Gas Station Boy

I ran in to pay for the gas i had just pumped into my car and gave my visa card to the attendant. Of course i noticed everything about him right off the bat. He looked to be about 19 with cute boyish looks very dark short hair about 5'11" 150. He had on a polo shirt over a white undershirt and a pair of black nylon Nike warm-up pants that definitely caught my eye. after he swiped my card through i noticed he rubbed the front of his pants and the palm of his hand rubbing the head of his soft cock tenting out the pants just a little. I looked up and he smiled. Strange I thought as he handed my card back. he then put his hand back to the front of his pants and rested it there rubbing his palm against the nylon a few times.

After a few seconds i said "I bet that looks good kid". I couldn't believe it but the words just fell out of my mouth. He told me he was closing the place up I a few for lunch and that i could get a better view if i wanted.

Ugh i thought... I was already running late, but how could I pass that up. He came around the counter and locked the front door to the station and led me to the back room where there was a desk and a couch. He turned around to face me rubbing his cock head again and asked me if I was ready for that view. I told him no. I wanted to play with this boy and work him up good. Plus i have a sports gear fetish and really wanted to tease him in those nylon pants.

I told him to take off his shirts, which he did quickly revealing a beautiful and smooth chest and stomach. He wasn't built but did have 2 nice round pecs and a flat stomach to boot. Now standing before me was a shirtless young god. and I could tell his dick was starting to grow more with his excitement. Wanting to play with him a bit soft in those pants and had him lie on his back and rubbed his half hard cock in his pants. I gently teased the head of it against the nylon for about 10 minutes as i felt it grow fully hard in my hand. My other hand caressed his upper body and played with his nipples. Now I had the boy moaning softly and writhing under me. He must have been really horny cause he got worked up so fast. I asked him when he got off last and he told me it had been about a week. Far to long for a 19 yo to go without jerking off or getting any.

Still lying there now breathing pretty heavily i backed off his cock and just rubbed his body in general. rubbing his legs in the warm-up pants. Man i really get off on those pants. I moved my hand back over to his rock hard boner and started teasing him again. I watched his chest heave up and down while he moaned happily about what i was doing to his twink boy body.

I was ready to see his boyhood now. I tugged at his pants and he lifted up so i could get them down around his waist. He was free-balling in those pants! i grabbed his cock in my hand and felt it throb as i stroked him to the edge and backed off. I could tell he wanted to cum badly but i was having way to much fun teasing him. I teased his nipples again and when his cock settled down i again grabbed it and stroked him. I made him edge a few more times while i decided how i wanted to get this boy off.

I decided I was going to have the boy blow his load in those pants and wear it all day as a reminder of me. I know its evil but oh so fun. I pulled his pants back up and started rubbing his cock through them a bit more forcefully this time. As he got close his cock started leaking hardcore and when he exploded in his pants it shot through to the outside.

I stroked his cock for a few more minutes while he basked in his orgasm then reminded him that his lunch hour was almost over. He thanked me and threw his shirts back on. (It didn't cover the wet spot I made on his pants). I told him I'd stop by again sometime. He made me promise I would help him out again (I did).

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