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Offering Sperm to the Gods at the Temple

We were there, five of us, to consecrate the new lingam, placed east of the temple building in a small grove of trees. The lingam was almost as tall as a man, hewn from dark rock and carved to accentuate the features of the phallus, unlike the more common form that only suggests these features with delicate lines. Arun, the head of our group, was clearly pleased.

Changes to the Duty Roster

"Get up. It's your shift. " "Alright," I said, moaning. Waking up at Zero Dark Stupid for radio watch was not much fun. Of course, listening to the teaming rain outside, sentry duty would be worse. I sat up, but still encased in my mummy sleeping bag. The worst part would be getting dressed. I held my breath and waited for the shock of the cold April air to hit my chest.

Love Hurts Sometimes

I watch as his eyes flutter in his dreams and wonder what he is thinking as he snorts in disgust. Yawning, I pull myself away from his side and walk sorely towards the bathroom. Last night's activities were still felt and I know they would be for a couple of days.

The Indian Construction Worker

He had broad shoulders and medium-cut hair. He was talk, dark and handsome. However his most striking feature was his big and thick cock. He was a poor Indian construction worker, who sweated all day in the hot sun to earn just enough to cover his own bare necessities. At 22 years old, Abdullah had already had sex with lots of men.

Outdoor Group Sex in the Park

I had stumbled upon them after taking a job in this city, and being out cruising. The circuit of streets that fronted them was a busy nighttime car cruising location. The route ran past the pines under the highway down the waterfront and then turned back to return about three quarters of mile away. I'd had some luck cruising this stretch, having the odd encounter.

Sex with Best Friend and the Hockey Coach

Together we discovered masturbation; experimented with each other's growing cocks and looked at each other's body for hair that was supposed to grow. We were typical boys with a quest for manhood. In Junior High we joined a youth hockey league. By now our experimentation had ceased, but I couldn't take my eyes of his developing body.

Showering at my Friend's Place

Sure I would look at him in the changing rooms, but what boys don't compare themselves to their friends? However, Peter was known as having the largest dick in our class. When we left school, we kept in touch and occasionally would go on holiday together. Once we went to a concert in London. As soon as we reached our room, Peter went for shower.

New Stop On 7 Train

Here it was 11:00 PM on a Friday night and all my friends were partied out and I was heading home-ALONE! When we stopped at the Grand Central/Lexington station several people boarded my car. I surveyed each closely. No luck this time-most of them appeared to be older couples calling it quits for the night. This did much for my self-esteem. He appeared to be in his twenties and was alone.

Convincing Friend to Let Me Suck His Cock

He said that we are just friends and that friends can't. He claims that it is too embarrassing to have sex with someone you know. I am extremely horny, so I continue to try my luck. I know you're horny too. That's all we've been talking about all evening. I really want to suck your cock. Come on, let me suck you off. That is all I want.

Fucking the Security Guard

We have different security guards who work different days of the week. Well, on Thursdays, there is the absolutely gorgeous black man who works from 4pm to midnight, the same shift I work. I will describe him: he is about 6 feet tall, very muscular, and he has a very tight uniform to where his muscles are bulging at the seams. And he has a huge bulge between his legs, and has a really tight butt.

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