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How He Popped My Cherry

This happened one day on my way back from class. I was driving down the road when I saw a rest stop on the left it was a nice day, so I decided to stop not looking for anything just to relax and walk around a bit. I went in to go to the bathroom and decided to read the writing on the wall.

My Time With Shawn

My friend Ryan introduced me to his brother Shawn who also went to the same University. I couldn't believe how nice looking he was. He stands at about 5'10" and about 165 lbs. My jaw about dropped when I saw him wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless T. I of course did a complete check out of him the moment I saw him. I about creamed my pants right then and there.

Sex Conquers All Obstacles

It was something I truly hated being. Most of all I hated being alone right now, naked in the corner of my room. This kind of alone was new, brand new. This was an alone brought on by rejection. I finally found something I hated more then being alone, and I didn't like that knowledge. I stood up to my full height of 5'7.

Asian Slut Loves Big Turkish Dick in His Ass

I was born on a village far, far away from where I stay now. I was born on a place where the days and the night has the same duration of 12 hours each because the equator lays above my head directly. So, yes, it is warm the whole day and night. So it was beautiful to go naked inside and outside the house. In the garden and under the rain on open rice field. I like being naked.

Moving to the Suburbs

Yes, thats right were moving, my dad is a high class lawyer and his job is sending him to a law office in California because it gives him a chance to become senior partner at one of the most prestigious law offices in the world. I'm 17 years old going to be a senior in highschool, have my own car, and did I forget to say I'm Bi-racial. My mom was white with blond hair, and my dad is black.

Your Girlfriend Can\'t Fuck You Like This

He was determined to find the evidence he needed to prove Rex was the Salem Stalker. As he entered Rex's bedroom he began to tear it apart. Concentrating on his search, Shawn did not hear a freshly showered Rex enter the room. "What the fuck are you doing Shawn?" A surprised Shawn turned to face his towel wearing rival.

Sucking Hot Cop\'s Cock In Park

I was outside of the museum writing in my journal when I noticed a rather peculiar cop biking around me. There usually isn't a guy who escapes my eye and I do love flirting with cops, sailors and firemen, but it is rare to find one returning the favor. I am a cute fella, but those guys are meant to be very ethical and serious about their jobs.

Looking Through the Peep Hole

I work for a hotel in Conneticut that just hired one of the most beautiful men that I have ever seen. I had the pleasure of being able to be the one to train him in the front office and every time I looked into his eyes, I would just melt! Recently, we talked about life over drinks and I disclosed the fact that I was gay.


I am lucky that we got a laundry room. I don't have to go to the fershlugginger commercial laundrette. Not only I'm spared the trouble, of carrying my stuff but also don't have to wait, bored out of my mind, waiting, waiting for the damn stuff to dry. Much more convenient. However, there's a hitch. Always is. It's when the person before you, has forgotten the stuff. I'm going out tonight.

Fucking Mr Married with my 8 Inch cock

I prefer having sex as part of a committed relationship, but sometimes sex just happens. Sometimes, you crave it so much that there is no turning around. You just have to get it on. I hadn't been in a relationship for over six months and it had been that long since I had last had sex with anyone besides myself. To put it bluntly, I was horny. Masturbation wasn't really cutting it anymore.

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