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Realtor Finds Naked Man with Huge Cock

My name is John Turner a happily married man with 3 wonderful children. I have am 5'6", 140 lbs and always thought of myself as an average looking guy. For the past 5 years I have been making a good living as a Realtor. Well the other day I received a call from a Mr. Dennis Chisel saying he wanted to sell his house. I told him I would drop by later to get started on it.

Pre-cum from Masturbating

That day, I was having lunch with some friends in a restaurant, when I had to urinate. I went to the men's room, skinned my hood back far enough to clear the pee-hole, and relaxed my sphincter to let the flow begin. After I was through, I milked the last drops from my prick and put it back inside my pants. Then I felt a tickle in my cock-root, and droplets seeping through my tube.

The Muscle Man with Four Arms

It had taken a couple years, but he figured the time would have gone by anyway, so why not use it to work out? He liked that he could eat like a horse and sleep wonderfully, and he liked being in a bigger and better-looking body.

Never Take a Bet You are Not Willing to Loose

To make a long story short I ended up getting fucked for the first time by seven guys: Jake, Mike, Josh, Matt, Ethan, Andrew, and Dan. Jake I guess you could say was the leader of the group. We were freshmen in college and the eight of us were suite mates. Four of us on one side; four on the other sharing a common room and a communal style bathroom.

Saturday Night Gay Sex Adventure

Found an Adult theater & a couple of bookstores with video booths. One of the bookstores had had some really big booths & several had glory holes. I settled in watch a hot film of several men with one lady, & took a look through the glory hole next to my bench. I saw a guy stroking a real nice medium sized cock. He saw me & moved over so that I could get his cock.

Sci-Fi Story Life

The sky now looked ablaze as Tom stared out into space with a tear in his eye. He put another log on the fire and turned it into a roaring blaze of a fire. The dessert was the only place he could go to help forget, and to keep his mind on his problems. He tried so hard to fit in with the rest, but never could. He stood as the fire like sky became a light shade of reddish grey.

Shaving Together as Couples Do

With his pale skin and black kinky hair he told me he shaved almost every afternoon or whenever he was going to see me. His satiny skin and scrawny body made him my favorite physical type. When I saw him last week I'd told him that he wasn't to shave anything except his face until he next saw me. Normally very submissive he objected saying the regrowing hair would itch and drive him mad.

Second Time Having Gay Sex

The second time was with the first guy and so were several others. But the second guy was one I met in one of my classes. We were about the same age and had a project paper top work on so we decided to study together at his apartment since it was quieter and we could drink beer there.

Raped By Rastafarian Relay Race Runners

I was running in The Four by Hundred and Ten Yards Sprint Relay, the last track event of the afternoon. By the time that we got on the track most of the crowd and competitors had already gone home, the weather was so bad. I was running the second leg, so after the gun went off, I waited for my team mate to pass me the baton. When he did, I ran with the rain in my face making it difficult to see.

The Whirlpool's Jets Makes Me Cum

You stick the underside of your dick next to the jet of water and let it massage your dick. I am uncut and it can get pretty intense. The jet will sometime make my foreskin balloon up. It also feels good on the asshole. The best one though was in a pool. This was in Frankfurt Germany where you could go in the pool naked. It was the club in a hotel.

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