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Rookie Cop and His Partner

My first week becomes a blur of wailing sirens, speeding squad cars and cold revolvers coupled with the realization that my youthful good looks and trim, uniform-clad body had drawn the attention of the others officers. But, I fail to realize exactly what it is my ruggedly handsome partner has in mind when he clasps my strong thigh in a comradely way.

Straight Guy at the Movies

I knew I was horny, though, and decided to go check out that theater on Kings Highway that everyone is always talking about. I procrastinated for a while, doing some shit around the house, and finally got there around 3 PM. I thought the place would have been quiet on a Wednesday afternoon, but I guess a lot of people took the day off from work or something, because it was pretty crowded.

Getting Lucky at the Adult Book Store

I was bored and since my boyfriend had broken up with me a couple of months ago I decided to go to go to the local adult book store to see if I could find any action. I walked around for a while in the video booth room and there was only a couple of guys there looking for the same thing I was, to service some horny guy.

Ass Slut Tries Dildos in the Back of the Porn Shop

Lately I had been spending as much time on my asshole as I had been working on my cock. There is nothing sweeter for me then when I finger fuck myself and I had been using the long, cock sized handle I had taken from a small garden tool.

Wrestling Moment at the Beach

I was at Virginia Beach walking the boardwalk to ease the full feeling from a big seafood dinner. Dressed in an old T and some cord shorts, sans briefs, I was enjoying the balmy, humid warmth resulting from a sunny day at the beach. I kept my eyes moving, watching for any signal that some man might send.

Love it - Leave it

The air was full of whispering voices promising a fantasy of erotic pleasures, some Chip had done before, others that he had never dreamed were possible! At the same time every inch of his body was being caressed by hot warm air. His cock was throbbing, near to bursting so pent up was his desire. He could feel the urge to cum build and build, getting oh so close to release but not quite there.

Less Stressed

Whilst they were out on an access visit, I thought I would like to have a massage to relieve the stress I was getting from all the legal proceedings involved in getting your kids. I phoned a number in the local paper and was told to come straight over. He gave me the address and off I went. We went into the house and down the hall to a room just off his kitchen. He watched me undress.

Offering Sperm to the Gods at the Temple

We were there, five of us, to consecrate the new lingam, placed east of the temple building in a small grove of trees. The lingam was almost as tall as a man, hewn from dark rock and carved to accentuate the features of the phallus, unlike the more common form that only suggests these features with delicate lines. Arun, the head of our group, was clearly pleased.

Changes to the Duty Roster

"Get up. It's your shift. " "Alright," I said, moaning. Waking up at Zero Dark Stupid for radio watch was not much fun. Of course, listening to the teaming rain outside, sentry duty would be worse. I sat up, but still encased in my mummy sleeping bag. The worst part would be getting dressed. I held my breath and waited for the shock of the cold April air to hit my chest.

Love Hurts Sometimes

I watch as his eyes flutter in his dreams and wonder what he is thinking as he snorts in disgust. Yawning, I pull myself away from his side and walk sorely towards the bathroom. Last night's activities were still felt and I know they would be for a couple of days.

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