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Looking Through the Peep Hole

I work for a hotel in Conneticut that just hired one of the most beautiful men that I have ever seen. I had the pleasure of being able to be the one to train him in the front office and every time I looked into his eyes, I would just melt! Recently, we talked about life over drinks and I disclosed the fact that I was gay.


I am lucky that we got a laundry room. I don't have to go to the fershlugginger commercial laundrette. Not only I'm spared the trouble, of carrying my stuff but also don't have to wait, bored out of my mind, waiting, waiting for the damn stuff to dry. Much more convenient. However, there's a hitch. Always is. It's when the person before you, has forgotten the stuff. I'm going out tonight.

Fucking Mr Married with my 8 Inch cock

I prefer having sex as part of a committed relationship, but sometimes sex just happens. Sometimes, you crave it so much that there is no turning around. You just have to get it on. I hadn't been in a relationship for over six months and it had been that long since I had last had sex with anyone besides myself. To put it bluntly, I was horny. Masturbation wasn't really cutting it anymore.

Fucked by a Punk Rocker Like Me

The eyebrow piercing matches the two piercings in my lower lip, full boy lips. I open my mouth as wide as it will go, pretty wide, and stick out my tongue, it's long and pierced. I roll my tongue ring around as I stare at my reflection, my naked flesh looking back at me with as much sexual tension and pent up anticipation as I've offered it.

Fucked by Two German Soldiers on the Kitchen Table

Young men of eighteen were called up to serve two years National Service in the armed forces. Some guys were sent to fight in wars, some to defend the last turbulent outposts of the British Empire; I was sent to Germany where I got fucked bow legged. Of all the stupid orders that I had been given since I joined the army this one was the most idiotic.

The Preacher with the Gigantic Hands and Horse Cock

Here, the famed evangelist Graham Atwood made his home. Atwood was a magnificent-looking man in his early 50s, well over six foot, a solid, broad-shouldered torso, a handsome, square-jawed face, and thick wavy black hair flecked with silver.

You Smell of Sex when You Wake

That we are both men means nothing to anyone except us. The lighting makes this Sargent's Venice, verging on the abstract, and your coloring is brilliant against formal clothes. I notice a Frenchman watching us closely. He is confident, comfortable with himself, more elegant than handsome. From time to time, he touches his lower lip absently with beautiful hands.

Highway Hookup

You know the type of meeting that goes on forever with a bunch of old men with receeding hairlines. Being a gay man the event was not at all thrilling, i've been so stressed that I will be laid off soon that I have just lost all interest in work. I pull off into what I thought was a visitor center turnbed out to be a truck stop center where the drivers can shower, sleep, park etc.

Marty's Cum Addict

Marty is one of those computer geek guys. He's good looking, sandy brown hair, green eyes and a mustache. I know that he's been cruised by girls and guys alike, but he's just been oblivious to it. He never had sex with a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter. That was kind of scary.

Rugby Gay Sex

Sure I was match fit, but each year the training was harder and I was finding it difficult to keep up with the younger guys. So this was my last game and while I wanted to play forever I also knew that for my own good and the good of the team it was time for me to retire. "Quit while you are ahead" is good advise, although it is less easy to accept it.

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