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I'm still in love with cock and ass to this day. There's a better version I may put out there later. Near as I can figure, the first time I met Johnny I was two or maybe three. My birthdays in August and I remember this really well, but not much else except for little things here and there. I rode on the tractor with my dad before so when I asked Johnny to ride with him, it was OK.
He was working in the studio part of the time, but we were able to spend a few evenings out at clubs like "Zipps" and "Hands-". We had the most amazing time a few years ago, in Cologne for Carnival (February), wandering around between the bars late, late in the frosty evening. Coming back in early spring, I recalled how wonderful a small city it really was for gay men.
I sat in my office today hard as hell. I wanted to fuck U so bad. I can usually get off in my office but it was rather busy today. So I left the office for a min today. I went to a park. I parked my truck where no one could see me, I had on a pull over Tommy shirt & some Khaki Tommy Pants. Then I pulled it out! My mind filled with dirty little thoughts of us fucking right there in the open.
So long in fact, that the immortals of old had ascended and those that replaced them had never realized tranquility could end. And so when the darkness came, only the King of the Immortals felt fear. For fear was an emotion of old and as such, had long ago been lost. Even when the fauna took to the shadows and returned mutated with a thirst for blood, fear was not found. Uncertainty. Confusion.

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I am awakened by the gentle touch of a hand on my belly moving toward my crotch. I lie very still with my eyes closed just enjoying the touching. The hand finally reaches my semi hard cock and it immediately springs to attention and i look over and it is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. We are both naked and I see his cock is as stiff as mine.
We have a leather couch that we sit on naked all the time. We were sitting there in our underwear and watching tv. My balls hang so low that they hang out of my underwear and sometime lie against the leather of our couch. It is cold and soft and feels great. Mike saw my balls hanging out of my underwear and I could see him getting an erection. He smiled at me and pulled off my underwear.
One day a coworker came up to the stall next to me at the urinal. He took his out and started to pee, and I noted it was quite large, even limp. "I always envied guys who still have their hoods," he commented, as a thick yellow stream gushed from his circumcised glans. "Just lucky, I guess," I replied, acknowledging his remark. "Keeps the head nice and sensitive." he said.
This latin guy emailed me and said he was willing to teach me. We set up a time to meet on Saturday afternoon. I went to his place and he opened the door. He was naked and hot. He was fairly smooth, His hair was braided and he had a small go-tee. He said to me, "you here to be my slave?" I told him I was and he told me to come in and get naked. He told me to grab my cloths and to follow him.
I was bored and horny so I decided to accept an party invitation to go out. In our small country town there are no gay nightspots but there is a group of committed studs that put on the occasional function at a secret location. This time Adrian the organizer had decided to have a barn dance out on a sheep property.
K. I'm the villain, here. I want to make that clear. Everything that happened was my fault. I really loved Brad. Love. I love Brad, I never stopped. But, I acted like an ass, and here's what happened: Brad and I met 3 years ago. It was at a bar. We didn't have sex right away, even though we sure wanted to. At least I did. But something about Brad made me want to wait. He said...

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