In the Hot Tub with Trent

My name is Eric Erickson and I grew up in Iowa. Yeah, I know, with a name like that why didn't my family settle in Wisconsin? I haven't the faintest idea why, but we wound up in Iowa. I'm "unusual" in that I grew up in a small city that served as the shopping center for several surrounding farm counties and am NOT a "farm boy". My dad ran the local hardware store and was not only a hard worker but was also a friendly guy so he made a success of the store and we lived a comfortable, if not rich, life.

Once I graduated from high school I decided to attend our State College (much to my parents relief that I hadn't chosen to go east to one of the "Ivy's") and majored in Business Administration. I graduated with a pretty decent GPA and was offered a job as a "Management Trainee" by one of the largest manufacturing firms in our state. The position meant my relocating to Des Moines, but again my parents were relieved that I wasn't going to either the East or West Coast.

I had a few brief sexual encounters during college - both straight and gay. I didn't have so many that I could say I was "experienced" but I had enough to know that my sexually orientation was definitely gay and not straight. I'm not a "big" guy, I'm only 5'7", weigh 160#, have straight blond hair and light blue eyes. My cock is a respectable 7" and the few times it has been put to active use it has served me quite well - at least none of my gay partners ever objected!

Although I thought I was used to living in a "city", I'll have to admit that the size of Des Moines really impressed me at first. I've since seen Chicago and New York, so I've had to redefine my definition of "big", but that's another story. Anyway, I moved to the city, found a nice bottom half of an old duplex in what was once considered a definite slum area of the city but which has since been "rediscovered" by yuppies who have pumped a lot of money into fixing it up again. It is still old a little run-down, but is getting better and is definitely considered by my generation as "the place to live".

I was lucky to find a place that had already been modernized by an early yuppie who then moved on. As a result, my apartment not only has big rooms, 11' ceilings, but also modern lighting, a modern kitchen and a really up-scale bathroom. One strange feature about my place and those surrounding it is that each has a fairly large walled patio in the back. Well, that's not too strange, but what is that neither my building, nor my neighbors, nor the duplex in back of mine have any windows in the rear! As a result, this is a REALLY private patio. I got a stepladder and looked over all three walls surrounding my patio. Each of the other duplexes have been bought by yuppies, but they seem to be so busy in fixing up the interior that they haven't done anything with their patios - most of which are just loaded with junk, as is mine.

The interior of my place really didn't need anything but some furniture, which I got fairly quickly and then decided to work on the patio. The first thing I did was hire some neighborhood teen-agers to come over and clean it out thoroughly. I then had a local nursery bring in several loads of good topsoil, which they dug into the soil that was already there. It turned out to produce a fairly nice loam. I planted a lot of shade-loving plants along one wall and they seem to be settling in nicely.

Along the other wall I really splurged and got a fancy three-person hot tub with lights, bubbles, jet streams, etc. Man, is it relaxing to jump in there nude at night knowing no one can see me and just relax totally!

Things were going well at work, but after almost 9 months I still hadn't made any close friends. I guess I am a little shy coupled with the fact that Des Moines is NOT known as the gay capital of the mid-west, so there weren't too many opportunities for me to meet other gay guys. There was another guy at work whose looks I really liked but he was no more than friendly with me. He had gone to the State University, also had a degree in Business Administration, and had been hired as a "Management Trainee" at the same time as I had been.

In a sense, I guess we were "competing" against one another but the company was expanding so fast that I think we both realized that there was going to be plenty of opportunities for both of us and that the "competition" business was needless.

I had been thinking for some time about ways to improve the office's efficiency and one day went up to Trent (that is his name) and asked him what he thought of my idea. Trent thought for a minute or two and then said he had been thinking along similar lines and what did I think of his modification to my idea. When I heard what he had been thinking. We both realized that out ideas were much stronger if put together than if they had been turned in individually. We both looked at each other and Trent asked if I would like to pool our ideas and submit them jointly to our superiors. I said that sounded great to me so that is what we did - equal credit to both of us.

Well, it turned out that our superiors thought the idea was wonderful and implemented it right away, along with giving each of us a modest raise and a strong commendation for displaying the kind of "team work" for which they were looking! Needless to say we were both very pleased at the outcome of our joint venture and, in fact, with each other!

The next day, Trent stopped by my desk and asked if I would like to have lunch with him at a little diner he had discovered nearby. I said sure, that it would be a nice change from the fast food place in the lobby of the office building where we both worked. It turned out that the place really wasn't very nice and Trent was most apologetic about it, so I asked him if he would like to go out to place of my choice the next day for lunch. He agreed and it soon turned out that we were steady lunch mate companions. That stage lasted for a while and then we graduated to having dinner together several times a week.

Trent also had half of a duplex in my neighborhood but eventually admitted that it was getting pretty hard for him to pay the rent on the place and try to repay the college loans he still had. I had a solution to that problem, but I knew he was not ready yet for that. If anything, Trent was even more shy than I and although I suspected he was leaning toward being gay, I don't think he really knew for himself and that he was even more naive than I was.

I finally got up enough courage to invite him over to my place for dinner one Friday night. He agreed readily and showed up at my door all smiles and with a bottle of wine. I'm not a very good cook, but there are one or two of my mother's dishes that I had mastered and prepared one of them for him. It turned out that it was a favorite of his and he had two helpings while we both polished off the bottle of wine.

When dinner was over and we had both cleaned up the dishes and pots and pans together, he asked if he could see the rest of my place. Well, there wasn't much to show him in that the rooms were pretty much identical to what he had. I finally showed him my patio and he was almost totally blown away. He said he had a trash-filled patio too but hadn't known what to do with it. I opened another bottle of wine and we went out on the patio and sat on my two lawn chairs, looked up at the stars overhead and just talked. He keep looking at the hot tub and finally admitted he had never been in one!

I had turned the temperature on the tub up before he arrived for dinner in hopes that things might work out, so the tub was nice and hot. I asked him if he would like to try it out with me. He said he really would but that he had not brought anything like swim trunks to wear. I said, "Man, didn't you ever hear of skinny dipping? There are just the two of us and as you can see no one can see us, so why not?" He thought that over for a bit, and eventually his curiosity about the hot tub overcame his shyness and he agreed.

I quickly removed the cover to the hot tub and started to strip right in front of him. Although I wasn't TOO blatant about it, I made sure he could see both my front and rear clearly. As I stripped, I glanced over at him every so often and each time his eyes were riveted on my body - especially my cock and ass! Man, I thought to myself that seems promising! I jumped in the tub and watched him as he slowly underdressed. When he got to his shorts he modestly turned around, dropped then, and kinda backed into the tub so that I only got a brief glimpse of his cock.

What I did see impressed me, however. Trent is about 5'8", weights around 165#, has brown curly hair, deep brown eyes and an almost hairless body. I'm a little more muscular than he, but he has a really nice build and well as a handsome face and an engaging smile. My quick glance at his cock made it impossible for me to judge it's length when erect but I would have guessed someone around 8" or so.

Trent was obviously impressed with the tub and groaned and grunted in pleasure as the jets hit his back. We just lay in the tub for awhile, soaking up the heat and looking up at the stars. After a while I casually placed my right hand on his left knee and waited to see what his reaction would be. To my surprise, he merely stretched out further in the tub which slid my hand further up his leg. I was even more surprised when he took his left hand and squeezed my right thigh with it!

Neither of us said anything for a minute to two and then Trent turned to me and said: "Look, Eric, I know I'm not as experienced as you at this, but I'm not totally ignorant of sex either. I'm pretty sure that you are gay and that I know what you hope this evening will lead to. Well, to be frank with you, I think I am gay too - at least I find you to be very attractive to me sexually, but I really don't know how to proceed!"

I said, "Trent, you're wrong in only one respect - I'm not all that experienced either! But yes, I'm gay and I had you figured out as being gay too. Any yes, I'd like to have sex with you more than anything. If you are willing, we can just let things develop and I promise I won't try to force you to do anything that you aren't ready for! OK?" Trent looked at me, nodded, and we both moved our hand up to the other's cock with rapidly became erect.

It was obvious that no one had ever touched Trent like that before and he had a somewhat stunned look on his face, but it was equally obviously that he liked my touch very much and was more than merely responsive.

We continued to stoke and pump each other's cock until Trent gasped, "God, Eric, you have just about got me ready to erupt!" I said, "Not in the tub, Trend, come on get out, let's dry off and get into the bedroom!" Trent nodded agreement and we both got our of the tub with fully erect dicks swinging in front of us, dried each other off, and headed for the bedroom!

Trent took one look at my king-sized bed, flopped on his back on one side and spread his arms and legs wide as if to say, OK, do whatever you want to with me. I'm willing to learn! Well, if he wanted to learn, I certainly wanted to teach!

I positioned myself in bed next to him with his cock next to my face and mine next to his face. I grasped the base of his cock and started to lick and suck his big cockhead (he really did have an 8" cock). At first, Trent just played with my cock and pumped it a little but then decided to see what it tasted like and licked my shaft from the crotch hairs up to the head. He must have liked that because he then started to lick my cockhead and then with a lunge, started to suck the cockhead and bob his head up and down my whole shaft!

I just kept working at his juicy cock while I massaged his heavy balls. I could tell from his groans and the way his balls tightened up that he was just about ready to come, so I increased my sucking pressure in an attempt to make it as pleasurable for him as I could. As he started to come, he momentarily took his mouth off my cock, let out a loud yell of pleasure and went right back to sucking my cock as hard as he could. Before I had drained him dry, I started to come too. He didn't seem to be sure whether he wanted to swallow my cum or not so he let my first blast land on my belly but before I got off a second shot he had changed his mind and milked my cock the rest of the way, swallowing every drop I could give him. When it was obvious that I had no more to offer him, he looked at me, my cock and my belly for a few seconds before he leaned over and licked my belly clean.

I swung around, took him in my arms so that his head rested on my chest and asked him: "How was it? Did you enjoy it?" He grinned up at me and said that he had always liked jacking himself off but that this was the most intense sexual release that he had ever had! He then asked me: "How did I do, did I satisfy you?" I laughed and said that for a beginner he gave one hell of a blow job!"

He laughed too and asked: "Can we do it again?" I told him, "Trent, we can do it as often as you get your ass over here! I want to be your steady 69 partner!" He asked, "Can we do it again tonight, Eric?" I told him yes, but that first I wanted to fuck him and teach him how to fuck me. He said that he had wondered when we would get to that and the sooner the better was fine with him! I said, "Trent, you've got to give us a few minutes to catch our breaths!" We both laughed and just held each other more tightly.

After a few minutes, he said: "I think I'm ready now, how about you?" I looked down and sure enough my cock was fully erect while his was not only fully erect but also twitching a steady beat. I told Trent I was going to have him fuck me first and then I'd fuck him. I had him use KY on both my ass hole and his cock and told him to shove his cock up my ass slowly so that I could get accustomed to his big cock. He nodded agreement, put my legs on his shoulders, and began to push his cockhead into my eager asshole. He was a little over-eager and popped his cockhead in my ass a little before I was ready for him, but he held that position until I told him it was OK and that he could slowly slide his cock the rest of the way up my fuck chute.

He did just that, watching my face all the time to make sure I wasn't in any pain. When he was all the way up my ass and had his ball resting on my ass cheeks, he again looked at me as if to ask if it was OK for him to proceed. I nodded agreement and he began a slow but steady in an out movement of his cock. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure up my entire body and I grabbed his ass cheeks to pull him even deeper inside me as he began each down stroke! After just a few minutes he began to breathe heavier and heavier and increased both the timing of his strokes and the depths they penetrated me. Finally with another yell of satisfaction, he began to fill my ass with burst after burst of his hot cum. When he had given me every drop he had to offer, he collapsed on top of me and I just held him while reassuring him he had given me the best fuck I had ever had.

To my great surprise, Trent suddenly pulled his cock out of my ass, pulled himself higher in the bed, quickly coated my cock with KY and sunk himself on my cock in one enormous down lunge. He screamed immediately in obvious pain - even though my cock isn't quite as long as his, it is a LOT fatter and I knew it must be hurting him like hell! I was almost crying as I said, "For god's Sake, Trent, why did you do that? I never intended to deliberately hurt you! I know I've got a fat cock and I was going to insert it as slowly as I could so that your ass could get used to me! This way, you'll probably never want me to fuck you again!"

Through clenched teeth, Trent said: "Relax, Carl, I knew it was going to hurt like hell at first but I had always heard that after awhile your ass gets used to it and it started to become pleasurable for both of us. I just decided that if was going to hurt at first, I might as well go ahead and get it over with, because I wanted to get to the stage where I found it enjoyable to be fucked by you from your first penetration until you blew your load! I'll admit it hurt a hell of a lot more than I thought it would, and your way would probably have been better, but it doesn't hurt as much now as it did at first and I think my ass is beginning to accept your cock! Just give me a minute more!"

I was crying when he got through telling me that but I quickly reassured him that I wasn't going to more a muscle until he was ready and that he shouldn't either! He grinned at me and said, "I know you'd never deliberately hurt me, buddy, but I thought I knew what I was doing! I was wrong, but what's done is done, and it is beginning to feel pretty good! In fact, I'm looking forward to getting fucked by you regularly!"

With that statement, he started a slow gentle rocking of his body that pushed my cock in and out of his ass. As his ass began to accept my cock, a big smile appeared on his face and he murmured that: "Hey, I'm beginning to really like this!" He increased the tempo and depth of his withdrawals and re-entries until he was virtually bouncing up and down on my cock! Needless to say, I was enjoying the feeling immensely and was going to come in seconds unless he slowed down.

I told him so, but if anything he increased his tempo and said, "Hell, man, I want to feel your cum filling up my ass! Feed me all you have!" With that urging I complied and shot wave after wave of my hot cum up his ass. He eventually got me to the point where I was drained dry and my cock got so sensitive that if he pumped me any more it would really begin to hurt. I gently pulled him toward me so that my cock could slip out of his ass and, this time, he allowed me to just hold him, while he nuzzled my neck and gave me the first deep kiss that we had ever exchanged.

After a few minutes he looked up at me and asked me if he had satisfied me. I squeezed him tighter and told him that no one had ever satisfied me as he had. He grunted out: "Good! I want this to become a regular event between us!" I guess it goes without saying that after we had both showered, we crawled back into bed and spent the rest of the night intertwined with each other's arms and legs.

When we awoke, we both had massive erections, which we promptly relieved by 69ing each other, showered again, and got dressed while deciding how we were going to spend the day together. Before the day was over, we had both declared our love for each other and I had invited him to move in with me. Two days later he did so and we have been together ever since.

We haven't let the people at work know that we are now a couple in that Des Moines is probably not ready for that much sexual freedom, but we have now met other gay couples and have an enjoyable, if discrete, circle of friends.

We know that we will stay at the corporate headquarters for at least the next two years while we finish the training program, but there is always the chance that at the end of that time we might be offered a permanent position in one of the company's many manufacturing plants. In that case it is almost impossible that we would be offered position at the same location, so our only hope is that we would be offered positions here at corporate headquarters.

It may be a long shot, but keep your fingers crossed for us and wish us luck!

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