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Little Big Man

Along with the rest of me, it has slowed down a lot. What do you expect at the age of 90 something? But the old todger still stirs from time to time, and the simple act of stroking it brings all them good feelings flooding back. 'Course, it's more in the mind these days, but I got a whole slather of memories to draw on: so many horny young boys. I never wasted a chance in my whole life. Stop.

Sioux Man Becomes White Man's Cum Bucket

Working in close quarters and late hours can be a good way to find out about a person. For him work was the only place to meet guys. His latest frequent sexual companion was a man named Hank Jefferson. They had been friends first and then lovers. They fucked often, but neither one wanted a commitment.

My First Experience with the California Surfer Dude

I wanted a guy - especially the cute, curly haired guys I would see at the beach - terribly, but I didn't have the nerve to approach them. I would walk the beach in Venice (the area that is gay and used to even be nude) and in a certain area off Ocean Park that used to be heavily gay. The walks would fuel my imagination and besides, I also enjoyed the exercise and fresh air.

Smallest Things Makes a Difference

I realized that the other night with you. I hadn't seen you in what seemed like an eternity, but just the sight of you walking towards me erased the time in between. I realized that the 2,412,960 feet keeping us apart had been reduced to the ten feet you were from me then. Then you hugged me, and for the first time in over a month, I was complete.

Fantasy Story Legend Of Adarion

" Poured the words from gruff large man staring concernedly into the eyes of the youth before him. "He is but an amateur my lord, his age for one. " Adarion looked quickly at the young man whose arms were crossed and whose staring eyes and smug grin were fixed upon Adarion. Adarion gave the other youth a stern look, averted his eyes and turned his back upon him. " Spoke the man lightheartedly.

Remembering my First Time Having Gay Sex with Chat Room Hookup

I had, in truth, been thinking about my sexuality for quite some time. I often fantasized about being dominated by another man. It took a fight with my girlfriend to propel me into acting on my fantasies. It started while online in a m4m chat room. As luck would have it, it didn't take long for me to begin conversations with a local man. I eagerly suggested we meet as soon as possible.

Gay Fucking Surprise in the Shower

Sure enough, the parking lot was empty and I got right to work. I only took a couple of short breaks and was feeling very sore by mid-afternoon. I decided that I had earned a break and went to the men's room to use the shower facilities. I was had just finished shampooing my hair when I saw someone enter the dressing area.

The Asian Hunk's Great Tasting Cock

Well, not everybody, but still, I'm having to push people away pretty quick - because of my other problem, which is I'm excitable, and it's not long before I come unless I take steps to slow things down.

First-Time Jerking Off a Friend

It was the best feeling in the world. I was 18 years old. We had a satellite dish then so I knew what to do from my many hours of watching porn on it. Well I was in the bath tub remembering the movie I just watched, and I got a boner. Well I just started to do what they did on TV. I slowly started to rub my cock, then I started to go faster, it felt good but nothing came out.

Jones Beach Cabanas

The trip wasn't too bad most Saturdays I'd get up early and drive out there, park as close as I could to the main building, go in, change, and then head out to the beach for a day of sun and fun. The sun was easy with the heat wave, the fun usually presented itself near Field 6, so everything was cool. When I finished showering, I went off to the side to change, over by the lockers.

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