Highway Encounter

One day I was driving down the highway minding my own business when I looked over and saw this CUTE boy driving along beside me. He couldn't have been more than 19. He smiled and kinda raised his eyebrows at me. I smiled back and nodded my head. We flirted with our eyes and smiles for next mile or so.

My exit came up and I exited the highway and low and behold he followed me! I thought I knew what he wanted so, I pulled into a gas station and he pulled in behind me. I got out and walked to his car. He rolled down his window and I said, "Hi!" to which he responded "hello".

We then introduced ourselves while continuing the eye contact which left little to the imagination what we wanted. He invited me to sit in his car so I got in.

We continued our conversation as we were checking each other out. He was about 5'11", 150lbs, brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a red baseball cap. When my eyes got to his crotch I saw a VERY LARGE bulge and couldn't resist a feel. As I reached for his denim covered dick, he reached for mine and we continued with our eye contact and started rubbing each other's hardons. Since he didn't resist and only got harder with each touch, I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick.

He had a beautiful dick. It was about 7" and while not that big around it had a bigger than average mushroom head. I started jacking him off and he while he continued to play with my still covered dick. He must have been VERY excited because after only a few strokes he suprisingly came hard all over his neck, shirt and my hand. He must have shot about 8 times! It was pretty hot!

Since we were basically in public, I was nervous about getting caught - especially since other customers had started pumping gas. After he calmed down a little from his orgasm, he quickly zipped away his dick. I got out and rushed back to my car before anyone noticed my huge hardon. Once in my car I waved goodbye, drove home and blew a HUGE load of my own! I've never seen him again although I've been looking!

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