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I love to dance, especially when I am dancing with friends. I do not like to dance alone. So, when we got to the club, we all went down to the floor. My friends tired of it quickly, but I still wanted to dance. But with whom? No one else I knew was there, and I was too shy to approach anyone else who was dancing by themselves. That is when I saw you.
As I came I felt myself dirty, thinking about so kind of sex. I decided to go to by some cigarettes in the store close to my house. I went out in shorts and t-shirt, which I wore at home. I was still pretty far from the gas station store, but I could see, that they are working these two guys from Tunizia. Closer I've got, more hard was my dick.
I was driving from my hotel on the north Devon coast to the southern part of the county via the country lanes and through picturesque villages when I realised I was running low on fuel. I kept my eyes open for a filling station and eventually came across one about three villages further down the road.
On the basket ball team, tall, thin, muscular. Blonde hair, green eyes, a long bushy tail. He wasn't exactly average after all! You see, Niko is the genetic combination of human genes and animal genes. Fox genes to be exact. Everyone drools and yearns for him. Not just males but males who were like him. Either furries, or a niko, which means they only have someone animal characteristics.

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The saggy tits, no ass, basic shuffle to their walk, and other behaviors that we all know that accompany men of the elderly group. I guess there's that part in all of us where attitude rears its ugly little head and it has always done so with me. Seniors and fat men just could never get my balls burning. It seems that since I made the shift I have more opportunities with all sorts of men.
He was the greatest guy ever. I mean he looked like a damn god, with his tousled hair and those perfect arms. God, just imagining those arms, those big strong arms, gives me a hard on. I plant a spy camera at his house. After a few weeks of watching him jack off, I decide to take it to the next step. I had read about a potion that makes people horny for sex, and I mean crazy for it.
"Whatcha doing?" asked the fraternity brother while he eyed my exposed cock. I went to cover myself with the printout and kick the intruder in the head, when he retreated to the other stall. "Just polishing the ol' boy," I replied candidly, thinking the gentleman to have satisfied himself with a curious glance. "Ah. Whatcha using?" Apparently not. "Some story." He suggest he can help me out.
Some rams ignore the female sheep and like to hump other rams. Big dogs do it to little dogs and sometimes even the other way around. It is usually a sign of dominance; for one male to show dominance over another. With that knowledge it would be no surprise to know that homosexuality exists in the world where humans and animals are combined. There were many other men there besides him.
But I was so horny and didn't know where to satisfy my craving for cock. Even if it meant just a look at a piece of man-meat, hard and stroking. I was visiting friends and remembered visiting a hot cruising area right near a police barracks of all places. It was a great place to meet guys anytime of the year. So I headed there hoping to find someone to play with and get my rocks off.
Actually, we didn't meet, but I think we exchanged glances. I'm the shy type, so I tend to spend a lot of time in those situations with my back to the wall watching the world go by. But I definitely noticed him. Tall, thin, blond, incredibly cute, with the most amazing big, blue eyes. He was wearing a baseball cap and dressed in dark jeans and a tee-shirt.

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