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Changes to the Duty Roster

"Get up. It's your shift. " "Alright," I said, moaning. Waking up at Zero Dark Stupid for radio watch was not much fun. Of course, listening to the teaming rain outside, sentry duty would be worse. I sat up, but still encased in my mummy sleeping bag. The worst part would be getting dressed. I held my breath and waited for the shock of the cold April air to hit my chest.

Fucked by Two German Soldiers on the Kitchen Table

Young men of eighteen were called up to serve two years National Service in the armed forces. Some guys were sent to fight in wars, some to defend the last turbulent outposts of the British Empire; I was sent to Germany where I got fucked bow legged. Of all the stupid orders that I had been given since I joined the army this one was the most idiotic.

Rough Sex on the Rough Seas

The ship was crashing into the swells of the Atlantic heading for home after being at sea for over 45 days. It was impossible to sleep, almost impossible to stay in your rack. After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours in the dimly lit berthing area, I crawled out of my rack, put on my navy blue jeans and headed up the ladder.

Night Watch

Fresh out of boot, fresh out of Texas, and no more than five eight, this solid little kid had no small appeal for me. I saw him finger himself a time or two and then fall back into a deep slumber. His dick stiffened, as did mine. I had seen him in the showers a few times, he wasn't particularly hung but he was very much at ease with his body, never tried to conceal himself, always smiled and was friendly to everyone, and, in turn, the other crewmen enjoyed his easy ways and always included him in their liberty parties and skylarking.

Personal Slave to The Master Sgt

Sarge went to his desk and took out a leather cockring and putting it inches from Daves face said, "From now on, boy, you are to wear this at all times except for in the shower. The only underwear you will wear is a jockstrap one size smaller than what you normally wear. You will shave your crotch-hair completely off and keep it that way. When you are off duty, you will wear only your cockring and jockstrap and you are no longer allowed to sit on firniture. You will sit, or better yet kneel on the floor from now on. Is that clear?"

Smells of Gay Army Sex

I wanted badly to touch it but I had to play it careful - he's considered a mad bastard by just about everyone in the unit so I figured this could be some kind of bullshit game. He flicked the last couple of drops of piss from his dick and I could see it was growing.

Marines Made Me A Man

That night before we crawled into bed Sarge came in. He told me it was time for me to take my punishment. I was told to strip naked and lay on the cold cement floor. The rest of my bunk was to circle around me, whip out their peckers and jack off shooting their cum onto me. It was supposed to be a humiliating punishment, but I got excited as I did so.

My Dad Makes A Man Out Of Me

As was often the case my mother would go out shopping on Saturdays, and my father would work around the house, and yard. She naturally would be gone for hours, and I hatched a plan to make my desires known, whatever the consequence. I needed be close to him, to enjoy that connection with him. I knew he would probably be furious, and that was part of the turn on, the possibly consequences. So after spending several hours working out in the yard, he came in for a shower. I needed to be sure that I could at least smell his underwear, his t-shirt, and get that scent of him. To actually smell what it is like to be near his cock, his ass. So I wanted to wait until he got into the shower and then pick each item of clothing to sniff, perhaps to have for a short time to beat off too.

My Navy Boot Camp

I looked around and didn't see anyone of interest so I decided to spend some "me" time in the head. Grabbing my shower stuff I made my way into the head. When I walked through the door I hear the showers running. With a shrug I moved off toward the showers to find who my company in the shower would been. As I turned the corner I was gladly surprised by the view I had. There before me stood Bount under the spray of the water. His back was towards me and I had a wonderful view of his sweet ass! I was in heaven. I'm not sure how long I stood rooted there, but I was brought back to the world when he turned his head over his shoulder.

Blowjob after Navy Boot Camp with Uniform

The warm sensation of his sucking mouth on my cock was almost too much, and in seconds I unloaded a wad of cum that shot spurts out for a full minute. He swallowed every drop of cum I shot, and then stroked my cock slowly with the tip still in his hot mouth. I leaned back against the sink and held on as he finished sucking every drop out of the head of my cock.

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