved closer to look "Here?"

He took my hand and put my finger on the spot. My hand was touching that beautiful cock. I could feel the slipperiness of his pre-cum. I didn't pull away, but began to explore. The light was poor, so my face was close. I could smell him, his arousal obvious in his erection. Acting purely on lust, I touched his cock with my tongue. It was hot, hard, but velvet smooth. My put my mouth over the crown, and Barry rolled his eyes back and groaned.

"I'll give you a blow job if you do me. I won't tell anyone, promise," I said.

"Ok...sure...just get your mouth back on my cock."

I wasn't sure what to do, but just explored and tasted him all around. I couldn't go very deep, but had fun getting him all wet with saliva. The chair was awkward, and I couldn't get to his balls, but managed to suck his enough, supplemented by hand strokes to get his off. I remove my mouth just before he shot. I could feel the pulse of his cum in my hand. He kept spilling more and more till I thought he would collapse.

"Your pretty good for a beginner," He stated.

"Oh, shut up. My turn," I replied.

I got back onto my bed and waited for Barry. He got real close, and touched me first with his hand.

"I've never touched another cock before. Feels strange. You got pre-cum on the tip."

"Just do it" I demanded.

He was slow at first. His angle was much better, and he explored my balls and the region below. I had never experience anything this erotic and stimulating. I wanted more, and began to push his head down for more."

"Hey, take it easy, I'm about to choke. I'll get you off."

I could feel my hips rise and fall with his suction. I became more frantic as I approached climax. My groans were pretty loud as I shot the first volley. Barry was surprised, and quickly withdrew his mouth, dripping cum. The second volley hit him square in the face and hair. He used his hand to ensure I was finished.

"Why didn't you warn me?" he asked.

"I thought you could tell. My butt was so far off the mattress, I was sure you knew what was next. Man, that was incredible."

I smiled as I watched Barry clean his face. His cock was swinging as he stood to get into bed. I reached out and tugged on it, and as if it were a person said "Good Night."

The following Saturday, we both slept in late. The sun woke me up and I finally had to get out of bed. Barry was still asleep, so I quietly got up and used the bathroom. On return, I sat in my desk chair, and couldn't help notice how handsom Barry looked. His sheet was barely covering his body. His back was exposed as well as half of his ass. His face was so innocent. His eye opened, and he smiled.

"Good morning," I said.

"I could feel your eyes," Barry said, as he yawned.

"Sorry, you just looked so innocent and pure in the morning sun."

"Don't feel very innocent," He said, as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. His morning erection very evident.

"Well, now you look very devilish."

"I feel pretty devilish," he said, touching his erection, spreading his legs ever so slightly. "Looks like your devil is waking up too."

I could feel my own passion rising at the visual display before me. My sleeping shorts had an obvious tenting effect. My hand moved on a will of it's own, searching for pleasure. Under my waist-band, my hand began to bring pleasure to my body. Barry was tweaking his nipple with his second hand.

I stood and slipped off my shorts, sitting back down on the very edge of the chair. My legs were spread as I began to explore my body. The sexual energy in the room was almost smothering out the oxygen. Barry made continued eye contact, only disrupted by his interest in my cock. He manipulated his balls, and several fingers disappeared to regions below.

My cock was aching with need. My eyes were suddenly glued on Barry's rigid sex. As if being manipulated by puppet strings, I arose and moved to him. Sitting on the bunk bed put his at perfect height to watch him masturbate. I had never seen him in the light of day, and could see the veins engorged with blood. A clear drop appeared at the tip, and I moved closer to take it with my tongue.

Barry immediately withdrew his hand. "Yes, suck it. You're the best cock sucker."

His words were like magic, and I mouth became a sexual organ. I concentrated on that spot below the slit. I could only get about half of his shaft in my mouth. I suddenly shifted to his balls, taking them one by one. I lifted them to explore the regions below. I could hear Barry moan louder as my tongue touched and moved. He brought his knees to the edge of the bed, which made my job easier. His rosebud was suddenly visible. I moved my finger to touch him there, and he seemed even more aroused. Using saliva, I began to circle the muscle ring, while continuing stimulating the perineum with my tongue. Barry pushed his ass at me, in an obvious attempt to increase his stimulation. Adding more spit, I pushed the finger past the resistance. Lacking experience, I pushed the finger inside, and began to explore. The musky scent was overwhelming, and I could feel my own cock ache with need.

Barry's cock was pushed against his tummy, and I brought it towards my lips. Barry sat more upright, putting pressure on my probing finger. The amount of pre-cum surprised me as I spread it around the tip with my tongue. The flavor was more pronounced, slightly salty and silky smooth. I kept the hand in place as I began to apply suction to the upper half. My eyes were open, watching his pleasure as his face began to contort with his approaching orgasm.

I first felt his ass muscles constrict against my finger. I pressed on his prostate gland, and increased my pace of my sucking. His cock expanded seconds before I tasted his first eruptions. The powerful spurts choked me with their force, and I withdrew only to be hit in the face with the next arch of cum. The visual stimulation was intense, a sight I would relive for many months in my own personal fantasy. After 3 or 4 more contractions and splashed of cum, I took him back in my mouth. The flavor was bland, but intensely Barry, and I continued to suck till he softened. I used my finger to harvest all the semen I could from my face. I sucked my finger like a miniature cock.

"I got to pee," was Barry's only comment. He quick hopped down, and left for the bathroom. I was unsure what to do, left in his vacuum. My cock was demanding relief, almost aching with need. I heard the toilet flush, and he returned to the room.

"Man, that was fantastic. I've never had anyone pay any attention to my ass. I didn't know that could feel so wonderful. You sit on my bed, and I'll see what I can do for you."

I lost no time, but found it difficult to climb onto the bed. I felt Barry's hand on my ass, pushing me up. I sat on the edge, and saw Barry smile as he brought his mouth to my cock. He swirled his tongue around the crown, and smiled at me. He quickly engulfed my smaller dick, almost to the base. In 3 or 4 strokes, I began to feel myself getting close. It was as if he knew this as he shifted to my balls. I spread my legs as he rolled them around in his mouth. He pulled me closer to the edge as he moved lower.

I leaned back, and could feel the cool air on my ass. I was nervous, feeling very vulnerable in this position. I could feel his tongue on that special place. Unable to see, I soon felt his finger tip press against my ass. I suddenly wanted to be dominated by Barry, completely lost in my trust for him. His finger made several attempts, and after a fresh coating of saliva, entered me. The pain was only slight, and I felt him move inside. He touched a part inside, and I felt my whole body respond. With no direct touch, I felt my orgasm suddenly explode. The cum hit the wall behind me. Barry quickly grabbed my cock, and the second blast hit him in the face before he could get me inside his mouth.

I felt his warmth surround my cock, as I finished the most intense orgasm of my life. My body flet like jelly as he withdrew his mouth from my limp cock. Words could not describe the pleasure I had just experience, nor the love I felt for Barry at that moment.

"I need a shower after that," I heard him say. I laid on his bed, and could smell his scent on his pillow. Completely safe and secure, I fell asleep in his bed. I awoke as Barry was dressing.

"Hey, get up. The day's almost half over. I'll catch you later. I'm meeting Cynthia to work on the wedding plans. Catch you later."

I felt the sudden pain in my gut from his words. I was totally in love with a guy who was going to be married in a few weeks. I guess it was pretty stupid to think that he loved me the same way, or would call off the wedding. I could feel the tears in my eyes, the first of many. It was years before I got over Barry. He and Cynthia now have 3 kids and live in Chicago. Their Christmas card showed them all smiling and glowing, the perfect American family.

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