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Spying on my Son Jerking off

I had been retrenched for six months and had trouble getting a job due to my age. At 54, no one wants an old man running store! My wife runs her own floral business and due to its success we fortunately haven't had any financial problems, so I wasn't worried about being home. My eldest son, Kevin is in his final year in University and doesn't live at home.

His Cock is too Big to Fit into the Glory Hole

I was tired and cranky after spending 3 hours in biochemistry lab. I loved the subject matter but hated the labs. I went over to the fine arts building of the eastern seaboard school I was attending to practice on one of the practice pianos kept there for the music majors.

Adventure in the Adult Theater

I had not been to the city for almost a month, so decided to see what I could find on Saturday night. I am happy with a man's cock or ladies cunt being someone that is easy to please! I went to a adult theater that had several different screens in it.

Trip with the Russian Kid

As a geologist, it was always some kind of an adventure for me to discover new places and geographical structures. But, this was different. I was asked to give some lectures at Moscow and than to travel to the Northern part of the land with three anthropologists and a photographer, in order to find some evidences for prehistoric settlements in North Sea. It was getting very cold inside.

Short Werewolf Sex Story

The blood gushed from his shoulder and he lost all sensation, the smell of the blood filling his nostrils reminding him of pints of cum, cloying and animal in it's oppression.

Arab College Student Meets Up with Indian Guy Near Campus

My name is Ali and I am a 21 years old Arab. I have known that I am gay for years, but I had to wait until six months ago for my first experience.

House Sitting

They bought things on their trip and had them sent home and I received their almost daily deliveries from UPS. The UPS guy was about 23, dark skinned, wiry and dark haired. When the weather started getting warmer, he came to the door in his summer uniform, showing off his hairy arms and legs. He smiled and said the weather was getting warmer and it felt good to be wearing shorts.

Sucking Friend's Cock and Then He Fucks Me

I told him that I have his jacket from last night as I swung my long hair out of the way and adjusted my grip on the cell phone. I'd just gotten out of the shower so it was extremely wet and all over the place. He told me that he never noticed it was gone, but we agree that I come by and give it to him. I looked forward to it.

Gay Soccer Dreams

Its pleasure still is burned into my mind. Dreams will always be dreams, but I wish this one would come true. The College soccer team was at a tournament and we were playing the next day. The coach was pairing us up into rooms so we could sleep well before the big game. I was paired with a guy on the team that I wasn't particularly friendly with.

Blowjob From Crossdresser While Pumping His Ass With Dildo

He was a cross dresser and I wanted to see what it was like to be with a man who dressed like a woman. His pics were of shaved legs and feet in black stiletto heels. I am always willing to try anything once and so I set a date. On Wednesday I checked my Yahoo Messenger and there was a message from him. He wanted me to call.

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