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Gay Soccer Dreams

Its pleasure still is burned into my mind. Dreams will always be dreams, but I wish this one would come true. The College soccer team was at a tournament and we were playing the next day. The coach was pairing us up into rooms so we could sleep well before the big game. I was paired with a guy on the team that I wasn't particularly friendly with.

Blowjob From Crossdresser While Pumping His Ass With Dildo

He was a cross dresser and I wanted to see what it was like to be with a man who dressed like a woman. His pics were of shaved legs and feet in black stiletto heels. I am always willing to try anything once and so I set a date. On Wednesday I checked my Yahoo Messenger and there was a message from him. He wanted me to call.

Buying Plants and Flowers

I arrived at the local home improvement center and got a cart and headed down toward the garden area. I was about halfway to the garden center when he stepped out of one of the aisles and began to walk the same direction. He was 40 or 50 feet in front of me and all I could seem to concentrate on was the denim clad tight buns that were "dancing" in front of me.

Mutual Masturbation Fantasy

I pinched my foreskin, twisting the long nipple between my fingers, feeling my cock growing hard with the stimulation. My daydream began, mixing fact with reality. I had seen Ronnie on the street where I lived, although I didn't know his name, passing him many times over two years. He was about 30, wore glasses, and was shorter than I, but more muscular.

South Congress Porn Theater in Austin Texas

Being young and horny and an avid cruiser I was always looking for some dick play when I could. One of my favorite was a South Congress theater that had been converted to a porn theater. It had a large screen on the main floor that showed straight porn that was frequented by cocksuckers and feeders, so that whether you needed a blow or wanted to do some blowing there was usually action to be had.

Rookie Cop and His Partner

My first week becomes a blur of wailing sirens, speeding squad cars and cold revolvers coupled with the realization that my youthful good looks and trim, uniform-clad body had drawn the attention of the others officers. But, I fail to realize exactly what it is my ruggedly handsome partner has in mind when he clasps my strong thigh in a comradely way.

Straight Guy at the Movies

I knew I was horny, though, and decided to go check out that theater on Kings Highway that everyone is always talking about. I procrastinated for a while, doing some shit around the house, and finally got there around 3 PM. I thought the place would have been quiet on a Wednesday afternoon, but I guess a lot of people took the day off from work or something, because it was pretty crowded.

Getting Lucky at the Adult Book Store

I was bored and since my boyfriend had broken up with me a couple of months ago I decided to go to go to the local adult book store to see if I could find any action. I walked around for a while in the video booth room and there was only a couple of guys there looking for the same thing I was, to service some horny guy.

Ass Slut Tries Dildos in the Back of the Porn Shop

Lately I had been spending as much time on my asshole as I had been working on my cock. There is nothing sweeter for me then when I finger fuck myself and I had been using the long, cock sized handle I had taken from a small garden tool.

Wrestling Moment at the Beach

I was at Virginia Beach walking the boardwalk to ease the full feeling from a big seafood dinner. Dressed in an old T and some cord shorts, sans briefs, I was enjoying the balmy, humid warmth resulting from a sunny day at the beach. I kept my eyes moving, watching for any signal that some man might send.

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