Holiday On Campus

Finally, another exhausting semester of University done. I can finally enjoy the outdoors, the independence and thrill of living on my own, well at least on residence, and all the stranded guys that didn't venture home to their families and significant others over the holidays.

Its a bit harder to find a good jock to fool around with on campus but its not impossible. The gym is pretty good place as well as the campus pub, which is open year round, thank god. Looking at the postings around the school, there was a toga party tonight at the pub. what a nice possible cruising area, a bunch of muscular guys dressed up in bed sheets waiting for a good lay.(did greeks always know how to throw such great parties or what) With a weekend free from work, a cashed cheque at my disposal and a hardon that hadn't been relieved in days. There was only one way to fix that problem.

I walked on over to the pub, not daring to drive, and traded in my clothes for a white bed sheet. I soon found myself in a lifeless bar in my toga with a few girls and guys milling around. It wasn't the kind of party that i was looking for. Basically a quiet bunch of freshman with bedsheets tied around their waists. I think i would just have to keep to the king of beers as my best friend tonight. Oh well. time passes a bit more quickly after a few. It didn't look like i was going to relieve myself tonight. A good porn and my left hand would have to do tonight.

I could tell that most of the guys in there were straight, jock type, piss drunk already except for one guy who i kept my eyes on for most of the night. He was tall dark and handsome. Like something out of a fairy tale. His left nipple was exposed from his toga, pointy and perky from the drafts of the front door. His arms smooth and well defined. Brown hair with tints of blonde, a freshly shaved face, athletic build. Talk about eye candy. I assumed that he was probably straight and so i glanced elsewhere to find someone else I could play with. Geeks, girls, more jocks. Nothing topped my handsome knight but where did he go? "Just as bored as I am I'm guessing?" he said.

He caught me off guard by sneaking around me. His eyes we're hazel and i melted by staring at them. His lips looked soft and he was more handsome than I gave him credit for. "Uh.. yeah.. not much of a party i guess." Expecting him to stick to small talk. I prepared myself for an onslought of talk about sports and chicks for a while but instead he continued with. "I saw you checking me out tonight. Don't deny it. If you wanted some action, you could've just asked." Was i hearing correctly? Was this jock type, straight guy that i had supposedly figured out, gay? My cock started to get hard which isn't that easy to hide under a toga. "I'm Joey. Wanna get outta here and play?" he said as he patted my tent that i had erected. He looked up and down my athletic body and walked out of the pub. Like a school boy running outside at recess, i quickly paid my tab and set off to catch up with my new found friend.

Joey, as i had found out while walking to his room, also lived on campus. He was bi sexual, was on the swim team had a girlfriend but she was gone to visit her family. His lust for men was just as strong as mine but he had a difficult time pleasuring his gay side of his sexuality. (Was he not just the perfect Christmas gift or what?) We walked through the rest of the campus pretty much quietly. Exchanging glances and looks up and down our bodies. My lust for him grew with every step I took. When we finally reached the dorm, we climbed a few flights of stairs, reaching his room door which was covered with misc. notes and postings. by then we were panting from our sprint up the stairs.

We swung me casually against the door until by back was pressed against it. He pressed his body against mine until our noses were touching. he stared deeply into my eyes giving me a devilish grin. I could feel each muscular ripple of his body against mine. his panting so close to me made me hornier than ever. With one quick twist and turn from his key, i stumbled back and entered his room.

It looked like a typical jocks room. Littered with banners, pictures, a pile of clothes and a bed that wasn't made (how convenient). He shut the door in the same manner as how he opened it. He pushed me gently against the door but this time greeted me with a kiss. His soft lips were warm and silky smooth. I opened my mouth as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. i reciprocated, playing with his tongue and feeling his tonsils. My hands began to explore his body, familiarizing each muscular crevice that i would soon enjoy. I ran my hands up his body and unraveled the toga that had covered his handsome figure. Falling to the floor, the sheet revealed a perfect figure wearing a pair of plaid boxers and sporting a large tent underneath. Not to be left alone half naked, he ran his hands up my back and untied the not that held my sheet together. It fell to the floor revealing my athletic smooth body and tented polo boxer briefs. continuing our lip lock, we shed our socks and shoes and headed towards the bed. we moved in unison while standing up, constantly feeling each others asses, pecs, nipples and abs.

Our cocks were only separated by the material of our briefs, straining for freedom. I walked back and tripped against the edge of his bed and fell flat on my back, bouncing on his matress with my legs dangling. I moved my body upwards, positioning myself in the centre of his bed. his flannel sheets were so soft on my body. joey slowly placed his hands on both side of my thighs and started crawling upwards towards my face, sliding his torso against mine in the process. his body was now completely aligned with mine as he lowered his body weight onto me. he licked his lips then gave me a sensual kiss. i could feel his hardon pressed against mine as i moved up and down his neck, kissing him and enjoying his scent. my nipples were now hard. they tingled with each movement he made. his nipples flicked against mine as he started to grind his body into me. my cock was leaking precum at this point and i could feel the wetness of his boxers on my skin. i ran my hands from his back, tracing a path towards his ass cheeks. I felt the material of his boxers and hinted that we should be naked right now.

Without saying a word he lifted his body up, parting our lip lock and straddled me. he then stood up, each foot hugging my waist. he gingerly balanced and removed his boxers revealing his hard 7.5 cut cock. He then straddled me once more, his cock slapped my tented polos on the way down. he then started to lick each one of my nipples driving me insane. He sucked them and flicked them with his tongue. i began humping upwards as he slowly trailed his tongue down by abs, licking and sucking each dip and curve. he then bit the elastic waistband of my boxer briefs and slowly tugged at them, pulling them off and revealing my 7 inch cock. it lay on my stomach, wet and ready for some more action. smiling at each other, he jumped on top of me, attacking my mouth and grinding against me once more. our legs locked together, our cocks were lined up, we were nipple to nipple, balls to balls, moving in unison. his hands guided my face onto his kissing me gently whispering how great this was. my hands grabbed his cute bubble but and pulled him towards me. our grinding became more prevalent and our motions more erotic. with one swift arm and leg movement, i positioned myself on top of joey. i straddled him and began rubbing my cock onto his. our mixed precum made our movements smooth and effortless.

i again, pressed my body against his as we continued to rub. i then began sucking at his nipples, flicking each one with my tongue, tracing circles around each hard mound. i could see that he enjoyed this very much with the moans that were now filling the room. his cock humped upwards into my abs while i continued to feel his body. my stomach was being coated in a layer of his precum. i moved my cock upwards until it poked at his balls then aligned it with mine. i straddled him again and started to jack both of our cocks together. pre cum oozed out of our cocks at this point as i began to quicken the pace. it felt so good to feel his warm meat propped up against mine. i my balls were dangling and slapping his as i jerket our cocks with two hands. he reached up and played with my nipples while i jacked us off. i lowered my head and lined up our bodies up once more. our legs were intertwined, our balls slapping against each others, cock to cock, nipple to nipple, tongues wrestling. i began humping him. our pace quickened and humping became more violent. the sweat from our lust was now dripping off our muscular bodies. looking deeply into my eyes, he maneuvered his hands and tightly grabbed my body as he rolled ontop of me.

joey began humping me and i humped upwards into him. our hands explored at an increased pace now. i played with his nipples as he rubbed our cocks raw. our humping quickened and i could feel my cock pulsating. my body became electrified with this erotic feeling. joey looked at me while humping gave me a deep kiss. i could feel his cock and balls twitching until he finally blew his load, all while grinding into me. his cum flooded out and sandwiched between our smooth bodies, coating our stomachs. the feel of his warm cum sent me overboard as i shot a large wad of cum upwards that hit joey's chin. we continued our hard pace of grinding and humping, the stickiness of cum aiding the gliding of our bodies and the motions of our lust. we squeezed every last drop out of our cocks while our tongues kept busy wrestling.

I embraced him as he collapsed on top of me, we both were panting at this point and he embraced me back. he rose and fell with every breath i was taking. i could feel his heart beating against me. our cocks were now half limp, still aligned. he grabbed a sheet that was on the floor and covered both of us. his sticky body still on top of mine. i held him gently as we slowly fell asleep after a fantastic night.

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